Would You Care If Someone Cut Your Child's Hair Without Your Permission?

3 July 2016
Did You Cut My Child's Hair?

How would you feel about somebody cutting your child's hair without your permission?

It's not something that has happened to me but a Dad's Reddit post recently went viral when he asked the internet for advice after collecting his 15-month-old daughter from nursery, only to discover that her hair had been cut at some point between dropping her off in the morning and collecting her later that day.

Apparently the nursery have no explanation for the impromptu haircut, and the child and her peers have no access to scissors because they're in the nursery's baby room.


I think I'd be pretty livid to discover my daughter's hair had been cut whilst at nursery, and seriously worried if no explanation could be made. I'd almost rather learn that a scissor-happy toddler had got a bit carried away or even that a nursery staff member had trimmed it after a Blu-Tak incident, but the lack of any explanation would unnerve me the most.

Indeed, it seems hair cuts are a serious bone of contention. I've heard stories from friends of grandparents taking tots for anything from a trim to a short-back-and-sides without getting permission from the child's parents first, and I can understand the cringe-inducing conversations that must follow.

Incidentally, I once came home from a school trip to Germany with an accidental haircut. I seem to recall ending up with chewing gum stuck in my hair after high-jinks on the coach. A teacher ended up snipping the offending article out but given that I had waist-length locks and the gum was up above my ear, you can imagine my Mum's horror when I got home.

So tell us, how would you feel if somebody cut your child's hair without permission? Do you understand that parents' anger in this situation or do you think it's an over-reaction? Join the debate by leaving us a comment here or over on our Facebook page.

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  • Amz T.

    I would go nuts!

  • Amy J.

    Furious x

  • Naomi S.

    I would be furious!

  • Caroline W.

    No,no, no!

  • Lauren G.

    I'd cut there's!

  • Stacey C.

    Not a chance!! How dare they!!!

  • Natalie C.

    Fuming. Even my husband has already been warned never to do this

  • Vicky B.

    I'd go mad. My daughter who is almost 20 month old has really long curly hair that needs cutting every couple of months but if anybody else was to take her without my permission I'd go mad x

  • Elaine B.

    This happened to me I was devastated as my daughter hadn't had her hair cut yet x

  • Kerry B.

    Depends really, who it was, why they did it, if it looked better or worse :neutral_face:But a bit weird them not knowing how it happened...

  • Claire H.

    Yes, my child my choice if I want their haircut.... I would go physcio mum!!!!

  • Charlotte W.

    My little girl was born with the most amazing head of hair.... It's her and if someone cut it without my permission I would be absolutely furious.... I even get a little teary when I take her for a hair cut... She's had 3 in her first year! :joy:

  • Jen M.

    Yes! That's a parents job and no-one else's!

  • Maria B.

    Pretty wound up and I'd probably phone the cops

  • Donna W.

    Nope! Don't be doing that!!! That's my job!

  • Mairi R.

    100% I would x

  • Mandy R.

    I'd be very upset!!

  • guest

    My 2.5 year old has shoulder length locks.... I know that everyone I know knows I would go utterly APE. SH*T.

  • Tina T.

    I'd go mental!!

  • Carrie G.

    I'd hate it. My son is 2 1/2 and only had 2 trims. I love his long hair so if it all got cut I'd cry :cry:

  • Kelly C.

    I'd go off my nut! X

  • Debbie S.

    With my permission yeah but without it.... No way! I'd be furious unless it was daddy but any one else... No way.

  • Sarah M.

    im pretty sure id be annoyed at it..but if my boys went to school and were stupid enough to get gum stuck in it i guess id be a bit more understanding..but id still expect a phone call from the school before they cut their hair

  • Janice F.

    I'd go mental. OK if you ask someone who's looking after your child but not without my permission even if there was an accidental cutting. An explanation everytime. X

  • Gemma L.

    I would be fuming

  • Toni A.

    I'd go mental, I think hair cuts r definitely the parents responsibility

  • Lyndsey F.

    I would be glad! It saves me a job!

  • Natasha T.

