Top 10 Ways We Embarrass Our Kids

21 July 2015

Embarrassing Dad Dancing

If you've ever sidled up to your other half for a quick kiss or cuddle, only to be met with groans of 'Gross, Mum!' from your horrified offspring, then it probably won't surprise you to learn that there is such thing as Embarrassing Parents Syndrome (EPS).

That's according to the Express newspaper, at least, which reports that Thorpe Park has installed designated 'dad dancing' areas to spare children embarrassment during its Island Beats music festival which is taking place this summer. Presumably, that's off the back of *that* video we shared recently of a dad doing some seriously embarrassing dad dancing.

The theme park commissioned research, which found that children are most embarrassed by their parents at the age of 14, so I've at least got a few years to work up my best embarrassing parent credentials. I can't wait, actually, because embarrassing your kids has to be one of the best things about being a parent, right?

The paper reports:

"The study identified parents feeling younger than their age (38 per cent) as the top reason behind Embarrassing Parents Syndrome. Purposefully teasing their children came next on the list, followed by trying to be funny, “not realising what they are doing “ and a well-intentioned effort to improve their relationship with their kids. The research also reveals that Embarrassing Parents Syndrome (EPS) is set to reach peak levels over the summer as parents spend an average of 15 more hours per week with their children than during term time."

According to Thorpe Park's research, these are the top ten ways that parents embarrass their children:

1 Dad dancing
2 Public displays of affection to children or with each other
3 Using outdated slang and trying to join in with youth speak
4 Wearing age-inappropriate clothes
5 Telling cringeworthy anecdotes
6 Tidying up after children
7 Joining social media
8 Being useless at technology in general
9 Trying to explain the facts of life
10 Drinking too much

So, how many of these are you guilty of? I'm definitely the queen of number 5. But I can't see why number 6 is embarrassing - a bit of gratitude wouldn't go amiss, kids!

And what embarrassing antics would you add to the list? We'd love to hear your best stories about embarrassing your kids or indeed being embarrassed by your own parents! Come and share the cringe-factor over on our Facebook page...

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