Hauck Black/Silver Sport Buggy £29.99 Delivered @ Aldi

Hauck Black/Silver Sport Buggy

If you are looking for a good Pushchair, but have a tight budget, then look no further. The Hauck Black/Silver Sport Buggy would normally cost you £45+, but if you head over to Aldi you can get it for just £29.99 delivered!

The Hauck Black/Silver Sport Buggy has an extra large shopping basket, which is always really handy.

This Pushchair also boasts lockable and swivelling front wheels, five-position foot rest, five-point harness, a reclining seat, parking brake and robust suspension.

It has great reviews, and for under £30 it seems like incredible value for money.

Delivery is FREE of charge!

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  • Holley J.

    Really rubbish flimsy bad quality

  • Melissa A.

    not sure if this be any good for layla x

  • Rhian G.

    .... just what we were talking about

    • Jane P.

      Looks good. Wonder if it has raincover? I'll check it out x

  • Sam E.

    I really like this pushchair!

  • Natalie O.

    Ooo I don’t like it lol! X

  • Sarah H.

    Hahaha not even worth £30!!!! X

  • Sarah H.

    Although this is the sport version it may be more Comfy :joy::joy::joy:

  • Tracy P.

    Don't buy it! It's rubbish awful quality. We bought it a few years ago it went back after a couple days.

  • Michelle O.

    Will need to nip in and see if ours has them in a know there doing the baby event but dunno when xxx

  • Nicola O.

    Would imagine they do, we saw the air fryer on this page and our Aldi’s has it in xxx

  • Hayley O.

    I had a Hauck pushchair. It was horrible, difficult to push. Hated everything about it. Avoid.

  • Maggie W.

    This is a fab little pushchair,it folds in half so fits flat in the car,the shopping basket is huge and it's comfy for the little one.Yes you can argue it's flimsy but it's less than £30 for gods sake,a complete bargain for what it is!I wouldn't use it as an all day pushchair walking miles but i'd use it for leaving in the car to take shopping or round the park and even on holiday so if it gets broke i would't be too fussed.x

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