    If someone can cut my little boys without a full mebtal breakdown fair play to them! I dread hair cut time x

    • Terrylee D.


    • Terrylee D.

      We have to go every six weeks. :sob:

    • Hazel T.

      Yup same here, my boy is nearly 5 and still hates it :expressionless:

  • Clare S.

    Yeap! !!!!

  • Fiona B.

    Ive got 2 boys, and it wouldnt bother me at all! I personally dislike long hair on boys and mine get their done very regularly! I wouldnt cut others without permission, unless had to?

  • Rachelle L.

    whats worse is that there is no explination! but i would be livid if anyone did anything to my child with no permission.

  • Lak �.

    This happened to me, and the worst thing is, I'm a sikh and we don't beleive in cutting our hair. I was so angry, but they weren't even sorry about it!

    • Kelly K.

      Oh god who did this to your child xx

  • Emma W.

    My 2.5 year old has shoulder blade length locks, strangers have always commented on her hair since day zero :hugging:.... I know that everyone I know knows I would go utterly APE. SHIT.:rage:

    • Emma W.

      Cor, I need to calm down! Even the thought of it makes me blow steam!!! :laughing:

  • Lucylle L.

    Big no, no!

  • Sarah G.


  • Jenny R.

    I'd go crazy

  • Debbie H.

    I'd go crazy, my children my decision end of :angry:

  • Kirsteen K.

    I would be absolutely fuming.

  • Natalie W.

    I'd be livid too!!!! :rage:

  • Iona M.

    Yes I would be very pissed off.

  • Carol M.


  • Maxine K.

    Ha ha you won't live to tell the tale x

  • Lou P.

    My dad did that to my 3 year old once when we were growing his hair. He felt my wrath, put it that way! Ha

  • Samantha R.

    I wouldn't be responsible for my actions if anyone cut one of my kiddies hair !!!!

  • Vicky A.

    My mother in law cut my daughters hair when she was about 15 months, brushing it from the crown forward and creating a fringe. I used a few choice words when she showed us her handy work with pride. It took years to sort out. I can never forgive x

    • Lesley S.

      I wouldn't forgive her either!

    • Lou V.

      My MIL cut my daughters hair without asking either my husband or myself first. It was a bit of the fringe, and it was wonky!!! The worst bit is, we've never had her hair cut by ANYONE. I wasn't happy.

    • Vicky A.

      Lou Vaughan this was my daughters first haircut too :rage:

    • Lou V.


    • Kaley M.

      I would have gone mad

  • Lolly J.

    I think I would be more disturbed by the fact that no one could explain it.

  • Tina M.

    I'd go nuts if it was my daughter, but having said that I have a 5 year old autistic son who despises hair cuts - much to my horror as i like boys to have short hair. I would probably present my sons school with some sort of bravery award if they managed to cut his hair without getting: bitten, scratched, head butted & given a nose bleed :see_no_evil::joy: in fact, cutting my autistic sons hair would pass the initiation test to be a member of my family, I would buy them gifts at Xmas & invite them to family bbq's & any get-togethers :grin::grin:x

  • Tina R.

    I once had my haircut when I was younger which my mum and no idea about. I had hair down to my bottom when I left the house and came home with a basin cut. It was awful. To this day I still have issues with hairdressers. :cry:

    • Fiona S.

      Similar thing for me I looked like a boy..... still don't know what actually happened.

    • Tina R.

      Fiona Elizabeth Scally me too. I still remember being on a bouncy castle one day and someone asking if I was a boy or girl. And in school I had to stand up and recite something and the teacher said 'good boy' once I'd finished. It really affected me.

    • Fiona S.

      Oh God yes I remember people thinking I was a boy and how upset I was. But then my daughter is 10 months she had denim shorts and powder blue t-shirt on all I heard all day was what a pretty boy..... she's now wearing a bow in her hair EVERYWHERE

  • Vicky R.

    I think i'd literally start throwing scissors! How dare they! They'd be going to court and getting some serious consequences

  • Rachel D.

