iSafe Visual 3 Brown Blue Three Wheeler Stroller With iPhone/Tablet Pocket £81.77 @ Amazon

iSafe Visual 3 Brown Blue Three Wheeler Stroller With iPhone/Tablet Pocket £81.77 @ Amazon

UntitledAmazon seller Baby Travel LTD are selling the iSafe Visual 3 Brown Blue Three Wheel Stroller for £69.95, with £11.82 delivery, making it £81.77. They say the RRP is over £200, but I can't actually see it available anywhere else to do a price check for comparison. PLEASE NOTE: The offer is on the BROWN stroller. The blue is just to show the iPhone/Tablet pocket. 

This stroller has some serious positive features though, so irrespective of what it 'should' cost, for the price it seems pretty great. 

This stroller has an iPhone or Tablet pocket for keeping little ones entertained on the go. I'm not really crazy about this feature as I think they learn so much by interacting with the world, but I concede that there could be times it could be useful or convenient to have as a feature. If screens aren't recommended for children under two though, and this pram is for children up to 2.5 years, it does raise questions, but it's up to parents what they do with it!

This stroller is apparently extremely light weight and has a very small folding design, with one reviewer saying it folds up smaller than her toddler - which we think is pretty impressive and useful if you have a small boot or storage space. Interestingly, however, reviewers also mention how spacious the seat is.

The maximum weight allowance for this is 15kg and it reclines completely flat - ideal for very small babies - and has multi reclining positions, including a straight up seated position.

It also has a 5-point safety harness to keep little ones secure.

The iSafe 3-wheeler seems like a somewhat luxury ride, with built in convenience features.


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