(Expired) Buggy Weights £3.46 (Add-On Item) @ Amazon

6 February 2016
Buggy Weights £3.46 @ Amazon

Have you seen Buggy Weights before? They are small weights that can be attached to the bottom of your buggy just above the wheels to help prevent the risk of your buggy tipping up. They have an RRP of £16.99, and they are selling at around this price in most stores, but Amazon have them for just £3.46 as an add-on item. That means that you can purchase them for a massive 78% off with any orders over £20.

We all know that we are not supposed to hang anything of our buggy handles because of the risk of tipping, but I am definitely guilty of doing it myself, especially as the shopping basket on my Quinny Zap is only big enough to fit the bloomin rain cover in it, with no room for shopping at all.

I can definitely see how these weights would come in useful as a reassurance against tipping, and I would be considering getting some myself if my toddler wasn't just about done with his pushchair altogether.

You get two Buggy Weights in a pack for £3.46, and as they are an add-on items they can only be added to orders of £20 or more, so delivery will be free as well.

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