    The concerning thing here is that the nursery /day care couldn't explain why or how the child had had their hair cut. An incident with glue, gum or another child is one thing. To have no clue whatsoever is a big worry.

    • Gaye W.

      It's pretty obvious, one of the staff cut it. The fringe would have been in her eyes, they took it upon themselves to "trim" it. The cut is too clean for it to have been her or another child .... obviously, this is only my own opinion.

  • Gymjam B.

    I'd go mad and they wouldn't be left alone with my kids again.

  • Chrizzy M.

    Id go mad my daughter is three and only had 1 hair cut to trim it

  • Clare C.

    I would be furious my son is almost 5 and is only just getting used to having his hair cut so it would put him back if someone else did it.

  • Sally K.

    Plenty would like to get there hands on my 3yr old sons beautiful blonde locks as it has never been cut ever. I get comments often but if someone did that to his hair I'm sorry I think id have to break their legs ( I'm very attached to it to say the least) :smiley:

    • Angela M.

      Same my son who is 4 has wild blonde curly hair and never had a haircut and loads of people (gran,dad, aunties ) would love to take him for a haircut but I actually think I would kill them lol my middle son gave into pressure to have his haircut at 4 and I cried in the hairdressers

    • Fiona S.

      My 15mo has similar hair to ur boy I have it trimmed but that's it! Love the wild look!! Xx

  • Gemah G.

    :joy::joy::joy: OMG, I went MENTAL... You just do not do that to someone else's child... #ragingatthetime #firsts :kissing_heart:

  • Fallon B.

    I think I'd murder them. I'm a hairdresser as well as a mummy. So no one will be touching my children's hair but me lol xx

  • Beckie C.

    :joy::joy::joy: he will never do it again I don't think xxx

  • Pip R.

    Yeah haha blame it on the nursery ;). Xx

  • ILouise I.

    OMG can you imagine! Xx

    • Caitlin M.

      Oh my god! Unthinkable :expressionless:xx

  • Hayley B.

    Yes I would care that's my child don't touch their hair! :slight_smile:

  • Lesley S.

    I'd view it like an assault. I'd go bonkers.

  • Melanie A.

    I would go nuts!

  • Kirstin S.

    I'd be pretty pissed off if a family member randomly decided to give one of my children a haircut, but if it happened at nursery and the adults in charge had no explanation I'd be filing a complaint and removing my children from the nursery, even if it turned out my child did it themselves. There is no acceptable explanation for something like that to happen at nursery.

  • Amy W.

    I don't know anyone RUDE enough to!

  • Danielle P.

    My daughters hair is past her bum in 8 yes she's only ever had trims so if somebody cut her hair without my permission id have to kick the living shit outta them! Omg im furious thinking about it :joy::rage:

  • Kelly K.

    I would be extremely concerned by the lack of explanation!! Not to mention my child's hair being cut!! My child's ears were once cleaned out by someone else. I don't believe in using cotton buds I want home and cried xx

    • Lindsay B.

      What! I think I would actually lose the plot. My eldest is 3 and I've never ever 'cleaned her ears out' she's never had earache or an ear infection because we leave them to do their job. How dare someone force a foreign object into your child's ear!

    • Kelly K.

      If the wax is sticking out of his ear I usually swipe it with my nail. The thought of putting cotton buds in his ears frighten me. I was so upset xx

    • Sarah M.

      This is awful!

    • Lindsay B.

      Kelly i do the same. And I clean her ears and behind them during our usual daily routines but I have and will not put a cotton bud into her ear.

  • Kate R.

    I'd go mad :rage:

  • Dee W.

    I would go absolutely mad!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

    • Ty T.

      I'd do em for assault :rage:

    • Samantha N.

      Nah how could someone do that,its just wrong x

    • Dee W.

      I know x

  • Karen M.

    I would go absolutely mental! If i were these parents I would demand they investigated how my child ended up with a different hairstyle and why they obviously wasn't supervising her properly if they didn't know how or when it happened.

  • Tanya C.

