​Should It Be Illegal For Parents To Smack Their Children?

​Should Smacking Be Banned?
24 May 2016

It can't have escaped your notice that calls are being made to make it illegal for parents in Britain to smack their children.

The Express reports:

Britain's child commissioners are lobbying the United Nations for a ban on parents smacking their own children, despite the current law in England permitting "reasonable chastisement" towards their children.

The Mail adds:

UN committee members will review the way Britain has respected the rights of children over the past eight years and a delegation from the UK will be grilled by a panel in Geneva during a two-day hearing.

Child commissioners from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have submitted a report calling for a review of 114 issues in total, including smacking and the criminal age of responsibility.

The report asserts that children should have "equal protection from violence" under the law, but this has sparked some debate among parents. Some question whether the decision of British parents to smack their children is an appropriate issue for the UN to address - the old 'Nanny State' argument has been wheeled out - and others argue that such a decision ought to ultimately rest with individual parents.

I don't mind admitting that this is a topic which I'm usually loathe to be drawn on, not least because it's so emotive and highly personal. That said, I have smacked my children in the past and yet I am firmly of the opinion that children should not be smacked. I can see why that might get me labelled a hypocrite but actually it's more that I've learned from my past mistakes.

Having grown up in a culture where being smacked was the norm for most kids, I found myself - like countless other parents before me - sometimes smacking my own children when clutching at straws for an effective way to discipline them.

But smacking my kids appalled me - I felt I'd broken their trust and let us all down. What's more, I think smacking is utterly useless as a form of discipline. It's highly ineffective, in my view, and only seems to escalate the issue that first led you to smack. I've since learned better methods of dealing with challenging behaviour, thank goodness.

So on balance and more than a decade into parenting I'm wholeheartedly 'for' a smacking ban. Why? Because I think if there'd been one in place when I'd resorted to smacking my own children, I might have been spared learning those lessons the hard way - and, more importantly, my kids might have been spared those smacks which I instantly regretted.

Currently the law in England and Wales does not ban smacking and states that parents may use "reasonable chastisement" - but criminal charges can be applied if a child is hit so hard that it leaves a mark.

If smacking were illegal, parents like me who perhaps flounder and find themselves resorting to smacking when struggling to deal with difficult behaviour would be forced to find other ways to discipline kids, and that can only be a good thing. The current law leaves the decision in the hands of parents and I know from experience that you don't always think straight when you're struggling to parent well.

Along with a ban on smacking, I'd like to see more resources made available for parents who smack, outlining other ways of dealing with discipline issues as a parent.

Thankfully our smacking days are far behind us and my kids understand that it's not a parenting approach I ever intend to use again. I just wish the law had been there to prevent us from ever going down that route in the first place.

But we'd like to hear your views on this debate - do you think smacking should be illegal? Leave us a comment below, join our poll on smacking, or come and join the debate over on our Facebook page.

You can click here to download the NSPCC's brilliant guide to positive parenting, including how to deal with difficult behaviour without smacking.

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  • Lynn W.

    No you don't smack a child to hurt it a smack on the backside when they do wrong will do no harm

    • Lynn W.

      just close your eyes and do it

      • PushingZedzzzzz

        If you need to close your eyes to smack your child then you are aware of how wrong it is before you do it. You seem to be proud of yourself and to top it off promoting your cowardly cruel approach to other parents. Shame on you. I hope they ban smacking, and I hope it makes you stop your cruel behaviour, but I doubt it will. Maybe when the law punishes you & says you have done wrong, you wont mind it slapping you with a prison sentence.

    • Stephanie E.

      You need a smack for promoting child abuse

    • Stephanie E.

      I am a mother . I am a human being. I am against any form of physical or mental abuse towards anybody especially a helpless defenseless child. It's very clear your mother is hinting at you to smack your poor children. I hope social services see this post and see all fold on it openly promoting hitting poor little children. Anyone that hits a child does not deserve a child

    • Julie W.

      I would like to promote minding your own business!!

    • Serena S.

      Stephanie Emilia...........Child abusers?? Settle down luv! There's a huge difference between beating a child and a tap on the hand or bum! I was brought up where we would get a smack if we misbehaved, disrespected or put ourselves in danger. I was NOT abused. It's not something I do with my own daughter, my tone of voice is all she needs. but that's my parenting choice!!!! My parents certainly didn't abuse us by giving us a smacked bum! It taught us to behave, respect and be cautious where needed! Just because you don't smack your child gives you no right to judge others! Some people call parents who kiss their kids on the lips "sexual abusers" would you like that term thrown your way?? I very much doubt it! Learn not to judge others!

    • Angela C.

      Oh to be a perfect parent like Stephanie. You're a joke what right have you to call parents child abusers because they choose to discipline their children how they feel is appropriate. Every child is different and they respond differently to discipline some can be told off, some may be grounded or things taken off them and some may respond better to a smack on the backside (not a battering etc) and definately not abuse. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on these sites but do not accuse people u do not know of being something like that when you don't know this for a fact. You'll probably find that it's your children that people are referring to that needs better discipline cause you sound like a complete were so what chance have the children got. That's my opinion

    • Sharna B.

      As an abused child, frequently hospitalised and injured by my mums 'discipline' techniques I am always against any form of physical punishment. Everyone said she was entitled to discipline me as I was a naughty child and needed to learn respect. What I actually was an aspergers child with sensory processing disorder having a hard time. People only ever saw smaller smacks/ shouting in public and that's fine. Behind closed doors was a different matter and I have scars to prove it. People do not actually know the difference (if there is one) between a tap and a hit. Physical chastisement represents a parental loss of control/lack of vocabulary and should not be permitted. Having said that no government should have so much control over how we raise children, particularly one that seems so hell bent on farming out raising children to day cares while all the folks work themselves to death to pay for stuff they do not need

  • Wendy B.

    No .... a smack is a smack..... Quite different to a punch, throwing against a wall.. Beating senseless A smack is a shock to pull back from danger.

    • Hazel W.

      A smack is a violent act, full stop!

    • Anne E.

      It's assault

    • Wendy B.

      Rubbish. ... Sorry but that's rubbish

    • Martha M.

      It's assault in the eyes of the law. I am quite sure we can get the police to confirm this.

  • Rachel D.

    I thought it was? :rolling_eyes:

  • Linda F.

    Absolutely, why should you inflict pain on your child to get it to do what you want. You cannot hit another adult

    • Elizabeth E.

      Exactly, you wouldn't smack a colleague or your partner if they did something wrong!

    • Hazel T.

      ^even though it can be very tempting lol

  • Jacqueline B.

    Neva hurt me growing up n gettin a smack wen I did wrong.

    • Stephanie E.

      Clearly did if you think that it's ok to lift a hand to any human being let alone a defenseless child

    • Jacqueline B.

      Criticise my parents parentin and my parents all u want my kids are loved cared for an know right from wrong a little smack on there bottoms when they are out Neva hurt any1. But I can tell u now my children no right from wrong and it's once in a blue moon they get a smack bum cos they know how to be have they don't get a smack for every naughty thing they do wen they do b naughty but for major things they do dunt need to explain to u my parenting skills but just so u know ✌

  • Kelly G.

