Nakd “Nudie” (Fruit) Bars Review

12 May 2011


I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth, but since my daughter’s birth, it has been chronic and often insatiable. I have been known, especially in the early days of breastfeeding, to eat a whole chocolate bar and immediately get up for another. It’s not helpful for returning to pre-baby weight, it’s not nutritious and it’s not healthy.

So, when I realised that I have actually found something that can happily replace chocolate and actually fulfil that craving for me, and have that something be all natural, all healthy and not in pill form, I was elated.

Nakd bars are 100% fruit and nuts – I know what you’re thinking, but you wouldn’t believe that it’s fruit if it didn’t say so on the ingredients. They aren’t baked either, so all the nutritional value remains. They don’t contain any additional sugar or additives, but are low in saturated fat, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and count towards your 5-a-day. They are gluten free and dairy free too, and diabetics can have them as part of a controlled diet.

The flavours available are Berry Delight, Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Orange, Ginger Bread, Pecan Pie and my personal favourite, Cocoa Mint.

My husband actually commented that the Cocoa Mint flavour tasted like after dinner mints, although the texture of the bars is more like a brownie than chocolate, so you don’t get that creamy melt in the mouth thing you do with chocolate. But still, at a fraction of the calories, I can live without it.

Also, health bars disguised as something nice often hit you with great flavour initially, but by the time you’ve swallowed, the taste has changed and there’s either a bitter,  fruity or carob aftertaste – these don’t have that (except the Berry Delight, of course.)

And, what really makes these a winner is that my 19 month old drags me into the kitchen, points at the cupboard and says ‘sweets’, oblivious to the fact that it’s a healthy snack.

Nakd bars are available from pretty much all major retailers, including Asda and Sainsbury’s, but for the full range, you’re best just buying Nakd Nudie Fruit Bars direct.

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