    I went mad when someone trimmed my dogs ears with out asking so never mind my child's hair.....

  • Gemma L.

    Kill them lol to put it bluntly. No way I'd be happy about that.

  • Melanie T.

    Its hair, not a limb, it will grow back

  • Luisa H.

    My mother in law did it, herself!! And she's not a hairdresser or anything even remotely similar. It was horrible. I was SOOO mad at her!!! :(

    • Samantha W.

      I'd be livid!

  • Siobhan P.

    I would be furious!!

  • Lisa K.

    I would go mad.

    It's like me getting annoyed when I went to my friends daughters party my mate had to go and pick her one of her sisters up to bring her to the party it passed me off that while she had gone one of her other sisters got my friends daughter to open all her presents before her mum got back to the party I couldn't say much because I was the only one there that didn't know anyone

  • Nikki H.

    It has never even occurred to me that this could happen. Who cuts someone else's kids hair without permission!!

  • Helen S.

    My niece cut a peers hair at primary school and I won't be surprised if my kids play hairdressers on selves or each other when bigger. Accidental play I can deal with - it will grow back. Just hope it's not done around school photo period (I've had the dodgy fringe as a kid!)

  • Heather R.

    Hit the roof!!

  • Toni C.

    Ya my mum has to my oldest daughter and my son I went mad even at my mum

  • Margaret H.

    You just don't do it x

  • Lorraine A.

    I'd be distraught my wee boy has gorgeous hair, I don't have the heart to get it cut never mind someone else do it

  • Katie T.

    My fella keeps saying out 17mo needs her hair cut. She's got strawberry blonde ringlets. Who in their right mind would think to cut them off? Needless to say I've been and spoken to every hair salon locally so they know not to if he takes her in! :joy: I'd have a new pair of earing if my fella took one of ours for a hair cut. Anyone else did it? They better hope they've made their funeral arrangements already. If they came home from nursery and no explanation? I'd be making sure that any and all governing bodies were informed and carried out investigations.

  • Sarah N.

    care to weigh in? I'd be so unbelievably angry! Even more so with me being a trained hairdresser so could do it myself! Xx

  • Bonnie E.

    When I was little, my nan cut my hair without my mums permission (hair was to my bum and was cut to the EARS!) Save to say me and nan had a chat, she will not be going near my daughters hair EVER! :joy::see_no_evil:

    • Kirsty T.

      I had hair to my bottom too, stayed at my nans and I got the hair brush stuck in my hair. Instead of calling my mum who would have spent hours picking my hair out the hair brush my grandad decided to try wash it out :flushed: made it worse and half my hair was at my bottom whilst the rest was ear length. My mum wanted to cry :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Lou E.

    I'd wax their head while they were sleeping :triumph:

  • Maxine C.

    I seen it.. Shocking

  • Ann T.

    Id go ape!

  • Sara J.

    My mother in law cut my son's baby curls off :confused:

  • Helan C.

    My ex (son's Dad) shaved off my son's hair the day before his 1st birthday. His hair wasn't long, some little curls behind his ears but that's it. He brought him home and I noticed straight away. I went nuts at him because I hadn't been asked about it and wanted that first lock cut off for the memory box. I still get upset about it now 6 years later. Now my son tells his Dad no, that his Aunt (a hairdresser/stylist) will be doing it.

  • Julie-Anne B.

    Mad wouldn't cover it. I've told my entire family they are to not touch his hair. If his school did? Loopy mental is how I'd go.

  • Jo D.

    I'd be so angry! They are meant to phone you straight away if anything happens. It should of been logged and permission given from the parent.

  • Sarah O.

    Id go mad, i remember someone saying once they had sent their little one off for day with grandparent and they had their hair cut, i would be fuming if that was my child, its bad enough that people think they can tell me her hair should be short, i hated my hair as a child wouldn't dream of doing that to her, obvs if there was no other way around a incident inc her hair that would be different but id expect a call to explain first

  • Emma V.

    I really wouldn't mind, it's just hair it grows back :grinning:

  • Chrissy G.

    stay away from the kids hair! :rage:

  • Lisa A.

