Story Books For Children By Sir Chris Hoy

26 March 2015

Sir Chris Hoy Children's Books

How do you feel about celebs who morph into self-styled children's authors? We're not generally huge fans in our house, but I am excited about the news that Sir Chris Hoy is set to write children's books.

The BBC reports:

The six-times Olympic cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy is turning author to co-write a series of six children's books.

Flying Fergus, is about a nine-year-old boy who inherits his dad's rusty old bike - only to discover there is more to it than meets the eye.

A non-fiction book to encourage children to have fun cycling, keep safe, and record their cycling experiences will also be published.

The books will be published next March, and there'll be a series of six books, each aimed at children aged between five and eight years old.

I love the idea of someone with hard-won achievements turning that expertise into creative stories for kids. My lads would have loved these when they were younger, I reckon, and I'll definitely be stashing them away for when my daughter is older.

Do you have a favourite famous children's author? Anyone remember those books Madonna wrote...?

What do you think?

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