Parents Warn Of Lift-Up Bed Dangers

29 April 2016
Parents Warn Of Lift-Up Bed Dangers

A two-year-old has made a full recovery after getting tangled by his neck in a loop attached to his parents' lift-up bed.

BBC News reports:

A two-year-old boy was found hanging and unresponsive after his neck became stuck in a loop on his parents' lift-up bed. Charlotte Hames, 30, from Derbyshire, said her son Buddy George had stopped breathing and turned blue following the accident on Monday.

The boy's mother has spoken about the terrifying experience in the hopes of raising awareness about the dangers of this type of bed.

Having realised her son had gone quiet whilst she was in the bathroom, Hames returned to the bedroom to find her son hanging by his neck from the bed's lifting loop, not breathing.

The boy was taken to hospital and has since made a full recovery but the local council's trading standards team is reportedly investigating the incident and exploring whether lift-up beds can be modified to have the loop removed.

The Guardian reports:

The beds, known as ottoman frames, have lift-up bases to provide storage space beneath. The couple's bed was fitted with a foot loop which allows a person to start to lift the base before hydraulic arms bring the mattress up fully.

It seems the little boy somehow triggered the bed's lifting mechanism which continued to rise even though his neck was caught in the loop, lifting him off the floor.

It doesn't bear thinking about and I know every parent reads stories like this with a ball of dread in their guts. Thank goodness this little boy has recovered but it goes without saying - it you have a bed of this type of design, don't leave little ones unattended around it.

Image Credit :The Guardian

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  • Tracey W.

    I have a very similar bed n a 2 year old but I took the strap off m lift it by the bars x

  • Ann M.

    They was meant to av banned the loop n a replacement sent out to everyone as I got one n was told to take the big loop off

  • Kerrie W.

    haven't you got one of these? Xx

    • Karl R.

      I sure do i'll be taking the loop off mine xx

    • Kathryn H.

      Just cut the strap so no longer a loop then not a problem

  • Stacey N.

    Can u just say why would a child be left alone long enough to get there head through and they sure couldn't lift it up to be cought that way... I'm glad boy oki but just saying

    • Rachael C.

      Do you make your children follow you everwhere you go? :confused: my children are often left alone long enough for that to happen - while I'm washing dishes, cooking dinner etc. He wasn't upstairs on his own either, he was in the bedroom and his Mum was in the bathroom. It would only take a few minutes for him to start turning blue.

    • guest

      Rachael C yes but he have to climb it and I don't understand why u would leave something so heavy un attendered I no we all have to sometimes leave them but not a couple of minutes sorry but I know I wouldn't leave my 2 year old that long when the bed is lifted up

    • Rachael C.

      The bed wasn't lifted up, it has a hydraulic lift. He got his head stuck in the loop first, when you pull on the loop it activates the hydraulic lift and he got lifted up with it. I doubt his Mum could have imagined that was going to happen.

    • Liz P.

      It takes literally a second. She could have been stood right next to him and just turned around to pick something off the floor.

  • Charlene T.

    Think we will have to take the loop off x

  • Helen L.

    Just what? I've had one of these beds and the loop is only big enough to get your hands through. The most dangerous thing is making sure your little ones stand clear when you close it so their hands don't get snapped in.

  • Sophie O.

    We have one but kids aren't allowed in our bedroom well 3 month old is but I don't think that's going to be a problem

  • Becky E.


    • Emma V.

      Thanks . I only lift it if kids not in room as worry they will catch fingers or head!! So scary

    • Becky E.

      Yes I tell them to stand clear and not to touch!

  • Melissa J.


  • Claire W.

    , good thing our strap snapped

  • Leonie S.

    We don't have a loop on ours xx

  • Ali R.

    scary stuff :scream:

  • Julie M.

    phew... I couldn't remember if it did or didn't X

  • Steph H.

    check yours X

    • Hayley J.

      Yeah I read this Mines a tiny little loop and she would never be able to lift it I struggle

  • Tracy P.

    I cant even bleedin lift it never mind a small child ! Plus no one else knows it lifts up other than us so no danger here :-)

  • Sarah M.

    my kid wouldnt be alone long enough, more so upstairs, to get his blooming head in there! i know things happen but something like this shouldnt have if the kid wasnt left alone...

  • Rachel D.

    you might want to check your bed. Xx

    • Sue R.

      No loop

  • Natalie M.

    I have a bed like this. I can hardly lift it. People should take responsibility for their own actions.

  • Jack B.


  • Stacey C.

