Public Potty Use: Yes or No?

Public Potty Use: Yes or No?

Would you ever allow your child to use a potty in a public place?

I don't mean in a discreet corner of a car park when your potty training tot is suddenly caught short. I mean in the middle of a restaurant or in the living room at a friend's house where there's a toddler birthday party in full swing?

I've got to admit that when someone asked me that this morning – ahead of a TV debate on that very topic – it took me a while to register what they were asking.

Is using a potty in a public place even a thing? Apparently so.

I've never seen it happen and NO, of course I wouldn't let my child use a potty in a public place like the middle of a busy restaurant. Why would you? I'm still struggling to grasp why this is a matter for national debate.

I've carried potties out and about with me at various stages of my children's potty training, um, adventures, but as far as I understand it, the whole purpose of a potty is its portability. It's literally designed to be picked up and carried. To the nearest bathroom.

Now that's not to say that I haven't whipped the potty out at the park on the rare occasions that my child hasn't been quite fast enough at answering the call of nature but I've always found a quiet, discreet spot for emergency potty use.

Yet this morning friends have regaled me with tales of mums brandishing potties in the middle of wedding receptions and allowing their little darlings to sit on the throne in the centre of the action as guests look on, aghast. WHY?

I'm not a fan of berating other parents for the choices they make. As my mother used to say, the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same. But there are some things, and very public use of a potty is one of them, that just doesn't really have any justification.

Yes, there may be exceptions where a child has a condition or medical reason why heading for the nearest bathroom isn't an option and no-one would argue with a parent taking whatever steps necessary to help their child under those circumstances.

But that's not what's being discussed - we're talking about parents who are seemingly too lazy to take their child to the bathroom to use the potty or toilet in private. Why wouldn't you nip to the nearest bathroom with your toddler and encourage them to use the potty there? Why assume that the people around you are ok with your toddler using the toilet right under their noses? And what does this teach a kid, and how does it equip them to have healthy and hygienic habits by the time they go to school?

I've also heard some horror stories from teachers who claim that lots of kids arrive at school completely unused to using a toilet, and in part blame that on the proclivity of many parents for allowing their child to use a potty in front of the TV or wherever else is most convenient.

As I've said, I've never witnessed this myself so I'm not convinced we're not just making up mad parenting antics for the sake of national debate but we'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Medical conditions and unusual exceptions aside, is it ever acceptable to allow a child to use a potty somewhere as public as in the middle of a restaurant?

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  • Gail S.

    Not ok, Restaurants and play gyms both have toilets, playgyms normally have potties in the toilets too, use them.

  • Kathryn M.

    no use toilets.

  • Gemma R.

    No! Just go to the toilets in the restaurant or softplay!

  • Romee L.

    Not ok.

  • Rachel R.

    Not ok, that's gross. Take the potty into the toilet.

  • Sarah T.

    Why wouldn't it be ok? If a toddler is learning they may not make it to the toilet.. What's the harm if it's discreet??

    • Laura C.

      In the middle of a restaurant is never okay.

    • Kirstie C.

      So you'd prefer the child to wee all over the chair? You really think that's more hygienic and acceptable?

    • Claire B.

      if you were in a restaurant eating a meal and the table next to you sat their child on a potty whilst they weed/pooed you would be happy with that? :mask::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    • Kirstie C.

      Next you'll think it's unacceptable for babies to go to a restaurants incase they poo in there nappy. I would prefer a child peeing in a potty rather than a trail of wee from a table to the toilet. Every child is different and gets things at different stages parents know there kids and whether the child will make it to the toilet or not.

    • Claire K.

      If a child can't hold it from a table to a toilet they obviously aren't ready to be trained!! Pull ups on kids until they are able to control it, it's been working fine up until now... It's unhygienic for a start

    • Claire B.

      no i dont think that at all. i have a 4yr old & an 18 month old & there is no chance i would let them do something as disgusting & unhygenic as going the toilet in public.

    • Kirstie C.

      Obviously a toilet is better everyone knows that but if needs must then I wouldn't frown upon a child peeing in a potty who is still learning.

  • Sarah K.

    No it's disgusting. Use a potty in a toilet area but not in a restaurant where people are eating :persevere:

  • Lynsay H.

    I would take the potty with us when we went out but I would never let my kids use it in the middle of the restaurant or play area toilets are for that reason

  • Leah D.

