Should Parents Be Allowed To Photograph Their Children At School Events?

28 June 2015

Taking photographs of kids

Are you banned from taking pictures of your child at school events?

If not, how would you feel if your child's school banned you from taking photographs of your own children? I've always assumed most schools adopt a strict 'no pics' ban when it comes to events like sports day or special assemblies - that's certainly the case at the school which my kids attend. But it seems not to be so elsewhere.

Indeed parents of children who attend a school in the West Midlands were reportedly 'furious' to learn that they had been banned from taking photographs of their children's school prom.

The Mirror reports:

"The board of governors at Peterbrook Primary School in Solihull Lodge have enforced the ban after some parents have been accused of putting other children’s lives at risk by putting photographs and videos of children ‘other than their own’ on social media sites. As a result parents have been told they are not allowed to take their own pictures or videos of their children at any events which take place on the school premises."

The school has arranged to video the event and says it will provide pupils, free of charge, with a copy of the footage on DVD and a framed souvenir photo. But some parents still feel the ban is a step too far, effectively limiting their right to capture their child's big night.

A school spokesperson also explained that the ban was put in place after parents repeatedly posted pictures of children other than their own on social media.

Personally, I don't see a problem with the school banning parents from filming or photographing school events. Yes, it seems like a sad indictment of our age that taking a snap of your kid wearing a tea-towel on his head at the school Nativity is a no-no, but I'm firmly of the opinion that photography bans exist for good reason.

I know of at least one family for whom a picture of their child posted on the internet, no matter how well-meaning, could put the entire family in danger due to issues relating to domestic violence. I'd rather forgo the 'right' to photograph my kids at school events than risk endangering a child or another family.

Is it really such a big deal? Couldn't the parents in question gather their kids together and take photos in a family home before the event? It's what I'd do in such a situation.

I'm also wondering why the parents feel the need to even be present at the prom. I'm pretty sure my kids would be mortified if I tried taking snaps of them at theirP6 prom. Take the pics at home before the event, post them on social media only with the express permission of all the kids depicted, and surely everyone wins.

But what's your view? Is there a ban on parents taking photographs at the school your children attend, and do you think it's right to safeguard kids like this? Or do you fail to see how a pic of your child with his or her circle of friends posted on Facebook with permission from all those pictured could endanger anyone? Come and join in the debate over on our Facebook page.

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  • Smilinlauz
    I'm a foster carer, so I do see completely why schools do ban photos being taken at school events as some of the children we have looked after have really been at risk. However the school we use say that parents can take photos but they are for personal use only and not put on social media sites.

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