Princess Tiaamii Raids Katie Price's Make-Up. Again.

Princess Tiaamii Raids Katie Price's Make-Up. Again.

Days after getting it in the neck on social media for sharing snaps of her daughter in a face full of make-up, Katie Price has done it again.

Sharing the snap of her daughter Princess Tiaamii on her Instagram account, Katie wrote:

"Here she goes again..."

Several days ago Katie inadvertently provoked a backlash on social media by sharing a similar snap. Critics said Katie's eight-year-old daughter is too young to wear so much make-up and that it was irresponsible of Katie to share the images online.

In the past, Katie Price has spoken out against the over-sexualisation of children and said in 2011:

"It's horrible when you see these pictures of young children wearing make-up, having fake tans and so on. It's sad."

Eight-year-old Princess responded to the recent fuss over her love of make-up with her own sassy video in which she told the critics to mind their own beeswax.

I'm of the opinion that anyone who cares about Katie's daughter's love of make-up has altogether too much time on their hands but what's your view?

Do you have a little make-up fan in the house and if so do you let them have free reign of your make-up stash, or do you put an age limit on plastering oneself in make-up? Come and tell us over on our Facebook page.


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