    I personally don't agree with smacking children . Sending fear through a child that they are going to be smacked if they do wrong isn't the answer . I tell my boys not to hit each other so I don't think it would be right me then snacking them x

  • Tarah B.

    I thought it was

  • Jennifer L.

    Hate seeing children in public being smacked. Def should be illegal. What example does it set for children. My sons nearly 11 and never been smacked.

  • Jodie H.

    Yeah the only thing it reaches is to lash out when u lose control

  • Danielle B.

    It's abuse as if a man smacked a women it's classed as abuse! It's exactly the same with children. A parent shouldn't want to inflict pain and hurt to a child they love. It's cruel and wrong

    • Bianca P.

      Dread to think how hard you would smack a child if you could inflict pain, did you take your kids for their injections??? You are an abuser then because you wanted to inflict pain you didn't have to take them. I wish sometimes people would think before they say something stupid

    • Rhiannon S.

      I completely agree with you! I think its lazy parenting to smack your child! I also think causing fear of being hit is abuse in itself, i dont want my children to fear me but rather me teach them why its not okay to do something x

    • Rhiannon S.

      Oh and I think comparing injections and smacking is stupid...m i really do wish people would think before they say something stupid

    • Danielle B.

      No actually I didn't take my children for there injections! I couldn't hold my child down while they was injected! Screaming

    • Tracy C.

      You cant compare injections to smacking an injection is given to protect your child from nasty illnesses smacking is done out of choice i dont smack my children as i dont think it teaches them right from wrong. X

    • Shaleina K.

      A husband doesn't get in trouble for smacking a wife her get in trouble for beating his wife a smack is different yes people may use the same words but of someone who had both I can tell you a smack is more of a shock than pain a child will cry because they know they have gotten in trouble the same way a toddler does when they are on the naughty step. I'm not against smacking I'm against beating. And I'm most against people judging other people parenting styles (abuse is different obviously, but again that should be about judging but action taken). I doubt anyone wants to see their child in pain never mind inflict it onto them

    • Shaleina K.

      Smacking doesn't cause long term damage beating does. Does putting a child on a naughty step make them have abandonment issues, everytime there bad then they get put away? No it doesn't wish people would learn the difference. I'm not having a go and I think each to there own but why do we have the right to judge others. Sometimes the 3 strikes and your out rule is not appropriate

    • Kareena T.

      No it isn't assault it is discipline. Children of a young age do not understand reason. A smack is used as a shock, for example to stop them running into the street or anything that is a potential danger. As any parent should know, you don't have eyes in the back of your head and these things can be potential dangers as we cannot watch a child 100% of the time. Would have to be superhuman. Common sense is the key. I was smacked and it was for my own good at the time and I am now a happy, successful adult with happy children of my own!

  • Emily B.

    Smacking is usually a result of a parent loosing control. We teach our children to be well behaved and respect others. My son has had a tapped hand a couple of times (once for sticking something in a plug socket - lesson learnt, and the other time was when he picked up a hot cup of coffee and chucked it all over his dad). I'd never smack my son out of anger, and I would be very angry if I saw a parent smack their child in public. I've even confronted parents who I've seen or heard intimidating their children. If you bully your children they will grow up to be bullies.

  • Nicola C.

    I agree no one has the right to punch kick or beat a child but if ur child does wrong if you choose to give them a tap on the hand or bottom then you should be allowed to discipline your child how you see fit x

    • Jenny R.

      Tap on the hand :joy: half the kids would laugh in your face! Not all kids are perfect. . .

    • Margarida D.

      My children would be mortified if i smacked their bottom... they wouldn't laugh at me!!!

    • Anne E.

      It's assault

    • Nicola C.

      Agree mine have had the odd smack on the leg or tap on the hand when little I see so many out of control kids that need a good hiding by their parents bring back the belt in school lmao

    • Martha M.

      Its assault, as Anne says. I hope the police aren't reading this.

  • Emma R.

    No. A firm tap to warn a child is sometimes needed.

    • Stephanie E.

      So how would you react if I decided your child needed a 'firm tap' as you've nicely worded child abuse? Would it be acceptable for me to 'tap' your little boy..... no ... you'd go insane. .. so why is it OK for you to break the trust and protection and hit abuse your child

    • Michelle B.

      It is up to the parent to discipline a child, not a random stranger.

    • Stephanie E.

      It is not up to anyone to hit a child

    • Emma R.

      Their MY children and I decide how I chastise them. When my child reached out at 1 year old for a scolding cup of water (some times its avoidable when children are into everything) should I not have tapped her hand away firmly to warn her of the danger?? Should I just have screamed out causing more fear? Or let her carry on reaching out and the water land on her? And yes I would be OK with any person doing this if the child is in danger.

    • Ann-marie D.

      Obviously a stranger disciplining someone else's child is unacceptable, even just verbally correcting someone else's child is unacceptable. This is a dumb point.

    • PushingZedzzzzz


  • Melissa A.

    Yes it should be. I don't understand how anyone could hurt their child! We teach our children that violence isn't the answer so why would we then think it's ok to smack them? Not for me thank you

    • Lally C.

      Totally agree no child should be hit if u bring them up right, I've 2 boys an I would never hit them if they did wrong just a firm word is enough x

  • Laura F.


  • Julie C.

    If you smack your child, then are you not sending a message to that child it is ok to smack another child/person?

  • Cazza H.

    It's considered to be abuse if a man hits a woman and vice versa so why the hell aren't children treated with the same respect. What does it teach our children?! That it's OK to hurt another person if they're not doing as they're told, won't listen etc. There are too many people nowadays that have the belief that hitting a child is fine and it won't do them any harm or that they've learned their lesson bullshit all they have learned is fear! All they have learned is if they do a,b or c they will get hurt. A child shouldn't have to live in fear of their parent(s) a child is innocent, they're learning everyday. Yes their behaviour may not be acceptable to you, maybe use empathy and words to speak to your child rather than resorting to hitting as you think it's a quick and easy solution as it really isn't.

    • Bianca P.

      No one mentioned hitting we are talking about smacking not hitting smacking is a light tap with an open hand hitting is a punch with a closed fist sure many of you ladies have been tapped on your bums by a man foes that mean he's hit you???? No of course not its a tap/smack totally different stop trying to make parents abusers when they are not

    • Sharna B.

      But who gets to decide if it's a light tap or not? We do not all process pain in the same way. If it's a light tap it is an ineffective parenting tool (in the loosest sense) if harder than it is abuse. Violence is not acceptable in any form

    • Cazza H.

      Smack as defined by the Oxford dictionary .... A sharp slap or blow, typically one given with the palm of the hand ....

    • Cazza H.

      If your child hits/smacks you do you accept it? Do you feel you've learned a lesson? Or do you tell them hitting is wrong?

  • Stephanie E.

    Disgusting the amount t of child abusers on here and that have voted it should not be banned. You wouldn't let a stranger smack your child however gently done so what gives you the rite. Why carry a child for 9month amd protect them from everything you can for you to then hit them . Absolutely disgusting.

    • Serena S.

