Mum's Milestones Cards: A Celebration Of Survival

Mum's Milestones Cards
12 July 2016

We've all seen those gorgeous Baby Milestones cards* for recording all those special moments with your new baby, like the first time they roll over, the first time they sleep through the night, first time eating solids and so on.

But what about Mum's milestone moments? The small victories that you have in the daily struggle that is coping with the real side of looking after a brand new small human?

That's what these new Mum's Milestones cards are all about, and they are a 'Celebration of survival' created by two Australian Mums, Esti Zilber and Becky Feiner.

The set of hilarious cards include parenting moments such as "We did it for the first time", "I didn't talk about my baby's movement's all day" and "I'm now on a first name basis with the pharmacist".

"We were having a laugh at how these 'baby milestones' were being celebrated with these beautiful photos of babies, but no one was really acknowledging what mums were going through," Esti told Mashable Australia.

A portion of the card's profits will go to the charity PANDA: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia, and they can be shipped worldwide from the Australian Mum's Milestones site.

"It's important to acknowledge that these very much came out of a place that [motherhood] is not all roses, and that it's not always easy to ask for the help you need," Esti explained. "When you're a new mum, you're so focused on the baby that sometimes you forget to put yourself first."

She added: "I think it's sometimes OK to call bullsh*t on the baby gift and give something for mum … and a good way to stand out from the crowd at those boring baby showers."

If you are looking for an alternative in the UK there are a couple on Etsy like these Mummy Milestone cards* or these Alternative Baby Milestone Cards*.

What do you think of these Mum Milestone cards? Do you know someone who would appreciate them?

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  • Louise L.

    these are so funny x

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      Hahaha ooohhhhh how my life has changed forever!!! Haha xxx

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    these are funny! :joy:

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      They're on my wish list :joy::joy::joy:

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  • Sarah L.

    Ha!! Too funny it'll be a while before I don't talk about poo seen as he decides to explode out of his nappy at least once a day :joy::joy: x

  • Siobhan B.

    lol maybe we should get these for next time? X

    • Nic M.

      Love it!!!! :grimacing:

  • Lisa W.

    Oh god I so need the ''movement" one I talk about their habits all the time!

  • Natalie M.

    those are good too :wink:

  • Laura H.

    Especially like the jeans one!! X

  • Karen B.

    haha how funny are these. Funny after talking about the cards yesterday.

    • Michelle M.

      Haha the bathroom alone?? No bloody chance!

  • Ellen R.

    This is epic!!

  • Ashleigh M.

    They are way better than the babies ones :ok_hand:

  • Fran L.

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  • Leanne F.

    lmfao :joy: xxx

  • Kirsty J.

    Love them!!

  • Corrinne M.

    we need the first one

    • Niamh T.

      Iv been feeding her more which i think helps she gets a yoghurt after her porridge her lunch and her dinner i swear wee starvo lol i think before she was starving lol

  • Marci K.

    Should've got you these ??!!! Lol!

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      :joy: these are amazing!

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    Love these xx

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    these made me laugh x

  • Faye G.

    :joy: made me laugh xx

    • Erica A.

      I want these!! :joy: xx

  • Paula G.

    Gil is there one for I didn't mention my c section when bending to lift a box :joy::joy::joy:

  • Kelly K.

    Hey I have never struggled with my skinny jeans thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Lucy B.

    These are more my kind of milestone cards :joy:

    • Kate H.

      This is brilliant! Xxx

  • Gillian D.

    While wearing skinny jeans :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Emma D.

    these are the cards we should of got! Xxx

    • Leigh-Anne D.

      Actually, i'd still be using the 'i only got up 5 times' one now wahhh :sob: xxx

  • Kelly D.

    these ones are even better than the others :joy::joy:

  • Vicki A.

    I still need these!

  • Emma M.

    Love these more :joy::joy: they are more realistic

  • Nicola C.

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  • Una G.

    Lol.. mine would be Today I managed not to spill food down my top.. it'll be a great day when I can wear the same top two days in a

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