    Why would you use a potty in a restaurant or soft play place when there is an actual toilet to use?

  • Nicola O.

    No potty or not we should be teaching them that we only 'go' in the bathroom especially when out in public.

    • Lynsay H.

      This was my thought

    • Sophie L.

      Yes! I cant stand pottys they are pointless

  • Jenny R.

    Well you don't really have a choice when you got to go you got to go!

  • Edith F.

    why not. we did this, this world is getting stupid ,all the do gooders as a grandma I took my children's potty everywhere at lest I knew it was clean ,but always in a personal area eg toilet

    • Rachel R.

      We aren't saying not to take the potty, I took my little boys potty with us everywhere when we were potty training, but I wouldn't in a million years get it out in the middle of a restaurant, I would take it into the toilet, as any normal person would.

    • Lynsay H.

      The question is about whether you would get your potty out in a restaurant or public place not about using your own I used to take my own potty but always used in a toilet

    • Sobia M.

      No that's what the toilets are for :sob:

  • Sarah C.

    No way. We have used by the side of the car or beach or park. Certainly not in a restaurant or soft play. Just go to the toilet.

  • Judy C.

    No why would you if they have toilets.

  • Amy J.

    Absolutely not ok! If in a restaurant or at soft play just use the potty in the toilets there is no need whatsoever to do any different.

  • Michaela T.

    Where are you supposed to put the wee once done?? Disgusting

    • Sarah C.

      Can you imagine. Carrying a pot of pee through a restaurant. Lol

    • Michaela T.

      Definitely not. Toilet training is about prompting and perseverance, not pulling a potty out in the middle of harvester in front of people trying to have a nice meal!

    • Liz C.

      Travel potties are made for this purpose. Water tight liners - no need to pour see anywhere!

    • Liz C.


  • Vicki G.

    Currently toilet training. I have a travel potty and I carry it when I'm out. Not in a restaurant but if she needs it usually then and there!

    • Lucy F.

      But how does that teach bladder control and the need to find and use a bathroom? I know someone who would let their child use the potty in the garden and she would regularly wet herself just going inside the house and up the stairs because she had no bladder control at all. No medical issues, just laziness of not saying she needed to go until the last minute. When these children are in school they can't just 'go when they need' how often do you need to wait to use the bathroom, often for over half an hour?

      I'm sure teaching a child they need to hold it for 2 minutes until you walk to the bathroom isn't going to harm them

    • Vicki G.

      I have tried that and she wets! Potty is in the bathroom and uses it there. Only use potty whilst out my son used to wee last minute. Same as my daughter. I'm talking when out and for journeys inthe car.

  • Julie E.

    Only just stared potty training with my 2yo today and if we were out I'm not sure she would manage to reach the toilet to use the potty, that said, no way would I let her use it in the middle of a restaurant etc. I wouldn't be offended personally if a toddler used a potty in a public place but not sure I would do it.

  • Katie D.

    Not in a restaurant. Fine in a toilet but really, nobody wants to see anyone regardless of age having a pee or dump in public!

  • Emma B.

    Goodness me no not if there's a toilet the other thing that gets me is when people let there child wee on the road just gross :persevere:

  • Clare P.

    Of course it's ok!! Totally acceptable!

  • Toni B.

    I carry a potty everywhere with me for my 2 year old. Toilets can be few and far between. Indoor play areas and restaurants do always have toilets and my child uses them if I was to use a potty it would be in the toilets. However saying that I have had to allow my child to use the potty in a park before due to being to far away from home and no public toilets near by, even then I made it as private as I could.

    • Holley J.

      Outdoor is fine dogs use parks as toilets but not indoor at the table while everyone is eating

    • Brónagh G.

      I really still don't understand why there aren't portapotties in parks. I mean I guess it's maintenance but like.. children have to pee so often and it's hard to find privacy for little ones to go potty in public.

    • Michelle S.

      I think she means on the toliet not in.front of everyone

  • Cheryle C.

    No it's not right, if a child can't hold it in until they reach a toilet within a minute distance then they haven't developed the muscles or thought process to potty train.

  • Alexandra A.

    Not ok. I never carried a potty with my eldest. Don't intend to with my youngest. You teach them to tell you they need the loo. And you take them. You may have the odd accident but hey ho. Such is life. And if your child can't verbally express the need to wee or poo? Then imo you've started too soon.