      Child abusers?? Settle down luv! There's a huge difference between beating a child and a tap on the hand or bum! I was brought up where we would get a smack if we misbehaved, disrespected or put ourselves in danger. I was NOT abused. It's not something I do with my own daughter, my tone of voice is all she needs. but that's my parenting choice!!!! My parents certainly didn't abuse us by giving us a smacked bum! It taught us to behave, respect and be cautious where needed! Just because you don't smack your child gives you no reason to judge others! Some people call people who kiss their kids on the lips "sexual abuse" would you like that term thrown your way?? I very much doubt it! Learn not to judge others!

    • Claire F.

      Stephanie you sound like somebody who thinks they wrote the book on parenting. Let me assure you, from someone who knows exactly what child abuse is, that a slap on the back of the hand to shock a child who is about to do something that will put them in danger is NOT child abuse. Instead of labelling all parents who may have done this as abusers, perhaps you should concentrate on climbing down from your high horse. Your child looks quite young, you've got a lot of years of discipline ahead of you, and they do say that pride comes before a fall...

  • Elizabeth K.

    I could never smack my child. Could not imagine causing them pain or them ever thinking I would.

  • Tasha D.

    People are SO judgemental...everyone has their own opinions but people calling others CHILD ABUSERS?! Really?! We are all parents so why not act like one!

    • Tasha D.

      Too many people comment about others & don't look at themselves! Everyone Brings their children differently - if someone says that they give their child a little tap/smack on the hand or bum, that doesn't mean that they beat up their child every night!! :unamused:

    • Stephanie E.

      A tap or a smack however u wish to word it is abuse. You're causing unnecessary pain and distress to a child for whatever reason . There is no justifying lifting a hand to a child wether it is on there hand or bum or anywhere

    • Tasha D.

      Ok. Well personally, NOT that I am saying I do it! But to me a tap is different to abuse. A child abuser to me is what you see on tv, the people who have been locked up for giving their children such horrific injuries that has resulted in death.

    • Janie B.

      Change in tone should be enough to let your child know they are wrong and not to do it again worked for mine but shouting in your childs face pointing ,screaming etc is in my view verbal and mental abuse yes no one is taught to be a parent but there is no need for the above along with smacking which leads to beating and battering all of which are ABUSE.

    • Sam C.

      Nah, I wouldn't call it child abuse! Id just think the parent was thick and incapable of talking to or educating their child. How someone else brings up their kids is up to them, personally I reckon hitting each other is the role of idiots in the pub! X

    • Sam C.

      We all parent in our own way, stories like this are intended to wind people up, I've left loads of pages because of it. Some people have nothing better to do than demonise others, makes them feel better! as long as you're on FB following these stories, you're going to meet the bitches!! I'm still not sure how to deal with them!! A good slap maybe? Yes, FB should invent a slap button!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Helen M.

    A smack is fine and totally different from punching or beating a kid up which is clearly wrong

  • Kelsey M.

    First off child abusers. Let's back up. Think back to when you were a kid. I know I got my butt tore up. I learned right from wrong from it. I'm not condoning beating your kid senseless. However a spanking never hurt anyone. Since when did we as a country become so soft. This is ridiculous. Don't sit here and say bad about the parents that do spank their kid. I'm not talking down to you for not.

  • Helen M.

    40 years ago - they had the cane. Kids today don't know how lucky they are :joy:

    • Nicola S.

      I keep threatening mine with it :joy: NOT. AND I REPEAT NOT. That would :blush:x

    • Paula O.

      I got caned, quite regularly as I was a rebel child! More I got told no the more I did it. The more I got caned the more I made sure what I did was worthy of the punishment, creating a vicious cycle & a very angry teenager. I was 7 first time I got caned.

    • Helen M.

      I've used the term 'you don't know how lucky you are' far too many times #backinmyday :smile:

  • Marnie S.

    So apparently it's already banned in Scotland? It's been working well then because I frequently see kids getting walloped in the street with the parents facing no repercussions.

    Still haven't seen a single person approach anyone regarding 'good/perfect parenting' if they've banned smacking.

    Effective implementation would be to engage with every parent but how is that even manageable? Such a a joke.

    If a kid is getting a smack to stop them doing something they shouldn't be doing after everything else has failed, that's fine. If a kid is getting walloped then that's totally different. People should know the difference before they start calling every parent who has smacked their kid an abuser. That is wholly inappropriate and way out of line.

  • Gail S.

    If my child is going to touch a hot oven, put his fingers in a plug socket, run into the road, then a smack on the hand to shock him, will probably scare him, but I want him to be scared of running into a road, because a car hitting him will hurt him a hell of a lot more then a tapped hand did. Children are born with no fear and concept of danger and you can try as much as you like but they do not have the capacity to understand what you are saying. Due to having no concept of fear or danger. That is my choice not yours, the governments or anyone else.

    • Gail S.

      I know exactly how my child feels all the time, because we talk non stop. We also discuss how all actions have consequences and you may not always like the consequence to your action. Like I said before as a judging stranger you evidently feel you know him better then I do, I mean after all I'm only his mother. You need to realise not everyone will agree with you at all times, and everyone chooses to live their life their own way and raise their own children how they want and it is frankly none of your business oh and you do not know my son, but trust me if you did, poor and defenseless is not how he is ever described.

    • Lorna L.

      Why don't u shout at him this still should shock him unless u shout at him all the time and will give him the understanding that when u shout in this way it's to highlight him to danger. Kids are more intelligent than u will imagine if u explain in a simple way they will understand. I've taught my son this from a baby touching things he shouldn't and explaining why. He is now 3 and has a really good concept of danger. There is always an alternative to hitting a child.

    • Allison C.

      Stephanie Emilia congratulations perfect mother NOT. So your saying a a toddler or a 9 month old knows danger! I have 14 year old with Adhd and doesn't understand danger proven by the fact he just walks across a road without looking. I have to go with him every where. Know he doesn't learn his been assessed as 6 year old! By his pediatrician and even younger in in play assessment of 3 years old! I feel sorry for you Stephenie.

    • Gail S.

      Personally I don't like to hear people shouting at their kids, I find shouting and bawling at someone a lot more aggressive. That is a personal thing though and I will not pass any judgement on you using angry words to discipline your child. My son his scared by loud noises so I choose not to distress him by yelling, screaming,bawling and swearing at him (which going on the posts here are the same as shouting, seeing as a tap is the same as a beating).

    • Zoe M.

      Why are people ganging up!! Posts like this are to express our opinions not to be judged on how we decide to parent our children.

    • Gail S.

      It had everything to do with it, you do not know by looking if a child as a condition where they struggle to comprehend. You do not know if a child is up all night due to an illness so the parent as not slept in weeks, if that child 'throwing a paddy' as autism. You do not know what the parent is living with every day. You do not know if the parent has just received some terrible news and is doing everything to hold it together despite being pushed to the absolute limit. You do not know. Though, through what you have posted on here and now I am judging, which I try not to do, you will reach your own conclusion and judge that person on what you conclude. I am bowing out now I have to go check on my poor, defenseless child. On a last note, even though you come across a bit judgemental, I am sure you also are doing a wonderful job with being a mum (and that is the problem with mums, we judge to much and support each other too little) x

    • Allison C.

