The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer/Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind £15.99/£17.49 @ Amazon (Expired)

Gro-Clock/Blackout Blind £15.99/£17.49

The clocks go forward this weekend! That means that our little people will be an absolute joy to put to bed. Notice my sarcasm. Seriously though help block out the evening sunlight with The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind for just £17.49. The Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer is just £15.99 from Amazon.

Both the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind and the Gro-Clock are these special low prices for today only as they are a 'Deal of the Day' on Amazon, so you only have until midnight to snap them up.

Basically, the blind helps to keep bedrooms dark on the light nights, so that your little person can sleep - these are a godsend and are worth every penny.

As for the Clock, it helps you child to see when it's time to be in bed and when it's acceptable to be up and on the go. I have heard these are fantastic too.

Delivery is FREE for those of you with Amazon Prime or if you're spending £20+. As delivery is £3.99 for those of you without Prime, you are best to top your order up to £20 with something like this Easter Decoration*.

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  • Jaclyn S.

    we could do with both these :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Nikki P.

    the clock we used for kelsie.

  • Ellie S.

    this is the clock the boys use! X

  • Claire R.

    I'm gonna get a new one soon thanks x

  • Lauren S.

    oooo both of these would be great. thanks hun x

  • Leah M.

    this is the clock I was on about the other day, need to get this xxx

  • Emma C.

    Ordered 2 Hun! From amazon they only £15 at the mo flash deal x

  • Katie B.

    Oh brilliant! They're a godsend with Lila! xx

  • Emma C.

    Hopefully come tomorrow so I can have a lie in Saturday! It's been terrible this week! Had the "why going bed its light!" X

  • Katie B.

    Ah you've gotta love kids! Good luck with the lie in! xxx

  • Laura L.

    Does the clock thing actually work in reality?

    • Gemma D.

      We love ours. It depends if you follow it though with your children.

  • Claire H.

    Ordered. Arriving tomorrow :-) xxx

  • Sharon G.

    What does the clock do? x

  • Connie C.

    It trains them to sleep longer apparently x

  • Anna M.

    Picking up Darcie's tomorrow, amazing and totally work!

  • Sharon G.

    I'd pay more if that actually came with a guarantee :joy: x

  • Natalie T.

    Yessss! Thank you!!!! Gonna order this right now :)

  • Kyle G.

    This would be ideal for Niall xxxx

  • Meg W.

    Ooooh! Definitely got to get this! x

  • Siobhan G.

    Will get one at the weekend xx

  • Sa R.

    That's the one I've got for the boys x

  • Catherine D.

    tieran is still struggling with it and hes nearly 8 i feel your pain lol now theo thinks hes a adult at 2 and told me no not nap time its morning look mum pointing out the window no moon just sun so not sleep time grrr

  • Jen L.

    that's really gd price, but shaun won't buy one :weary::see_no_evil:

  • Ron M.

    It is strange for em to understand when it's night time and still daylight. Will have to hunt for em and find the cheapest ones. Oh bless him growing up to quickly x

  • Emma-Jayne H.

    I was just looking At them need the blind lol xx

  • Kayleigh C.

    Mia uses this babe it's fab! Xx

  • Julie R.

    I just looked on amazon there's a video fit any size window, they have Velcro in pleats that's how it fits any window, great for travel use to look at video xx

  • Emma-Jayne H.

    Yeah I've looked suckers to stick it to the window , looks well good xxx

  • Olivia G.

    Ooooo we've just bought one of these! X

  • Kelly B.

    Toys r us online gro clock is £19.99

    • PlayPennies

      They're £15.99 with this offer, but only for today, hope that helps :)

  • Francine S.

    I'm liking the blind :thumbsup: x

  • Laura H.

    i didnt even know the clocks changed haha xx

  • Alexandra T.

    I got one after our conversation the other day. Its brilliant! X x

  • Surekha O.

    Love the blackout blind, it's been a life saver in my house!

  • Surekha O.

    I use the blackout blind and dark blue curtains, works really well:smiley:

  • Becky H.

    Aww thanks for that Hun. That's amazing. I'm going to have test one now :thumbsup_tone1: xx

  • Grahame G.

    Just purchased. Let's hope it works!

  • Lauren H.

    Aww thanks Hun il get these as Dylan hasn't got a black out blind yet as he's in a temporary room so these sound fab xx

  • Louise P.

    I have I bought one earlier! Bargain xx

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