    I have this bed and really struggle to lift it up but will still be cutting off my loop after reading this! Glad he's ok! xx

  • Ria B.

    we don't want this next! :slight_frown: x

    • Ria B.

      Good job..Would have been a good excuse to get a new bed though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol Xmas

    • Stephanie S.

      We have a new bed in the makin already :wink:

  • Melanie A.

    Wow we had one of those bed and it took all my strength to lift it open as an adult and I can't understand why it would have been left open as apart from anything they are very heavy and we always worried it would fall on one of our kids. I wouldn't even open with the littlest one in the room.

    • Glambertleigh

      It wasn't left open it says it opened while he was playing with it

  • Natalie B.

    something to be mindful of!

  • Leanne C.

    My kids always joined me in trip to bathroom - least i can see them.

  • Emily B.

    Warn children that some parents aren't fit to be parents because they don't watch their kids !!

    • Rachel P.

      I think that's a little extreme.

    • Katie T.

      What? Are you saying you haven't ever left your child in what you think is a safe place to go and pee?

    • Emily B.

      No. I haven't. I've never ever left my son in an unsafe environment. There are no pull chords which he can hang himself on, no blind chords, nothing. Even the light switch pull chords are tied so he has to tip toe to reach them. This IS a tragic accident and my heart bleeds for the parents, but when you have kids you have to be 10 steps ahead

  • Catherine S.

    I saw this earlier! Ours luckily have the plastic handle which he wouldn't be able to get head into. Very scary though! Thanks for tagging me. X

  • Joanne P.

    haven't you got one of these beds?xx

  • Leanne A.

    There's no loops on ours x

  • Lauren H.

    ours has fabric :open_mouth: xx

  • Michelle B.


  • Richard T.

    We only have a small loop just enough to get hand in.

  • Elsa M.

    Can I just say I have had one of these gas lift beds for a few years, and it does have a loop and I'm glad it broke over a year ago, my loop isn't that big but it is bloody heavy to lift up and I am a 40 year old ,

  • Amanda H.

    They are dangerous beds. My son cut his toe off after his friend shut it after getting a toy out. They are a great idea but not for kids

  • Kerry D.

    we need to cut the strap

  • Jordan P.

    Oh my god!

  • Laura H.

    ... We need to cut the loop on ours

  • Katie T.

    I'm curious of the people saying that they have this type of bed and now are worried? obviously you don't expect a child to get their head into a loop that's designed to be just big enough for an adult hand, but then have things like curtain tiebacks, roller blind cords or any type of cord on any type of blind been looked at? There are hundreds of risks to small but mobile children each and every day, even just shoving a pea up their nose at lunch time can need medical attention. It's not specifically the product, just as it's not specifically the parent, that is at fault. And I'm sorry but, any parent who claims they haven't turned their back for even for a second is a liar. It doesn't matter if you are a firsty or you have had 20 kids, you do have to turn your back to pick up the phone, or answer the door or, god forbid you have a dirty animal in the house with your child! and you have a dog you have to let out to pee. This specific case has very little to do with parental diligence or product safety. But does have a whole lot to do with freak accidents, the pull loop was a bit bigger than standard, going off several comments about the weight of the bed, the child managed to pull that loop in precisely the right way to activate the hydrolic lift. In reality, unless there are two or more incidents of the exact same nature, it's not a huge issue to the wider public.

  • Jake M.

    Our kids don't even know the bed lifts... where else would we hide Xmas presents ? ;)

  • Maree B.

    Omg!!! x

  • Gemma P.

    My teenage son has this bed, I struggle to lift it up so unless their child is iron man then I'm unsure as to how he got stuck?? My 2 year old has been around the bed many a times and I can safely say he hasn't tried to lift it :blush:.

  • Layla M.


  • Ashley H.

    No one's fault but the parents. Bloody disgrace to leave a 2 year old near a bed like this anyway. Absolute idiots.

  • Gemma P.

    Supervise your child x

  • Kimberly W.

    Bloody hell x

  • Louise B.

    I have this bed but without the loop and I struggle to lift mine so I very much doubt my 19 month old daughter will unless she's turned into superwoman overnight!! Plus she's never left alone upstairs In Fact she follows me everywhere anyway!! I'm glad the little boy is ok though

  • Shauna M.

    Reading the comments it's just so wonderful to see all the perfect parents that this wouldn't happen too. Remember accidents can happen to anyone anytime that's why they are called accidents. #mustbegreattobeperfect

  • Karen F.

    We have this bed and it is a struggle for me to lift it so I'm sorry but I don't believe that a two year old did it. ....they don't have the strength or the height to do it

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