      I agree with you Gail Sykes 100 %. Stephanie must be such perfect mother! in her perfect world. You can say no don't touch that dangerous but most children don't listen or just do it anyway. My son took the safety plugs out the socket at six month old with his fingers! Yes I was in room with my health visitor at time as he done it home so got advice. I had to switch sockets off from mains. amount of play group I went to and loads kids being dangerous climbing up cupboard opening fire escape! And two parents did smack their children once. Guess what they stopped being dangerous after that. And we discussed it and yes all the parents there if was their child would of smacked once. Even social worker there would of too if her own child had done same. There's a different between a tap and smacking. I agree with tap and small small smack once. Not continually smacking.

    • Bianca P.

      Stephanies kid will be the one who ends up in jail because he never learnt any discipline. A smack is NOT the same as a hit is it you numpty??? Its a smack to try and teach the child or too give light discipline agree with Gail and Alison 100% stop being a Muppet Stephanie and the covers only make the plugs more dangerous if the kids have wet hands x

    • Margarida D.

      Why do people feel so strongly to criticize someone they dont even know in such a rude manner? I fail to understand why ...

    • Margarida D.

      Try living in a society where the parents had no power over tgeir own chikdren...no rules or regulations followed ( because they are boring, some have said) the government is creating a crazy society wgere the troublemakers have no discipline and rule ...

    • Sharna B.

      Smacking does not equal disciplin. An unsmacked child does not lead to a lack of discipline. Fear is not discipline. Smacking is not acceptable in any form. My husband wants a motorbike but I think it's dangerous so I hit him so he learns it's dangerous. He needs to learn who's in charge

    • Allison C.

      Sharna Baker you'll end up like stephanie. Another perfect person NOT. children will only grow up getting into trouble if not disciplined jail etc. Your one of parents who has no control over behaviour of children. And would let them get awa with it until they have no choice but to be arrested.

    • Hannah-leigh R.

      Nobody's perfect, everybody has different ways of raising their kids, I was smacked as a child as was my partner neither of us were abused! our little one is only one at the momentous still learning I've raised my voice a few times when he's been near the oven or when he ran for the door in a coffee shop but if feel whence is older he needs a smack as nothing else has worked I will smack him to shock him as will his grandparents on the days they care for him as that is how we were brought up, abusing your child is completely different.

    • Salma F.

      Everyone here will obviously have different opinions as you are only going by your own experience, also no one here is saying anything about punching and kicking your child a light smack on the bum is different. In my experience well mines too young but when my niece wasn't taken us serious when we used to tell her not to run on the road no amount of time outs taking away her toys raising voice etc she would find it funny and would always try to run on the road so a smack on the backside by her mum was the only thing that put a stop to that!

    • Jane H.

      My parents smacked me as a child, I now have this condition known as respect! Too many parents are too scared to discipline their children

    • Sharna B.

      My children are respectful and polite most of the time (they are human afterall) non of us are perfect. physical chastisement is not discipline no matter how you want to dress it up. It is a reaction and as such an ineffective parenting tool. Education about other methods would be far more effective

    • Sharna B.

      I love how people who do not know me have already decided my children's future. Glad to see you are wrong of course, as my fabulous teenagers will be too

    • Anna M.

      You don't need to hit your children to discipline them. If you can't trust them not to run off then they should be in a buggy, holding hands or on reins until they can understand the danger. Your boss wouldn't hit you for not understanding something it shouldn't be any difference with a small vulnerable child. Kids learn by example. If a teacher can keep 30 children in a small room under control without violence it shows its not necessary.

    • Allison C.

      At one point my son had to be restrained in school by the teachers leaving bruises on him due to dangerous obsession with school lift at the time (he was7/8 then now 14)everything was documented so I wasn't the being accused of causing bruising! It took six members of staff too restrain/prize him out lift and this is special needs school! He's much better now. My point is though the teachers have to restrain children in normal school too leaving bruising.

    • Cathy D.

      Allison Carter I wasn't smacked as a child and I grew up fine, no trouble or jail for me! I adored my parents and stayed out of trouble because I didn't want to disappoint them, I respected them and wanted them to be proud of me. No smacking necessary to raise a happy confident and good child, that will eventually go on to be a fantastic parent! I will never hit my son, there are other less violent and hypocritical ways to gain his respect than giving him a smack. P.S. My son had a language delay that meant teaching him not to put his fingers in plug sockets and running into roads was a lot harder than with other children but I managed to do without any violence involved.

  • Annie S.

    I'm not saying either way, I don't smack my child, I have no need to, she's a good kid and I've raised her to be well behaved and have good manners, but I'll say one thing, when smacking was a normal every day means of discipline, in the days when you got caught by your parents doing something you shouldn't have been and you were damn scared of the consequences, kids generally weren't gobby, arrogant little shits who answered back and thought they could do whatever the hell they wanted. I was certainly scared of my mum when I was a kid, it definitely didn't do me any harm, it taught me that I needed to live by the rules and be respectful. A lot of kids know sod all about respect these days, and most people are too bloody namby pamby to reign them in.

    • Sharna B.

      Sounds like it taught you to fear. Not the same as respect

    • Annie S.

      It taught me that if I didn't have respect for people and property and if I acted like a little shit, then my mum and people in authority were people to fear. My mum showed me more love than anyone on the planet, but if I was a dick at times (which every kid is) I was shitting myself over the consequences. All this crap today about reward the good behaviour and ignore the bad just shows kids a bad example, they think they can do what they like and won't be punished. They think they can hold their parents to ransom.

  • Vicky H.

    It's got nothing to do with wanting to inflict pain on your child or wanting to hurt them, you dont need to smack them hard just a tap and it shocks them, I had a smack as a child I didn't think I was being abused, and I tell you I have more respect than children of today have that's for sure, kids get away with too much... My children get a smack when the 123 trick is no longer working , just a reminder for them. . its not abuse at all x

    • Jade C.

      If i was bad as a child, I'd get a smack. Now im 25. Never did me any harm. Look at the teenagers these days. No respect. Shout and yell at their parents. No respect at all. Not all parents allow it but some do. A tap on the hand I'd say is fine. I have 3 boys myself. Never smacked any of them, then again they haven't done anything for it.

    • Jenny R.

      I got smacked all the time .. I now have a 5 year old who thinks he's hard core and cheeky when he comes back from his dad sometimes he needs putting back in his place and remember where he is! I would never smack him to hurt him! But shock him into realising that his behaviour isn't acceptable!

    • Tasha E.

      Agreed. A smack never did me any harm and my kids will be brought up the same... Hopefully they won't need a smack but the threat of "do you want a smack" is enough for them to be well behaved.

  • Danielle M.

    Ok I'm totally torn on this. I don't actually smack my children however I wouldn't judge another parent for doing so within reason. My mum and dad smacked me if I misbehaved. I never thought this gave me the right to smack, it never made me scared of them and I didn't feel abused. I knew if I had been smacked I had crossed the line and it taught me a lesson!

  • Andrea L.