    I'd flip if someone did that they have no right without permission to do that to your child it's a nursery not an hairdressers :open_mouth::open_mouth:

  • Bessie B.

    If someone cut my bairns hair i would be furious!!

  • Charlene A.

    Id kill them.

  • Samantha W.

    I'd be cross, yes, but in that given situation I'd be livid that there was no explanation.

  • Amanda W.

    I would go crazy

  • Hayley J.

    If somebody cut your hair as an adult without permission, it would be considered assault. I consider it the same if anybody other than those with parental rights did the same, without a valid reason (gum, blue tac)

  • Michelle D.

    I would go crazy! Who has that right??

  • Joanne T.

    I would go crazy!!

  • Emma M.

    I wouldn't like it! People will have to ask permission before doing anything like that to my little girl! I would end up saying no anyway :joy:

  • Claire F.

    I would go absolutely nuts!! The only people who decide on my girls having their hair cut are them and me! Even Dad doesn't get involved!

  • Donna A.

    Yes!!! I would she is now 17 months and has lovely long hair and I'm not going to cut it at all

  • Leah B.

    This has happened to me...twice with my mother in law & once with my nan! Hes 2. :sob: I cried the last time. My son has always had alot of hair, and been known for his hair being long & a bit crazy like him x

  • Kirsty T.

    I'd go mad. I'm a hairdresser and am so careful with the little ones hair I cut!!

  • Ellie F.

    I would be fuming

  • Lorinda C.

    Big no no it's ONLY the parents choice and ONLY if they give you permission.

  • Kat J.

    This happened to me. I had hair to my bum. Went to a sleepover at my friends. Her mum not only cut her hair but also cut mine above my shoulders. Needless to say my dad went ape shit when he found out. I was banned for life never to have sleepovers at hers again. But honesty be told I absolutely loved my haircut lol.

  • Leisha S.

    Well yeah it's my child I may be growing it out? It's my place to decide things like this! I hate that people think they can just do whatever! Family are the worst for it tho taking over trying to be controlling! My kids my decisions my rules apply at all times!

  • Julie M.

    I'd be horrified if anyone but me or their dad took them. My husband takes our 3 year old son to the barbers with him and I take our 5 year old daughter to the hairdressers. I once cut my fringe, well more like hacked at it, the day before my sister's wedding when I was about 2 and a bridesmaid! Apparently I was sat under the table cutting away lol. Accidents I get or even playing hairdressers going a bit wrong between children but no way an adult cutting it etc

  • Louise V.

    I think the issue here is that the daycare can't be honest. It wouldn't bother me if my kids hair was trimmed, however not telling them who by or why is wrong

  • Lisa C.

    my sons fringe sometimes goes in his eye if nursery cut it id be fuming only i touch it and if i made a mess of it can only blame my self. it dosent matter if it was only a trim it shouldent off been done

  • Laura E.

    I'd be beyond furious

  • Joanna P.

    I would go bonkers

  • Mary B.

    Omfg I'd go mental, especially if it had never been cut before!

  • Kathryn O.

    My son had beautiful curls as a toddler and my (now ex!) MIL cut it all off because she said he looked like a girl. I was devastated and the curls never grew back :cry:

  • Jade C.

    Don't think mad or livid or on the war path would cut it for me if anyone touched any of my 3 boys hair :rage::triumph::triumph::triumph:

  • Natalie Y.

    I'd be furious!!'

  • Willow S.

    I'd go mental!!

  • Caroline A.

    Id be very concerned that no one can explain it!! What the hell else is going on unknown!!

  • Caroline W.

    Id go completely nuclear xx

  • Gemma-Leigh K.

    I'd go ballistic sorry don't give to s**ts who u were

  • Nicola B.

    I would be raging!!

  • Lisa-jayne L.

    I'd probably cut theirs without permission as payback.

  • Sarah A.

    I'd go bloody ballistic x

  • LeeAnn A.

    Yes. My daughter came home from nursery one day and apparently another child had cut a chunk out of it. I was gob smacked and raging!

