Victoria Beckham Kisses Her Daughter. (Big Wow.)

Victoria Beckham Kisses Her Daughter. (Big Wow.)

I can hardly bring myself to comment on this topic but it seems half the world and its mother is most perturbed by the fact that Victoria Beckham kissed her gorgeous daughter on the lips the occasion of her birthday. It's my job to comment on such things, however, so here goes.


Of all the things in the world to be up in arms about, people choose this? Should you kiss your child on the lips is deemed worthy of national debate? For real?

I don't know where to begin. But in a nutshell I really, really think it's time we got our priorities straight when it comes to topics worth filling column inches over.

I'm going to hold my hands up and admit that I'm not a lip-kisser when it comes to my kids, so technically I should probably be in the 'camp' that's decrying Victoria's smacker as 'icky'. Except it's a mother kissing her darling daughter on her birthday so frankly I fail to see how there's anything to discuss.

Something like 3 million children die worldwide each year due to malnutrition, yet we're in a virtual tizzy over a doting mum expressing affection for her child. It makes no sense to me. And yes, I can take the charge that I'm only adding to the fuss by even commenting on this issue but here's my contribution.

Kiss your kids on the lips. Or don't. Your choice. End of debate.

I don't think there's anything else to add but if you want to chip in with your view, leave us a comment below or join the (non) debate over on our Facebook page.


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