    There's a clear line between being smacked and a tap to a child if they are being naughty. Years ago if I was naughty my parents would hit me. Not hard enough to warrant abuse. I agree smacking/beating children should be illegal! It's no different to a man or woman smacking their partner! It is abuse plain and simple. A tap on the hand however is not

    • Hazel W.

      How is a 'tap on the hand' different??? Your 'tap' may be very different to someone else's, please define a 'tap'? Better to simply remove your child from the situation!

  • Laura J.

    There's other forms of abuse too what about all the children suffering from emotional abuse. I heard a dad shout to his 10 year old yesterday "oi dick head kick me the ball" followed by "Oh I'm not Fucking playing with u ur treating me like a prick ur a selfish prick" if the mother hadn't gone mental at him I would have! :angry: no smacking shouldn't be allowed but a tap away from danger of course!

  • Gina B.

    Never did me any harm a smack on bottom leg or hand growing up

  • Samantha M.

    I don't believe it should be a law. You shouldn't be allowed to beat anyone up but disciplining your child how you see fit is your choice. Start taking away a parents right to discipline and what will be next. I have smacked my son but only when telling him repeatedly that smacking or hitting isn't nice, that it makes people sad etc wasn't working, time out wasn't working. So yes I've gave him a smack on the hand to show him it's not nice. And he has stopped doing it. But I have nothing against people who discipline there kid that way, it's there choice. Never did me any harm, I love my mum to bits and have full respect for her. But it made me think twice about doing something wrong as a kid because I new I'd be in big trouble. Some kids these days have no respect for anyone, and then you look at back in the day when people were smacked, canes were used and strangers and neighbours could give you into trouble when you did wrong and there was a lot less bad behaviour. There's clearly something gone wrong now. Leave parents to bring there kids up how they see fit and bring your kids up how you see fit. Shouldn't be anyone else's business. We're all just trying our best, that should be enough xx

    • Sharna B.

      So you hit/hurt him to show that it is not nice to hit others? You do not see the confusion /irony?

    • Samantha M.

      If you don't like what I have to say then don't comment. Everyone has a different way to parent and it's not my right to judge. You parent your way and ill do mine. My boys are happy healthy boys who are loved and cared for that's all that anyone else needs to know x

  • Nicola S.

    I thought it was already to be honest. Not that i think it should be as long as its controlled and for discipline and not out of anger.

  • Sam C.

    If I smacked you, it'd be assault. You'd probably slap me back! Why is that any different for a child? How about trying out parenting? Educating? Then our children might be able to get on in this world without slapping each other? Never know, our country may even lose its reputation for being a load of rank chavs!!

  • Allison C.

    An old man told me all my child needed was a smack when he messing around on bus! my mate told him where to go! So what about children /teenagers who abuse parents and other siblings. So I physically! so I presume people think it OK for a child to smack an adult. My friend daughter she was 14 and smacked me round my head. she was also abusive to her mother gave her black eye! The mother never laid a finger on her once. Yes the daughter has adhd. and if she tried to displine it only made it worse daughter became even more violent. She 20 now. Still abusive to her mother. There no help ad government taken support away.

  • Emma G.

    I will smack my kids if need be.... nothing wrong with it and will only be used if absolutely necessary. Children need to have a sense of fear for misbehaving in my eyes..it teaches respect. This is what's wrong nowadays with children who have no boundaries

  • Lorna L.

    Of course it should be illegal. How can it be illegal to hit another adult but not a child! This makes no sense. Children are only going to learn that it's acceptable to hit someone else and how will they use these skills when they are adults?

  • Zoey H.

    For gods sake smacking a child does NOT hurt them (well it shouldn't anyway) has no1 noticed as the years go on and parents have less and less say in their kids life's the ruder and ignorant they become because there is no fear in them anymore. U can not tar all children with the same feather just cos 1 or 10 children listen when their parents says no doesn't mean they all will so children do need a smack and others don't. And how can people compare smacking a child to a man hitting a woman or visa versa for no reason that is abuse not a child getting smacked cos they've been naughty.

    Every1 is entitled to their own options on how to raise children but the shouldn't be pushed on others, at the end of the day we're all parents and do what we think is best there is no need for some of u to get on ur high horses and start calling other parents child abusers. I used to get smacked for every word my mum said when I was naughty as a child and I'll tell u what my mum is far from a child abuser and I'm 1 of the most respectful people I know.

    • Anne E.

      I agree name calling is wrong but the act of hitting anyone else let alone someone smaller and vulnerable can not be justified and is assault

    • Zoey H.

      Lol no it's not assault if it was then there would be a lot more parents being arrested but like I said every1 is entitled to their opinion on it.

    • Martha M.

      It is assault. Check with the police.

    • Zoey H.

      Yeah cos I'm sure police will waste time arresting a parent for Smacking their child's hand when there are murders to catch.

  • Nicki M.

    Should be illegal for nosey busy bodies to judge someone's parenting!

  • Christina J.

    Absolutely it should be banned. You teach a child respect my modelling respect yourself, not by hitting/lashing out!

  • Cheryl E.

    It should be banned. The minute you smack your child you've lost control. How can you teach your child it's not ok to smack others when you're exhibiting that exact behaviour? I don't smack my son. He can be naughty but he loses privileges as a punishment & he's a (for the most) well behaved, intelligent, loving 6 year old. I want him to respect me, not fear me. And tbh I couldn't give a damn who argues for smacking, for me, it is not something that you can justify.

  • Alan C.

    Never did me any harm. But my parents only smacked/slapped me when I deserved it. I do realise that there are those that go beyond and beat kids so far they suffer terrible injury and worse.

  • Stacey C.

    This isnt what the government should be focusing on. To me there should be more focus on helping parents know how to effectively dicipline their child. There isn't enough support out there for parents and this us why they resort to this. Instead the government take away any rights a parent has to disipline their child. Personally I think hitting my kids would just show them they can hit if they are angry. But my children also still misbehave. It isn't always down to bad parenting. My oldest son has autism and my youngest son copies him. But there isnt enough support with how to deal with the bad behaviour THAT is what we need right now. Not all the you cant do this and that and more of what we can do

  • Sarah K.

    Well when I was younger I always thought what harm would a little smack do, then I had children (in a dv relationship), and it hit me, how can we teach a child that violence is the answer, isn't it better for the child to learn a life skill, talking, listening and learning about a situation and the dangers rather than them learning that it's ok to smack someone in these circumstances??

    Don't shoot me down for this comment, this is my opinion, it's what I think is right for me xx

  • Hannah B.

    Yes I completely agree with smacking! I was smacked as a child and it's done me absolutely no harm!.. In fact it's taught me to respect my elders... Young crime is on the increase because parents are unable to tell their children off and allow them to get away with murder.. There is a huge line between a gentle tap on the hand and a punch in the face!.. I had a smack now and then & I certainly don't class myself as 'abused' for goodness sake!.. God kids before my time would get the slipper, the Cane and all sorts... The next generation have got it easy!...

  • Adelle G.

    If smacking a child is abuse then there should be an awful lot of historical cases going on right now- in fact I'll file one myself because I was smacked every once in a while when I pushed my luck as a child. Did me no harm! I'm still here, as are my parents and their parents..... The more rights these children get to save themselves from facing up to their actions, the worse our society will be year upon year.