  • Kimberley H.

    I didn't even know taking a potty out of the house was an option!! I have two children and it's never even occurred to me to take a potty with us. But then we used pull ups and made sure we went for extremely frequent toilet trips...

    • Nicola C.

      I never took a potty anywer but thy did wee behind a few trees in their time and that's also frowned upon

    • Vicky D.

      Me too, only started potty training couple of days ago. furthest place I'd take the potty would be my parents house

  • Leanne C.

    i wouldnt pee in public view i dont expect my kids too.

  • Alison W.

    No way what's that teaching them. You go to the toilet. By all means take a potty for them to use if you need to but you don't just get it out anywhere. Give them some privacy and teach them they can't just go anywhere. With my little girl potty was for the house only and when she was ready she went no nappies when we went out and she learnt to ask to go to the toilet when she needed it. Not just sit on a potty right in the middle of the soft play. Not hygienic or appropriate at all.

  • Karla C.

    My lb is 22 months it's been 2 months since we started we take the potty everywhere my lb asks to use the potty always wen I'm driving so have to pull over to a safe place :joy: if we are out in soft play or restaurant I take them to the toilet to use the potty today he needed a wee on school run so we found a corner in the playground and he wee then xx

    • Lucy F.

      Why could you not have just asked to use a toilet in the school? What did you do with the wee once your son was finished? Not like you could just pour it out on the playground.

      There was literally a news article at the beginning of the year about a school where parents were letting their children wee in the playground

    • Karla C.

      Umm no because he would have had an accident he's not even 2 and still learning and I carried the potty and tipped the wee down the drain nearby

  • Tricia W.

    My kids potty came with us and even used at the side of the road (in the boot of my jeep :grinning:) coming home from my friend wedding

  • Andrea B.

    Definatly not

  • Sally I.

    When I started potty training my 2 year old we took her potty everywhere. It was there so she knew that if she needed to go the potty was right there. They are learning to control and training their body and it takes time. She has used it whilst out shopping in tesco in the aile and in a few other places but we never done it in a restaurant. It wouldn't bother me if I saw a child using a potty in a restaurant as I know how hard potty training can be.

    • Liz C.

      Thank you Sally. I'm in the middle of extremely tough second attempt at potty training and all these judgmental posts are making me (and I am sure others) feel like the worst mum in the world. In the past few weeks I have pulled out the travel potty in cafes, birthday parties, libraries, garden centres, parks, roadsides... to name just a few places. It is either this or unsightly and messy puddles (or worse) in all these public places. Of course I am as discreet as possible and would rather not have to - but I am trying to support my son in something he struggles with the best way I know how. There are not always toilets close by (and never, in my son's case, the time to reach them) and a tricky situation could prove even more distressing if I refused to provide a potty. Children are being "trained" - which means learning. They will not be perfect straight away and have the ability to "hold it". It is not an ideal world. So to all those asking "why would you?". That's why. Enough judging. Parenting is hard enough.

    • Sally I.

      People are always going to judge and have opinions. In the end it's you're child and you are doing the best you can do so ignore them all and keep going. Parenting is hard enough and people should be supporting each other on this journey instead of being so judgemental. All the best with potty training don't give up and you will get there. X

  • Joanne B.

    With my son I took a bottle everywhere and if I've been in a shop he has needed a wee he had a wee in the bottle there and then when they say wee they want it there and then !! But soft plays and restaurants have toilets so have to say would prob use them but some kids just go on potty so if moms and dads feel taking potty is best for there child then so be it !! I will be taking a closed potty for my daughter and if I'm in a shop and know toilets are few and far between she will use it there and then !!

    • Kim W.

      Lol us too my wee boy has weed on a bus and on a plane using a bottle it was a god send!

    • Jo G.

      But if they go before you go out, then when you are near a loo there should be no need. Most supermarkets have loos. As do large department stores. What shop would you be in so long a kid needs to wee in it. I've potty trained 3 kids... We might have had to leave a store to find a loo but not weed there. Part of potty training is teaching them to understand the feelings and anticipate it. (And yes I did have to plan around the training...)

    • Nicola C.

      Surely thy need to learn to wait until thyr in the toilet, I'd be mortified if I walked into a shop to buy a new outfit and their was a child weeing in a bottle lmao

  • Stacey L.

