Chicco Bullet Balance Bike £17.66 @ Amazon

Chicco Bullet Balance Bike £17.66 @ Amazon

Balance Bike

Amazon have reduced the Chicco Bullet Balance Bike from £34.99 to £17.66, with free delivery, obviously.

When we mentioned the balance bikes yesterday, they sold out really quickly and while these are different in that they're not wooden, I really like them. There's a pink one* too, but it's still at £32.98, and honestly my little girl would be easily as happy with the red one, and I know I would!

The balance bike is recommended for 3 - 5 year olds but some of the reviews suggest it's on the small side and is best suited to 2-4 year olds. Different kids in different sizes I guess, but it is a balance bike and they are generally suited to younger children, I'd say.

This bike is ultra light, which some of the reviewers confirm, and is a bonus if you end up carrying it home from the school run. It is heigh adjustable, within reason and comes with full instructions.

Those who've bought it have a lot of good things to say for it, including the fact that it's a lot cheaper than a lot of others on the market, but is great quality and value.

Thanks to GemandJake for the heads up on the price drop!


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