  • Helen M.

    I wouldn't ever hit an adult so why would I hit a smaller, defenceless, impressionable child? ?? I've never understood why anyone thinks this is ok.

  • Nadine C.

    That's what is wrong with society today, I have 2 children of my own and a smack has never done them any harm nor did it do me any harm as a child. It learnt me manners and not to be a cheeky wee brat like some kids are today. A smack every now and the. Does a child no harm and also lets them know if they have done wrong and not to do it again. I only ever had to be smacked once after that it was just a look from any of my parents was enough.

    • Lucy F.

      All a smack does is teach a child that if they are caught doing something wrong they will have a slight, fleeting physical pain. Once the pain is over they forget it. It doesn't teach them respect. And it doesn't teach them that what they did was naughty/dangerous/wrong. There are many ways of teaching children consequences of their actions without putting your hands on them. If my daughter is naughty she is removed from the situation. Or told why what she's doing is wrong. If I thought my friend walking into traffic was dangerous and slapped them to alert them to the danger that would be assault, and I would be arrested. So why should I hit a child to teach them it will hurt more if a car were to hit them?

  • Margarida D.

    I am sure most people know the difference between a smack to impose some respect and a beating... if you go as far as a beating its because you already are violent and no law will change that. Parents should start giving their children away to the government as soon as they are born,.. with all these laws they are taking away the pleasure of bringing up your child and answer for their mistakes in their kids education...only now the government dictates how you need to bring up your children...what happened to grandmothers advice? It was much nicer...

  • Jahu

    Smacking shouldn't be done hastily in the moment, when the parent is angry. It should be done when the parent is in a calm place, and it should be explained to the child what he/she has done wrong, and why a smack is necessary.

    If you are venting your anger through smacking, this is indeed tantamount to child abuse.

    A smack should be delivered in love, that loving parental desire for the child to do right. If it doesn't hurt you to administer a smack (obviously not physically) then something is wrong!

    You might not believe it now, but your child will most likely thank you in later life for disciplining them, but it must be in love!

  • Lynne M.

    This is ridiculous all these people saying its abuse! No wonder ppl r so frightened to parent and discipline their kids how they want to nowadays! A smack on the bum never did my generation any harm and won't do this generation or future generations any harm either!!

    • Laura L.

      :clap_tone1::clap_tone1::clap_tone1: did u know it's not actually illegal to smack your child. It only becomes illegal if u leave a mark, it is a sustained attack or it becomes a pattern of behaviour!

    • Lindsey E.

      I think some of the time it's not a case big being frightened to smack, I have two young children and just don't. Not through fear, but because I have my own way of parenting that works without smacking.

  • Jahu

    If a smack is for the parent to vent their anger, this is totally wrong. If it is done when the parent is calm an in parental love, that desires for the child to do right, then it is a good thing.

    It is important that the child understands why they are receiving the smack, that they are loved, but they have done wrong. It should hurt the parent more to administer the smack ( obviously not physically)

    • PushingZedzzzzz

      F.A.O JAHU, Parents do not hit their children out of parental love, who are you kidding, that is truly warped. I should stop smacking your child if i were you and find a more positive approach, because one day he/she will be bigger than you and i would hate to be you on that day. Smacking is wrong and trying to justify it by calling it parental love is a guilty conscience. (Also included in my main comment)

  • TommyC

    Let parents be parents and let them do things their own way. Advising someone not to smack and give them alternatives is what they should be suggesting. Not making the thing illegal. Totally pathetic to suggest this, aside from the fact its completely unenforceable. 

  • Lizz C.

    I do think parenting is being taken away from parents. If a child is abused yes that's wrong but a smack is not abuse from a 30 something woman I have respect for my elders and people around me and I got a smack or two in my time. Never hurt me it reminded my about my manners about my attitude and about being naughty and in fairness my smacks were given to me when I was over the age of 10 never really had a smack when I was younger. If we had more discipline (not just smacking) maybe we wouldn't have some unruly children around if parents were allowed the power back to parent with out every Tom dick or Harry judging or teachers disapproving looks or schools telling you when where and what you can do. I'm so sorry I had a child and everyone else in this world thinks they can tell me what's best for her.... I will parent how I want to and how I see fit I grew this person and I want her to know respect and manners and if I am harsh or wrong then I will hold my hands up because I am human. We all are. It's something we have In common along with trying to parent and learn how to parent and live each day with anything that day throws at us.... Sorry for the rant

  • Tiff C.

    It never did me any harm. If children these days were disciplined properly maybe they wouldn't be such disrespectful gobby brats

  • SUD84

    It can give you a sense of authority a slight smacking. as today in this PC world there is no discipline in a child therefore uncontrollably children. Parents that say oh I never smack my child you probably are verbally abusing them. What is smacking? A smack on the bottom or a slap on the hand. With controlled force. People confuse this by stating kicking, punching etc well that is called physical abuse there's a difference. I personally feel parents should be able to disipline their child and shouldn't be up to the nation to decide. On top of that once the government takes that away from the parents, you're going to have un ruling children. Where's the punishment ? Care homes, ASBO, detention centres all because the rights are taken away from parents. Ultimately when they play truant from school parents face a fine or imprisionment. people will be too scared to have kids in the future. Parents that have good luck . 

  • Clare-Louise L.

    I'm lucky I don't need to smack my child as she has been brought up with boundaries that we stick to and so she is turning out to be a very well behaved and polite child (proud mummy moment) however If I did need to tap her on the hand I would to stop her doing anything dangerous. if the government are going to make smacking a hand illegal are they also going to make how some people 'talk' to their toddlers illegal? I have heard some people screech and swear at their toddlers/young children. I personally think that's more abusive than a smacked hand. They are young children still learning and having a grown up tower over them whilst yelling in their faces will scare/upset them more! If these people yell like they do in public I dread to think what it's like for the child in private. Those children will just grow up thinking it's normal to screech and be nasty.

  • PushingZedzzzzz

    YES IT SHOULD BE BANNED. People who smack their children clearly need anger management and serious help. These people obviously fail to see that it is a cruel act of bullying and a breach of their child's trust. It teaches children no positive lesson, the only things it does is teach them is that - 1) they should be frightened of those that are supposed to love & protect them, 2) to learn to be secretive and learn to become better liars to prevent from getting hit again and 3) hitting people will make them feel powerful just like it does for mummy and daddy. Because lets face it that's why parents do it, to feel power over their defenseless children, and to relieve their anger. 

    Buy a stress ball and get therapy, stop abusing your children and stop trying to justify it by trying to call it a "warning" or "discipline" or "parental love".

    Questions for the people who seem to think its is acceptable to hit children

    Did you get hit/smacked as a child? 

    Did you ever get hit a second time? if so you have proved that smacking does not work, as you pissed off your parents again enough to get a second helping of their cruelty.