    I used a potty regularly in the street with my 2 n alf yr old as we walk to the town centre about half an hour alway and we don't use pull ups as they feel like nappies so still wee in them so he uses boxers or commando as he don't like pants too tight... They hurt mummy

    • Stacey L.

      Not in a restaurant or soft play tho as there are toilets as soon as we are in toilet are he uses them

  • Laura C.

    Never even occurred to me to take a potty out the house. When beginning toilet training I put a pull up on mine when we had to go out. And only when they'd nearly cracked it did we go out with boxers on. Never had accidents. Absolutely no need to even consider whipping a potty out in the middle of a restaurant :mask::mask:

    • Ashleigh L.

      Exactly. What do you do once they've finished?! Carry a full potty through the restaurant haha. How disgusting walking past people eating with a full potty when toilets are there!

    • Laura C.

      Exactly!! And without sounding really rude, as of course everyone Is free to parent how they choose, if little one isn't old enough to say mummy I need a wee and hang on 2 secs whilst you take them to the loo. Then are they really old enough to even be attempting to potty train them?

    • Kathryn H.

      Surely when you take the potty with you, you take them to the toilet with it??

    • Megan D.

      I think you have to make an effort to respect everybody's wishes when you're in a public setting, I personally wouldn't want other people seeing my kids on the potty, and not sure I'd like to see it either. I didn't even agree with my daughters nursery having all the kids lined up in the corridor using potties when parents were due to collect them. There are designated spaces where people go to use the toilet, so maybe just take the potty in there?

    • Natalie M.

      I wouldent even consider that an option you dont know whos a pervert these days. I dont want random people watching my boy go to the toilet. If i go out with my boy i take a change of clothes just incase on the odd occasion he has an accident which is almost never. Not really sure people teying to eat would be ok witj my child going to the loo in the middle of the restaurant.

  • Sara H.

    Ewww no, I've never used a potty ever. Straight on the loo

  • Anastasia D.

    I potty trained twins at the same time. We had a travel potty with lid, we only ever used thjs if we went places with no toilet. Long car trips, long woodland walks etc. It is not appropriate for anyone to use a potty in a pubic building. Discreetly outside in public is a different matter.

  • Holley J.

    No chance would I want any human of any age doing a poo at the next table while I'm eating a meal. ....the world has survived just fine before this crazy idea

  • Ann-Marie O.

    Got a travel potty. Never whipped it out in a restaurant or soft play as can get my 2 yr old to a toilet but out at the park or on a walk yes we've used it. Wouldn't be offended if a parent did, as clearly they are potty training too. Young kids don't understand go now while there's a toilet, if they've got to go they've got to go and personally i'd rather have a child wee in a potty in public than have them peeing on the ground.

  • Zoey H.

    Hell no! I couldn't care less about what other people thought of it I just personally wouldn't make my children do a wee or poo in front of people I'd take them to the loo. The only time we have taken a potty out with us is on lonnng car journeys just incase there was no service stations and even then they would still use the pot on the inside of the car

  • Anna T.

    No they should use the toilets. I used to have a potty in my boot and if we were out and they needed it they used to sit in the boot on it while I held the door down. (It's a people carrier with tinted windows) just made it more private

  • Nadene C.


  • Debbie S.

    In front of people eating! Err....nah I don't think so... I wouldn't like it if I was eating is my only reason.. Others may do it... But I wouldn't I'd use the rest room.

  • Jean R.


  • SF K.

    What? No!!

  • Sonia E.

    When potty training your always looking for the next loo, just in case! Ask, ask and ask again if little one needs to go, but accidents happen though, my little boy didn't say he wanted to go and wee'd in a high chair in a restaurant in the natural history museum :flushed:

  • Patricia F.


  • Amber W.

    You can get travel pottys that's what I have used but I will take my children into a toilet to use them but I have been know to use it on the beach where long was for toilet and in a big park where there's been no toilet

  • Sonia M.

    Why would u let ur little ones take down their pants in front of people they don't know. How do u know who's looking. And what they are thinking about ur child. Come on please don't think.

    • Claire K.


  • Abbie L.

    I've seen someone do this in a retail park once! Took me by surprise. My daughter has always used the toilet

  • Gemma C.

