Mercia Junior Tower Playhouse £199.95 @ Homebase

Mercia Junior Tower Playhouse £199.95

If you're looking for a playhouse then this one is just about the cutest I have seen, and it's a bargain! The Mercia Junior Tower Playhouse is packed full of super features, and it's down to £199.95 as an online exclusive at Homebase.

This cute little playhouse sits on it's own tower platform that your little one can get to by climbing the steps. It's a 4ft by 4ft playhouse, so you don;t need a massive garden to fit this is, and it's ideal for younger children.

It's a wooden playhouse with glazed shatterproof styrene windows, and lots of lovely little features like the flower on the door that make it extra special.

As if this wasn't exciting enough there's also a version with a slide attached* for an extra £40, so your kids can climb the ladder to reach their house and then use the slide to get down again!

I think this is just adorable and it's great value for money. If we didn't have a playhouse already I would be very tempted to get this gorgeous one for my kids. Just imagine what it would look like if you painted it different colours too!

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  • Kirsty F.

    Ohh I like xx

  • Kelly O.

    Love this !

  • Sophie A.

    this is so cute :blush:

  • Laura-jayne P.

    I want this !! (Well the kids do lol)

  • Stephanie L.

    the boys would love this!!!

  • Clare F.

    Seriously thinking about it xx

  • Claire S.

    It looks really nice xx

  • Claire S.

    Ours was from home base, they are sturdy xx

  • Lisa E.

    Anyone else think it's missing a railing?!

  • Claire S.

    ! The kids need this!!

  • Claire C.

    this one looks good??xx

  • Lisa D.

    the wod be great at the bottom of ur garden for the kids

  • Lauren B.

    Aww this ones cute eh xx

  • Stephanie R.

    Wow! That's awesome!

  • Heather K.

    how cute is this xxx

  • Amy-louise B.

    know 2 little girls who would love this!

  • Sarah J.

    Not sure this would fit in my garden.. Lol.. Cool tho.. x

  • Steven W.

    Looks good :relaxed:

  • Helen M.

    But it doesn't have a slide...

  • Amie L.


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