    F,A,O EMMA R, please can you define firm? who sets the limit? people don't know their own strength especially when angry. People experience pain differently and have different levels of sensory processing, so when you think your hitting a child lightly they maybe processing the pain as severe. Also think about it, if a 20 stone guy hit/smacked you lightly (in his opinion), it would bloody hurt and it would not feel like a light smack/hit to you, now look at an adults strength when hitting/smacking a child, you are going to hurt the child and you do so knowing you weigh more and are much bigger and stronger than the child is.

    F.A.O JAHU, Parents do not hit their children out of parental love, who are you kidding, that is truly warped. I should stop smacking your child if i were you and find a more positive approach, because one day he/she will be bigger than you and i would hate to be you on that day. Smacking is wrong and trying to justify it by calling it parental love is a guilty conscience.  

  • Vicki T.

    children today have no respect. in fact their whole attitude is and care towards people are worse now than before. I agree, you shouldn't kick. punch etc or even cause marks on a child. but a smack om the hand or bottom doent hurt. its about time people stop moaning about other parents. some people find smacking helps their child. Some people don't. who are we to judge! ! kids have no resepct in todays society. because parents are too soft. they are watched constantly. and told you cant or can't do this. concentrate on your own children. not on other people's. a smack is nothing. but anything more than a smack should be illegal.

    • Sharna B.

      There are so many factors that lead to lack of respect, fear of physical punishment is just one of them. I would be more concerned about the media messages, erosion of family units and lack of parenting at home due to work/ life balance. Lots of people do still smack so not sure why lack of smacking can be blamed for society. My generation were all smacked / beaten and are just fine. Oh wait, no we are not, look at the state of society, that's our doing, depression on the rise, can't blame smacking

  • Sue R.

    As a child we would be thrown over dad's shoulder and a game of "penny a smack" would ensue with us screaming with laughter. It was a game I have played with my own children with the same effect and now my grandson. My youngest would do the "Bart Simpson butt dance" on the stairs at bedtime yelling "smack my bum" as we chased him to bed. Myself and my kids were smacked harder during play then when being told off but the reaction was very different Even very young children can tell the difference between play and punishment. As my children got older they learnt that if mummy DIDN'T smack them but spoke quietly and precisely they had pushed it way too far. My advice NEVER NEVER smack when you're angry

  • sarahg

    absolutely agree Pushingzedzzzzz there should be no place in society for an adult to hit a child. If a parent cannot discipline/ punish/guide their child without resorting to violence then quite frankly they don't deserve to be a parent. 

  • Hollie N.

    I smack my kids when they are naughty , does it do them any harm? No! I'm not a child abuser by any stretch of the imagination and my kids are perfectly happy, normal kids :)

  • Patience R.

    'I was smacked and it did me now harm' umm sorry but if you think it's ok to hit your kids too then yes it's done you harm

  • Vanessa J.

    A parent should always beable to control their children in certain situations and in danger then yes a smack is justified because if u don't then wot sort of world are we gonna end up living in people thinking they can do wot they want when they want without consiquence .. I will bring my kids up how I see fit and if they justify having a smack then they will get it it never hurt me !!!! Or my elder boys

    • Cazza H.

      Like kids learning that hitting is okay without consequences ....

  • Anne E.

    If I did something you didn't like and you decided to give me a 'hard tap' or 'smack' or whatever you want to call it, you'd be prosecuted and punished legally. Now some of you think it's ok to do this to a small and vulnerable child to 'teach them they did wrong' or whatever reasoning you want to justify assaulting a child then you need help! You need supervising around children. To hit, smack, hard tap anyone is assault and anyone that does it should be legally prosecuted to protect children.

    • Lindsey E.

      Just as teaching a child not to kick punch etc by smacking is totally the best way to instill the message that hurting somebody is wrong. :see_no_evil: on a less sarcastic note I totally see your point :-) xxx

    • Anne E.

      I agree it's a stupid approach to teaching right or wrong and is assault. It's already illegal to physically injury someone else or even threaten to do so. Got to say don't understand the sarcasm ?

    • Kareena T.

      No it isn't assault it is discipline. Children of a young age do not understand reason. A smack is used as a shock, for example to stop them running into the street or anything that is a potential danger. As any parent should know, you don't have eyes in the back of your head and these things can be potential dangers as we cannot watch a child 100% of the time. Would have to be superhuman. Common sense is the key. I was smacked and it was for my own good at the time and I am now a happy, successful adult with happy children of my own!

  • Lucinda D.

    I thought it already was illegal!! It's not ok to smack women or old people, so why not give vulnerable children the same protection? :(

  • Hannah V.

    Should it also be illegal for a child to smack kick and punch a parent?! Theres got to be a certain level of leadership and discipline in a household, i used to get a smacked bum if i was naughty! Never did me any harm! Its the psycho parents who go too far that need prosecuting , not the parents trying to instil order in the household

  • Laura M.

    No! A smack is a smack I got smacked as a kid! But parents NEED to know the different between a smack and a punch/kick/beat 99% I imagine do but there's always the sick ones that don't deserve kids who take it too far

  • Laura M.

    There's a line between child abuse and a tap for discipline. Kids that don't have a tap from parents every now and again in my experience and little brats

    • Elizabeth K.

      Rubbish, my siblings and I were never smacked and neither r any of our children.

  • Emma A.

    Wen I was little I had a belt 4 swearing at my dad I never swore at him again then 3 week ago my son threw his dinner plate at me an called me a bitch he only 4 I put him 2 his room he ain't learned a damn thing this is y jails r full there is no discipline any more I'm not saying nok the living daylights out of them a tap don't hurt I had a belt an I wasn't abused

    • PushingZedzzzzz

      You were a victim of child abuse, even if you dont know it. A belt is barbaric.

      You cannot punish him for behaviour that he has obviously being exposed to. That behaviour is learned from adults. I would be first questioning where he had learned that sort of behaviour. Kids dont just swear in correct context to a situation without seeing/hearing adults behaving this way.

      Now I am not saying or assuming he learnt it from you, I dont know you and therefore it would be wrong to just assume you swear or throw objects in anger in the presence of your child. But he has obviously witnessed an adult behaving badly infront of him or maybe one of his peers has learned it from adults around them and taught him, either way your son has been exposed negative inappropriate adult behaviors at a very young age. I would want to find out who demonstrated this behaviour to him and deal with them before you go and punish a child for the mistakes of adults. At 4 years old kids copy and echo things they hear thats how they learn. 

  • Kelly B.

    If an adult smacks another adult then it is assault. Why should it be any difference when its a child?

  • Michelle P.

    When my now 14 yr was about 4 he almost got hit by a car ( a split second and he had taken his hand off the buggy on the school run and he ran after a friend...for those thinking I should have been watching him better) anyway..I grab him and smacked his bottom and yes I did smack him a little hard and people in the street started looking down their nose but I said I'd rather smack him and scare him then have him in a coffin in a week after a car kills him. He never ran off again so lesson learned for both him and me. There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. And like the idea or not parents shouldn't be scared to discipline their children.

    • Elizabeth K.

      Maybe your child was scared of the car and that's why he hasn't done it again an hoped that you as his parent would have comforted him rather than scare him further.

    • Michelle P.