    I'm very open minded and my mantra is each to their own...but this may be a little too far! I would never need to be in a restaurant that bad for the couple of weeks it takes to potty train. In the park-fair enough! Most other places have toilets at least where am they do.

  • Jodie K.

    My daughter once sat on a potty that was for sale in asda and wee'd in it.... when we were first toilet training (she was 2) i embarasingly smuggled it to the loo cleaned it then bought it hahah xx

  • Umm A.

    I've just potty trained my daughter I used a potty in the house that sat in our bathroom and when we were out I had a pull up on her just in case I would never let my child poop in public especially in a tester aunt around people eating that's just bad manners like seriously if your going to do it then at least take it to a public toilet and do it that way you will teach your child to notice they need a toilet and have to find one not just have one at hand

  • Ashleigh L.

    If there are toilets close by why would you use a potty. How strange. I used to leave a potty in the car and on a very rare occasion I woukd have to pull over into a car park or somewhere for my daughter to have a wee. But that's it. Somewhere discrete and out of view. I would never do it in a public place but I wouldn't be bothered if I seen someone else do it.

  • Marie M.

    I am potty training atm and would consider taking the potty out with me but I would then take it into a toilet cubicle for use not just out in front of everyone :flushed: x

  • Lynda C.

    Wrong on so many levels . At what age do you stop using a potty in public ? No need for it . We have managed this long . Don't fix what ain't faulty

  • Melanie M.

    I saw a woman pushing her young daughter into a supermarket with the child using the potty in the trolley! :confused:

  • Natalie W.

    If a child potty training is unable to hold in needing a wee or poop for one minute to take them to the toilet, then they are not ready to be toilet " trained". A child will use a potty or toilet when they are ready. It's never ok to use a potty in front of people Eating, that's wrong.

  • Melissa A.

    I cant believe 24 people have voted that this ok... it is not ok, take it into the toilets. Nobody needs poo fumes when they are eating!!

  • Michelle B.

    I wouldn't have dreamt of doing such a thing when I was potty training my daughter, ergh, people are eating! Plus the fact it would be letting the child think it was okay to grow up thinking it was fine to go whenever and wherever and that's NOT okay.

  • Laura K.

    If you really need to take a potty, why not take it into the toilet of the place you are visiting? Surely this way your child will learn not only how to do the toilet but that there are specific places to go when you need to do it?! Apart from it being downright unhygienic to allow your child to go anywhere other than in the toilet, think of their privacy. With so many predators around and camera phones, do you really want to put your child at risk? Show them a little respect, they are not puppies, they are people.

  • Sharon D.

    Ridiculous! That's why they make travel potties. When first training a child it can be hard for them to hold it and make it to the loo. So long as you try to be a little bit discreet what is the bl**dy problem! People need to get a life.

  • Maryann B.

    My little boy is just over 3 and want ready before. He has pretty much cracked it in less than a week and will use the Loo with my help . No need for a potty outside the house,seems a bit strangeto take it out!

  • Sharon D.

    Mine never pood in a potty ever and I don't think it's appropriate for that in public

  • Charlotte R.

    I always carried a potty with me when my 1st was training no matter where we were if she needed to go I was right there with her potty. After a while I encouraged her to hold it for a minute then so on and so forth until she could make it to a shop toilet or public. Rather than the embarrassment of wetting herself and feeling ashamed

    • Carli S.

      Me too!

    • Emma C.

      Oh dear

  • Siobhan M.

    My daughter was the same, at the start of potty training she fell in the toilet as her dad had left the seat up. She was then terrified of using toilets. She used to take her potty to nursery with her but they would put in in the toilet for her to use and eventually she started using the toilet. To be honest never really thought of taking it anywhere else but of I did I would have at least of taken her to the toilet to use it.

  • Becky S.

    My son took to using a toilet much better than a potty however on day 3 or 4 of toilet training we went for a fairly long walk with no toilets nearby so I took a potty. Cue my little one deciding he needed a #2 and turned out to have a bit of a dodgy tummy. I did try to be discreet behind a tree but it was a very public place and lots of people could see :see_no_evil:

    Ah well. Not much else I could do!

  • Kerry P.

    No never saw it as an option and certainly not in the middle of a restaurant. It's just not hygienic not to mention it goes against common decency to the other customers who paid to enjoy their meal without seeing a toddler on a potty.

