Petition To Save CBeebies & CBBC

12 May 2016
Petition To Save CBeebies & CBBC

If, like me, you feel you owe a lot to CBeebies - oh, those mornings it kept my little one occupied while I tried, bleary-eyed, to shock myself awake with a bucket of coffee - then you might be interested to hear about a petition to save the BBC's much-loved children's channels.

The Manchester Evening News reports:

A petition set up to save the BBC's children's channels has been signed by more than 155,000 parents in just over 24 hours.

The campaign has been launched ahead of a government paper being published today which reportedly sets out plans which put CBeebies and CBBC under threat.

Supporters say the proposals, which are expected to take funding away from the channels, will put them under threat and will see children bombarded with adverts on commercial channels.

The 38 Degrees petition, addressed to David Cameron, reads:

Please drop your plans to take money away from Cbeebies and CBBC. Our children deserve quality television on channels without adverts.

Why is this important?

The government is trying to take money away from Cbeebies and CBBC so more children's programmes can be shown on channels with adverts.

CBeebies and CBBC allow us those precious few minutes to make a cuppa or put the washing on the line. And it means we don't have to sit our little ones in front of adverts running every few minutes on the other channels.

There's something really special about CBeebies and CBBC. Please sign the petition to protect CBeebies and CBBC.

Would you be aggrieved if CBeebies and CBBC ended up being scrapped?

If you feel so inclined, you can sign the petition here.

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  • Emma B.

    Would I be a mean mum if I don't sign :thinking:

  • Kristin E.

    Be a shame if it did go

  • Nicole B.

    It would be awful xx

  • Vicki A.

    O no! Xxx

  • Hazel T.

    Tbh I'm not bothered. I tend not to watch any bbc stuff anyway and the kids have plenty other channels to watch

  • Vicki A.

    There will be hell on everyday God sends ha :rolling_eyes: xxx

  • Chantelle B.

    I will refuse to pay the license fee then, I already pay enough to Sky, let alone pay out for channels that I never watch!!!

  • Shaun T.

    Not worth thinking about!

  • Hayley L.

    This actually makes me so angry. First they make bbc3 Internet only now this yet we still have to pay full TV licence without a decrease even though they want to take more channels away?!

  • Jenny C.

    Already said this week removing the likes of recipes off the BBC site on top of this.

  • Jsouth

    completely agree to save CBeebies my children would be lost. 

  • Gurjinder K.

    I signed the petition for this !!

  • Lisa K.

    Doesn't fase me with the crap they have on for kids these days

  • Andrew O.

    Read and signed to keep this

  • Vicky M.

    Im more concerened about how many ppl use cbeebies as a babysitter.... :joy: lol

  • Helen A.

    The programmes are about 10 years old on CBeebies anyway, not like it's costing them anything to run.

  • Rachael N.

    TV License was invented to fund the BBC, if they're removing the services we all actually use, they shouldn't force us to pay this ridiculous payment. But get their money like every other channel.

  • YorkshireGranny

    how about playing with your children instead of plonking them in front of a TV whilst you get on with your busy lives? They grow up so quickly, before you know it they're leaving home; precious time together is given over to the box in the corner rather than playing, reading, singing, making things together. Housework will be there tomorrow, or when they're in bed/napping! 

  • Kevin G.

    It would be an excellent move. We have children who can only be stimulated by being plonked infront of the television for hours upon end. They would develop much better with more interaction with interested parents, using their imagination in play, exploring the natural world in all weathers.

  • Jemma D.

    Good riddance

  • Katie C.

    I honestly don't care it's the worst channel and I pay sky for better ones. What I don't like and is more to the point - tv license is outdated and wrong. I pay for the bbc and I watch nothing at all.b it should be subscription like everyone else !!!!

  • Donna C.

    Yep, you sign 1 petition, you get another 40 daily in your Inbox :-/

  • Kerry D.

    At least the majority on CBeebies are educational.

  • Marie L.

    I live in ireland it's aired here tried signing petition but states uk residents only.Thats s a little unfair..

  • Mr_A2

    A petition didn't save BBC3, sadly I doubt it's going to save kids TV either. Just buy the DVD boxsets of the shows - chances are kids watch the same episode of a show over and over anyway!

    Having said that, kids shows these days are dangerous to watch - the night garden features characters called "Ninky nonk" and "Maka Paka" apparently. Does no one see a problem with these names? Picture the scene in your local toy shop, you approach the wretched monsters on the shelves (the toys, not the children, I feel I must make that point clear before I get mumsnet PMSing at me) and your little darling screams "Look mummy, a ninky nonk" All of a sudden, we have civil war on our hands!

  • Danni91

    my children love Cbeebies please keep it going. Tv just wouldn't be the same :-(

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