Scoffing Easter Eggs Is Good For You

Scoffing Easter Eggs Is Good For You

Hurrah, turns out the healthiest way to eat your Easter eggs is to scoff them all in one go.

Well ok, that might be stretching the truth just a t-e-e-n-y bit but according to oral hygiene experts TePe, it's healthier (for your teeth, anyway) to have a single sitting in which to scoff your chocolate rather than trying to pace it out over the days or weeks. (Right, like anyone actually manages that apart from little kids…)

Metro reports:

"See, it takes our mouths between 20 minutes and two hours to re-balance the acids in our mouth caused by eating sugar. If you graze on chocolate throughout the day, your teeth will be under 'constant attack'. TePe also recommend planning in your chocolate egg consumption for immediately after a meal, so that all the acid damage is limited to fewer sessions and teeth have more time to recover."

So now there's no need to feel guilty about over-indulging on chocolate this Easter. Just plan a proper chocolate scoffing fest right after lunch on Easter Sunday, and relish in the joy of knowing that you're looking after your teeth.

And while we're on the subject of scoffing chocolate eggs, is there a single parent out there who can put their hand on their heart and say they never end up snaffling some of the kids' stash of chocolate at Easter?

I surely can't be the only mum who *helps* her children and prioritises their health and oral hygiene by siphoning off a few creme eggs here and and a fistful of chocolate shell here, can I?


Tell us, do you 'help' the kids with their chocolate stash or are you super-disciplined and selfless, and let them scoff the lot unsupervised? Come and tell us over on our Facebook page or leave us a comment below.


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