  • Kay S.

    I wouldn't dream of taking a potty out, surely you would use a pull up if not fully ready. My 2yo didn't like pull ups so she would just wee in them so moved her to pants and she has now been 5 weeks dry :)

  • Lisa W.

    My son was the same he was terrified of the thought of using a toilet I have a travel potty with a lid and we would use in the toilet not in front of ppl only time he wouldn't use in a bathroom was if we were on a walk and there were no toilets and he would discreetly use the potty. We also had to take to his nursery and it was left in the toilet room for him to use when he wanted I was happy for him to use this until he was happy to use the toilet with out being scared better for them to use that than accidents when they don't need to have an accident.

  • Stephanie M.

    We used to take my daughters potty in the car so if she needed to go she would go in the boot (a Toyota rav 4 so plenty of space lol) wouldn't do it in public as too many dirty pervs about

  • Helga M.

    No way that's why you can buy pull ups

  • Gail G.

    No. if they need a potty and can't go to a toilet when out and about they are not ready for potty training!!

  • Ellen D.

    All cafe's and restaurant's have toilets why not put the child on a potty on the washroom floor who wants to eat next to a smelly potty.:triumph::mask:

  • Leanne T.

    My daughter went for a wee on her travel potty just outside the toilets of a restraint, she has sensory difficulties and can't cope with the hand dryers being on. She wasn't in front of anyone eating, but to be honest people can look away...

  • Beth F.

    We had a folding potty but for trips when there wasn't a toilet near - the park, country walks and some theme parks (as sometimes toilet would still be 5 minutes walk away!) but would always be really discrete about it! I wouldn't whip it out in shop or in front of people! Went to a zoo once and lady with three kids (who were easily 4+) had folded a portable potty out in middle of pathway and her kids were taking it in turns :flushed: and there was no bag under potty so basically weein straight in floor, in middle of where everyone was walking!!!!! That was gross

  • Karen R.

    I had to carry a potty about with me as my wee one was terrified of of sitting on a toilet. Saying that I never just whipped it out in the middle of places, I still took her to the toilets to use it and so I could empty it once she's done. Some people clearly just lack manners :poop::poop:

  • Sally W.

    I take a potty with us in the car, only because my daughter is terrified of the electric hand dryers and won't go into a public toilet. She's getting better with not being scared of loud noises tho. I don't use it inside a public place, we go outside to the car, or somewhere discreet to use it

  • Emma C.

    No no no that's just dirty no other word for it . If you really need to carry one around take it to the bathroom :rolling_eyes:

  • Nikki S.

    I agree on taking it out with you parks/ outings but you can still use them discreetly as I don't agree on just in the middle of a restaurant for all to see.

  • Rebekah P.

    We always took ours to the park or day out in the first two weeks only for a poo thow as at parks and feilds they don't have toilets ! Always used a blanket to cover them and just took the bag out after

  • Alyssa M.

    Never taken a potty out but my boy has had to pee behind a tree before wen a kids gotta go they gotta go be it a public potty or going behind a tree if you try to get them to hold it odds r tht the kid would pee themselves

  • Margarida D.

    I had a potette. I used to find a quiet corner because it made them understand the difference from doing it in the nappy. ..also, it's disrespectful to bring out a potty when in a restaurant or middle of shop floor...

  • Kate M.

    I'm still in the early stages and my son won't sit on a potty, onky a toilet with a toddler insert. I'm using pull ups on trips out and a travel toilet insert for now...

  • Donna T.

    NOPE not while I'm trying to eat!!

  • Laura P.

    Nooo when your potty training you plan trips outside your house to places you know have facilities and you find out exactly where they are when you arrive. Potty goes in the car for longer car journeys just in case but otherwise it's left at home and we take lots of spare clothes in case of accidents.

    • Pemsie F.

      Totally agree. Watched a debate on this morning about it yesterday. A woman said it was perfectly OK for a child to.have a poo on a potty in a restaurant???? In the toilet of a restaurant yes but not by the table :scream: some people just think anything goes where children are concerned! Xx

  • Sarah N.

    The potty came everywhere with my children when they were training but if I was near a toilet I would take the potty into the toilet. I don't agree with whipping it out in a restaurant when there's toliets

  • Emma M.

    Eh no! Health and hygiene. Imagine sitting next to a table eating your lunch where the kid sits doing the toilet next to you!

