Kiddicare Stride N Ride Buggy Board £15.98 Delivered @ Kiddicare

20 May 2015


Buggy Boards are a saviour when you have children that are fresh out of the buggy when your new baby arrives. They are also good if you have a little one and you plan on walking further than their tiny feet could handle. They don't come cheap and I remember snapping mine up nearly new at a Car Booty for £15. Here's a new one for just £12.99 plus £2.99 delivery (£15.98)...the Kiddicare Stride N Ride from Kiddicare themselves.

The Kiddicare Stride N Ride Buggy Board is suitable for children two to six years old and can tolerate weight up to a maximum of 20kg. It has a strap that pulls up the buggy board when not in use.

This Buggy Board has a FIVE star rating on the Kiddicare site. As with any baby equipment, I read the reviews. There are 368 review for this and each one I read was raving greatly about this Kiddicare Stride and Ride.

You can find a list of pushchairs that the Kiddicare Stride N Ride will fit on here. There's a great range of ones that it does fit and the description reckons it fits on unbrella folding strollers too. I am impressed.

Thanks to Kazzaca @ HUKD

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