Pregnant Crying: Weeping Over Stupid Stuff

Pregnant Crying: Weeping Over Stupid Stuff

We've just been laughing in the office about the stupid stuff we all cried about when we were pregnant.

Of course I'm not suggesting that all pregnant women are weepers but I was definitely in that category. I'm probably a little bit prone to teariness at the best of times so it's no wonder that pregnancy seemed to bring out the over-emoter in me.

It's the ultimate cliche but I actually remember crying over an advert for nappies on TV when I was expecting my first baby. And remember that awesome Evian advert with the dancing babies? Yep, wept buckets over that one, too. Idiot.

In fact I think I was just highly suggestible during pregnancy. I vividly remember dry-heaving over a public bin because I saw someone drinking full-fat milk straight from the bottle outside Starbucks and for some reason it made me want to barf. That was awkward.

But yeah, I was a mess of waterworks and inexplicable emotion at various stages of all three of my pregnancies – and the worst part was I couldn't really see the wood for the trees. By which I mean I found it hard to appreciate that I was *just* hormonal and that someone finishing the butter and putting the empty tub back in the fridge didn't really warrant sobbing with sadness over as if it were a full blown existential crisis.

And there's something especially all-encompassing about pregnant crying, isn't there? One minute you're fine and the next, you're fanning your face and hiccuping like an over-stimulated six year old whilst trying to explain exactly what it is about the totally normally scenario before you that has reduced you to a blubbering wreck.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the times I cried during my second pregnancy because I was convinced that the arrival of another baby was about to ruin my firstborn's life. I only had to glimpse his innocent little face to feel overcome with angst about how much a new baby in the house might upend his world and that was it – I'd be snivelling into my sandwich and trying to hide my tears from my bemused toddler.

So come on, we want to hear your best pregnant crying stories. What's the most embarrassing / funniest show of emotion you suffered whilst pregnant, and how did people react? If you know someone who's pregnant, tag them in the post and let them know it's ok if they're an emotional wreck.

And if you're in the throes of the pregnant crying stage yourself, know that you're not alone. We get it. One day you'll look back on it and see the funny side. Promise.

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