School Bans Little Girl From Disco Because Mother Forgot To Buy Ticket

School Bans Little Girl From Disco Because Mother Forgot To Buy Ticket

School disco
Most parents have forgotten to reply to letters sent home from school at one stage or another, but one mum paid a hefty price for forgetting to pay for her daughter's ticket to the school disco - the school promptly banned the little girl from attending.

The Daily Mail reports:

Ella Delaney, from Edgeley, Stockport, was hoping to attend tonight's disco at Cheadle Heath Primary School but her mother Georgina Edwards failed to confirm her attendance in time.

After missing the Tuesday afternoon deadline, Ms Edwards tried to pay the following day. But staff said it was too late and Ella could not attend. 

According to the paper, parents were first notified about the school disco back in April, and reminders were sent in the form of a letter and two texts closer to the event. But the school has stood by its decision, arguing that the deadline was necessary to help organise the event and ensure the safeguarding of those attending.

Speaking personally, I am a bit of a disaster when it comes to responding to letters and reminders from my children's school, so I can totally see this sort of thing happening in our house. And while I hold my hands up to the fact that I should be more organised and that it's my job to teach my children the importance of manners, time-keeping and organisation, I also think the school has taken its disco a little too seriously. It's an end of term event, not a visit to the Moon.

Could they not have accepted payment on the door, once parents had confirmed whether there child would be attending? As important as it is for parents to respect a school's authority, including deadlines for responding to letters, I think it's equally important for schools to teach kids that mistakes happen, exceptions can sometimes be made, and that rules can occasionally be broken - especially at the end of term and where a disco is concerned.

What's your view? Do you think it's heavy-handed of the school to ban a child from attending the school disco due to missing a deadline for buying a ticket? Or is the school right to expect parents to adhere to deadlines and respond promptly? We'd love to read your comments over on our Facebook page.

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  • merlin1302
    i think the school us right. Enough reminders were sent and what if 20 people were late replying? These events still need to be staffed and said staff need notice to know if they are required.i have staffed a school disco and had to arrange babysitters etc. if one letter had gone out fair enough but a number of reminders were sent and I'm afraid it's part of being a parent. If you forgot yo accept a hospital appointment would you still expect them to see you?
    • Biceymonkey
      It is important that parents start to take some responsibility for their actions (or lack of action). What message does it send to the children if parents miss deadlines! Parents should be role models. If the disco was important to the parent (child), they should organise themselves and prioritise. This reminds me of the time when parents don't respond to confirm their child's presence at a birthday party, then turn up or don't (at my cost) - if you have organised a party you will know what I mean! The School is correct in this example.
      • mickystar19
        so whats wrong with it... onlyy authenticated can allow in the disco Egyptian cotton sheets
        • 21777
          Poor kid. At the end of the day she is the one who paid her mum's mistake. I think the school (although to some degree I can understand) should have let the kid attend. I suppose we may not know all the ins and outs. Maybe the mum is one of those who doesn't care, is always late and never obey the rules. In which case I'd say the school should have "fined" the mum for being late instead of banishing the little girl.