Pizza! Pizza! Lovely 20% Discount On Pizza @ Dominoes!

Pizza! Pizza! Lovely 20% Discount On Pizza @ Dominoes!


So, it’s a Friday night, you’ve been chasing toddlers and deadlines all week, what better way to relax than to treat yourselves to a yummy takeout pizza. Dominoes still ranks as my favourite takeout as I know the pizza will be hot and the bases thin and crispy.

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    • Voucher Code: NSJCLPGT
    • Discount: 20% off if you spend £20
    • Applies to: Food
    • Expires: 23/05/2010

    Amusingly, we had Dominoes last night and hubby got the thin and crispy base that was just divine. I also got a scrummy hot chocolate pudding that I didn’t see much of thanks to the mini-me that ate most of it. Is it just me, or do other mums have their kids finding their food so much nicer to eat? I should be thinner...

    Anyway, you will qualify for the discount if you spend £20 or more on a bunch of takeaway goodies from Dominoes. Go on, you don’t want to wash dishes tonight, do you?

    Thanks to reviewz at HUKD!


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