Warnings Over Laundry Gel Capsules

6 June 2016
Warnings Over Laundry Gel Capsules

I've been wary of the danger of my littles ones mistaking laundry capsules for sweets ever since a GP and family friend told me how commonly she treats children who have mistakenly bitten into one of the liquid-filled capsules, suffering serious injuries.

So I wasn't surprised to read that at least one child every day mistakes a laundry capsule for a sweet - it's clearly time to raise awareness of the dangers of laundry gel capsules, and the importance of keeping laundry detergents well out of reach of little ones.

The Mail reports:

Toxic laundry capsules are being mistaken for sweets by at least one child every day, leaving them at risk of internal burns, breathing difficulties, temporary blindness and going into a coma. In a 'deeply alarming' trend, youngsters are attracted to the bright colours of the liquid or gel capsules, which contain a cocktail of harmful chemicals. A survey by the National Poisons Information Service found there were more than 2,000 recorded cases in five years – more than one a day, usually involving a child under five.

Biting into a laundry capsule isn't just inadvisable - it can be lethal, yet to young children laundry gel capsules can look and feel like sweets.

The Mail adds:

Sheila Merrill, public health adviser at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, added: 'All household chemicals should be stored either up high or in a lockable cupboard. Keep an eye out if you are doing the laundry while children are present too, as it only takes a second for them to get hold of one.'

Did you know about the dangers of laundry detergent capsules for kids?

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  • Emily B.

    Are parents not paying attention?!?

  • Gemma L.

    They should be locked away!

  • Charlotte H.

    The advert for these annoyed me because they aren't even advertising their product they are literally warning parents to keep them well out of the way of their children. Ariel I think it is?

    • Joanne B.

      Why does it matter who the product is from? Surely it's just the product itself that is of concern?

    • Charlotte H.

      It's a chemical it should be common sense to keep them well out of the way of children. That's my point. They shouldn't need to advertise the dangers.

  • Lu B.

    I had come home from a camping holiday and put my folding camper up in the garden to dry out. Forgetting I had liquid capsules in the cupboard. My four year old went inside it when I was in the house and bit and swallowed one. It was very very scary with the reaction she had to it. She went blue, eyes rolling,foaming at the mouth and very unresponsive. It was so quick. Please keep them locked away!

  • Lisa K.

    Would never have liquid tabs anyway they are so over priced for what you get

    • Jade C.

      And if you get them wet they all stick to each other and the plastic partly disolves making a mess. Not worth the money.

  • Stephanie P.

    You would have thought it was common sense not to leave cleaning products where children can get them. I remember learning about COSHH at school, cleaning products should be kept out of reach of children! It shouldn't be down to the manufacturer of a product to ensure a parent knows what's safe and what's not for their child to eat

  • Rachel C.

    I have cleared one of my top kitchen cupboards and put all my cleaning products in there so kids can't touch anything dangerous or ikea have cheap cupboard locks but we even forget to lock them so pots and pans are everywhere safer option...up high out of the way.

  • Jennifer W.

    Accidents happen. Children are like lighting sometimes. Only take you doing the washing and turning your back for one second. I refuse to buy them. Im not perfect and i couldn't cope if something happened

  • Claire R.

    If you have little ones I just wouldn't take the chance, just don't buy them! There are plenty of other options.

  • Hanna R.

    I don't think they should make them so colourful and 'sweet' looking...they're all so bright and inviting! x

  • Jannelle B.

    Simply put child locks onto all drawers & cupboards.

  • Sammie I.

    Why aren't people child proofing their homes?! It's common sense to keep stuff like that out of reach and you can buy child safety locks cheap enough

  • Gemma L.

    Keep them out of reach its not hard

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