  • Louise F.

    I would go crazy :rage::rage:

  • Gail S.

    Id go mad my little girl is three and nevee had a hair cut yet

  • Harriet B.

    :weary: I'd be heartbroken! After all that effort!

  • Ashley H.

    I'd go nuts!

  • Jo C.

    I'd go ballistic. And as this happened whilst at nursery that is theoretically assault. It's classed as assault to look for nits so I'd be livid if they cut my childs hair with zero explanation.

    • Kelly C.

      Say again?? Assault, to look for nits? What's that about!

    • Jo C.

      Ti check a child's hair for nits in a school is assault. Your not allowed to physically check you can look for them by not touching. For real. It's a joke . Isn't it.

  • Stacey L.

    Nobody in the right mind who knows me would dare cross that line and if they did I would never speak to them again. Breaking my trust is one of the worst things you could do especially in regards to my daughter. There Is a line you don't cross when it comes to people's babies

  • Chelle S.

    I would lose my shit! My son has beautiful long blonde hair and if anyone touched it I'd definitely be arrested for assault!

  • Wendy S.

    My sister did,and it was awful,i was in hospital giving birth and I had a right shock when she visited with my son!!!!!I wasn't happy

  • Jud G.

    angry springs to mind! concerned no explanation , I would have concerns my child going there . x

  • Leandra R.

    I would fume!!! :rage:

  • Louise M.

    If my mum or another family member took my son for a hair cut it wouldn't bother me but if I had a little girl it would. But if at nursery his hair was cut and they didn't know why I would obviously question his safety.

  • Nicolle W.

    My boyfriends mum decided to cut her a fringe out of her beautiful blonde locks when she was 1, It was wonky and looked awful. I went mental but was told I was overreacting :)

  • Lian O.

    I would be so angry if someone did this without my permission, even family, it's up to the parents

  • Alan S.

    This is actually an 'Assault". If I had walked up to an adult and snipped some of his/her hair I could face a court sentence. I would demand an enquiry and remove my child from that nursery.....

  • Tamie J.

    This happened to me, her first haircut - never asked if it could be done & never said a word to me about since - not even an apology! My child my decision to make. :haircut:

  • Sam A.

    My inlaws took my eldest to get her haircut when she was 2yrs old without my permission, I was devasted and fuming also because she'd never had her hair cut before, they didn't even bother saving a lock :angry::angry:

  • Sophie B.

    I would go crazy if anyone cute my children's hair without my say so

  • Maria W.

    I'd be bouncing and wanting a "word" with the individual who took it upon themselves to "trim" it :expressionless::expressionless:

  • Rikky D.

    I would be mortified definitely sue them!!

  • Sarah S.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: oh god this brings back memories :smile: poor kid xxxx

  • Andrea D.

    My 6 year old has hair down to her bum and if someone cut it without permission I would go ballistic! !!!!!

  • Julie G.

    I'd go apeshit.

  • Becka B.


  • Rachel B.

    I'd go ape shit!

  • Carly W.

    I'd go crazy if anyone cut my daughters hair or even thought they could take her for a hair cut without my permission what is wrong with some people

  • Stephanie F.

    I'd go mad my daughter has beautiful long hair and is only the decision of the parents to cut it!

  • Catherine S.

    I saw this the other day! I would have them done for assault! (only semi joking!?) It's bad enough he came home in pigtails today! Got some funny looks in Tesco on the way home!? :joy::joy:

  • Happy

    I would not expect anyone to cut a child's hair without permission. Years ago I was told of a young girl who cut her gran's hair. Apparently the elderly gran felt intimidated by the spoilt child, though did often agree to babysit in order to support the family she loved. Poor gran was left with a short uneven fringe, luckily that was the only part the child cut. Someone tidied hairstyle for gran, though then she had a short straight fringe till it grew in. Child's parents did question child, and advised her not to repeat such behaviour. I think gran felt a bit less intimidated thereafter. Knowing that the parents valued her, and did have some boundaries for their young daughter.

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