      He didn't see the car. He was comforted after the shock of a smack had wore of. And that one smack hasn't damaged him. He is a healthy happy teenager who minus the odd teenage attitude has respect for others and me. I can trust him out and about and he isn't shop lifting or hanging round on street corners like most kids his age. Ive spoken to him about that day and he says he understands why I smacked him and he learnt to be careful on the roads. Again that fine line between abusing him and the shock to not do something again. The only time now he thinks I'm a bad parent is when I take him phone off him for a bit of attitude.

  • Kelly W.

    Every Child is different so every discipline is different, I dont see anything wrong with a tap on hand or bottom, you do what you think right for you and that situation, but if they ban it how are they going to know about each case, it will be impossible and when there is other and more important things to be taken care of other than parents trying their best to bring children up and teach right from wrong.

  • Hazel W.

    No question! A massive YES!! Smacking, 'tapping' as I have seen it referred to here is lazy and abusive parenting. Get up off your butts,put your coffee or wine down and communicate with your child' distract them. Explain, explain ,explain to them, over and over, from tiny, they eventually understand.

  • Emma R.

    If the Government is willing to take responsibility for my child, ensure they are behaving, going to school, not putting themselves in danger, being respectful and kind, not being a bully etc. then it can have as much say as it likes in my parenting style. If it is not willing to offer this 24/7 service, then it should butt out and take care of its own house. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with smacking as I don't think that is the point here, but every parent, so long as there is no abuse, should be responsible for their own child and part of that is discipline.

  • Jennie-Ellen L.

    I got a fair few smacks and a good clip round the ear growing up, done me a favour & put me in my place! Didn't do me any harm!

  • Joyce B.

    There is a big difference between smacking and abuse!!

  • Ayesha B.

    Don't know where this is from but I thought it was illegal in the U.K. already.

  • Danielle E.

    A child should never fear there parents I believe that discipline can be done in different ways and smacking is an easy and a lazy parents way out

  • Mumofthree

    I'm shocked at the peoples comments that state anyone that says smacking shouldn't be banned is a child abuser!! I was smacked as a child as a former of discipline. I did not suffer, my parents were not abusers they were and still are the best parents I could have ever asked for and I would have never treated them as a terribly as a lot of children treat adults nowadays. Why because I learned respect. Unfortunately this softly softly approach means youngsters no longer have respect for their elders. I have 3 beautiful children who are bright intelligent examplry girls & I'm not saying I would smack them willy nilly but if it were to happen that they behaved extremely unacceptably and I believed it warranted a smack surely that's my call and doesn't therefore make me a child abuser.

    Narrow minded people that like to make out they are live a perfect little life & do not face stressful times with their children. Personally I'd prefer to admit I'm not perfect but do my very best.

  • Karen R.

    I will smack my kids if I had to. And I have done. Eldest son tried run across busy road n I caught him n smack him! Scared him he never did it again. Lesson learned Was I supposed to say noooo n shake finger?? Don't think so I was smack as child I can possibly remember everyone of the smacks :joy: but never did me any harm!!!!!! There's a difference between smack and hit!

  • Leanne B.

    Felt the need to have a rant on The page. Won't have it again but basically can not stand narrow minded people walking round calling people that smack their children child abusers. For God sake grow up! No one has any idea how other people live their lives, how difficult their child or children r to handle. No one is perfect & I think it's ridiculous to say they should of used this or that technique instead when you have no idea what they have or haven't already tried! Before u start knocking other people's parenting skills just make sure your perfect!!

    • PushingZedzzzzz

      Nobody is perfect, so no perfect parents on here. However I was a youth worker when I was younger and now im a parent. As a child I was smacked/hit (started as smacking then esculated when I retaliated) especially in early teens, My dad demanded respect & control & did not like being questioned, yet he brought me up to be an inquisitive mature child. So when he didnt feel respected he smacked/hit me (undeserved in my opinion) so eventually i I hit him back and then I rang the police and social services and told them I had hit him back and why I had done it. You see he taught me that if anyone ever hit me to hit them back X10 harder, so I did. He lost my respect because he betrayed me by hitting me and the more he did the more I rebelled and retaliated. He was hit and belted as a child and he later once admitted he didnt know any other way. He made me stand up and rebel & waste my childhood. I will never ever smack or hit my child, and cause them that pain, emotional scares never truly heal.

  • londonderrry

    I appreciate that people have differences of opinion on the subject, but what I find MOST disturbing is that many of those who disagree with reasonable smacking actually want to "outlaw it." Think about what you are suggesting. If a parent uses a reasonable smack once in a while to teach their children right from wrong, you want social services and the police to intervene and possibly take away children from their parents. That's pretty radical and quite close minded. Don't make your "preferences" legally binding on everyone else. There is already plenty of laws against child abuse, all this is going to do is to make parents who use reasonable smacking criminals. Shame on you. 

  • Lindsay T.

    No it shouldn't be banned if your child is doing bad things a tap on the hand isn't wrong!!! To many spoilt children getting away with murder a smack on the hand would put them in line!

  • Gabbie T.

    If you smack once you'll have to smack harder next time..same goes by shouting .. shout and you'll shout louder..WHERE WILL IT END???! Talk to your child firmly.

  • Jayne H.

    So by tapping a child's hand when they in the process of doing something that is potentially dangerous is classed as child abuse now???. Get a flaming grip!!! There is a world of difference between leaving a mark on a child from excess force over tapping a child's hand .. It's very rare I'd have to do this over the years and after having 7 children .. Yes there are better ways in some respect but sometimes depending on a given situation you have no alternative!! ... It's an individual choice .. There's no right or wrong.. Excess force on a child and adult is just that if you leave a mark then fair enough but do not preach to me that I'm a child abuser for tapping my child's hand if they constantly go for say s plug socket etc ... I could say the same about a parent whom shouts at their child over tapping their hand but who am I to judge ... Xx .. It's for nobody to say xx

  • Lou L.

    Theres smacking to discipline ur child i agree wit but if u go further than that ur out of fuking order i used to get a smack wen i was younger n its not done me no harm

  • Stacey S.

    Hell no

  • Stacey S.

    Wise up we r adults we no right from wrong kids don't it's up to the parent

  • Rachel M.

    I think A little tap on the hand is acceptable after repeatedly telling your child not to do something especially if they could hurt themselves but not a smack. If you smack your child everytime they do something wrong theyll end up being scared of you. Kids are kids they only learn what you tell them, I think smacking and shouting all the time isn't really learning them not to do it, in their eyes your showing them it's ok to smack people.

  • Claire V.

    My child my choice

    • Sarah1

      Just think where that statement leads.

      Your child, not your property.

  • Nicola C.

    I got a smack off my mum when younger also got the belt I had respect for my mum I was also scared of her so I never did anything I wasn't supposed to, my younger brothers and sister never got a smack and thyr so disrespectful towards her its awful thy do as thy please, I have given my kids the odd smack on the hand or leg not to hard but enough to shock them thyr well mannered respectful kids but still have a mind of their own don't think it does them Any harm

  • Diane W.

    From experience smacking causes resentment

  • Paula S.

    There's discipline, and there's abuse , there's a big difference!!

  • Martha M.

    It is illegal. It's assault. End of. If you smacked an adult in the street you would get locked up.

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