  • Geraldine M.

    Definitely not for use in the car at stops maybe but not in public

  • Nicola C.

    Can I just ask how many people let their kids wee behind a tree etc? Mine all did/do but it seems to be frowned upon, I never took a potty out the house mine only used theirs for a few days then went straight to the toilet anyway

  • Stacey C.

    Nope teach them to let you know when they need to go and take them to a toilet . Maybe take a potty with you on long car journeys . Ect

  • Cheryl C.

    I agree it's much more polite to potty in the loos. Im not 'horrified' or 'disgusted' by it though. I don't have grounds to be, since I once peed in a B&Q display toilet (as a child). We all just do the best we can don't we?

  • Tracy W.

    Noooooo gross For private use only

  • Zoe B.

    my girl never used a potty she went straight on the toilet. I still have a folding toilet seat in the car for when we go out for the day but when she was learning we spent the week in the house till she was ok then put pull ups on when we went out. she was 18 months then x

  • Tina R.

    If I'm tucking into my carbonara and the next table decides their little Percy needs to take a dump right next to me I'd end up vomiting all over the child whilst cursing at the parent! It truly is not acceptable for anyone other than a baby to have a shit at the dinner table!! I used a travel potty for my kids - they'd squat in the passenger footwell or the boot. It round the back alley way. If I was in a restaurant I wouldn't even take the potty in because the toilets would be within sprinting distance!

    • Kirstie M.

      Lol :joy: completely agree..

  • Kelly H.

    I think using a potty is fine but still take it to the bathroom not in a public place, the child has got to learn what a bathroom is for!

  • Faye B.

    I am all for doing whatever is necessary when potty training. I would take it into the toilet with me and not put it down where ppl are eating though.x

  • Sammie I.

    in the middle of a restaurant?? what sicko would allow their kid to do that?! disgusting!

  • Ally O.

    Take the potty in to the loos? Don't see the issue with that

    Personally though I toilet trained my boys, didn't bother with a potty, to much hassle, I don't see why you teach them to use a potty then to use a toilet, it's like doing it twice?

    Spare clothes an knowing where the closest loos are!

  • Amanda R.

    I used pull ups and kept asking if he needed the toilet and would always use the toilets available. I think it's important they get used to using a toilet aswell. Otherwise u gotta get them used to toilet aswell after they crack the potty bit

  • Kirsty B.

    My 2 year old daughter is now potty trained I carry a potty everywhere for the school run which is 30 min walk there and back and days out in the park etc but I would NEVER use one where a public toilet in a short distance or is available so a soft play / restaurant, supermarket etc it would never be used

  • Kelly H.


  • Stacey H.

    So if your child is ready for potty training the process should take around two weeks max. Just don't eat in restaurants for a couple of weeks and use pull ups when shopping or at the park. You carry enough stuff around with kids as it is let alone potties as well. I haven't taken a potty anywhere, I have had spares at grandparents houses but the idea of training is teaching a child that they can no longer go whenever they want to.

  • Zowie H.

    Mine would sit on the toilet and hold onto me. Never had any fancy potties or toilet seats at home as they wouldn't get the same when out. Pointless.

  • Tara-Louise G.


  • Claire H.

    Fine if your gonna take the potty in to the toilets but not in the actual restaurant with people eating x

  • Julie J.

    When my children were potty training a grid was fine obviously not a pooh, what's with the taking a potty out with you, gawd get a grip we never had pull ups then either, anyway don't agree with young children in restaurants as the parents cannot keep them under control, prefer to eat out in peace.

  • Emma B.

    If a toddler uses a potty not the toilet at least take them to the toilets to use it!!!! I have worked in soft play in the past and seen a mother bring her son the potty.... Sit him on it then let him play again! At what point is he supposed to learn the toilet doesn't come to you??

  • Carrie C.


  • Anna M.

    The only time I took a potty out was the first couple of weeks after training and I still went into a public loo I just popped them on their own potty. I don't understand needing it in a restaurant or soft play as they have loos. Mine just used as bush/tree in the park when tiny.

  • Carol M.

    No way

  • Jane H.

    I took a potty everywhere - in general we'd use it in the toilets but I'm pretty sure he wee'd in the middle of tesco at some point as he couldn't get back through the store quick enough. I also used it when out in the woods etc

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