Mums Asks Aldi To Recall Baby Wipes

Mums Asks Aldi To Recall Baby Wipes

A mum in Birmingham has taken to social media to ask Aldi to recall its Mamia Newborn Sensitive Wipes bafter her daughter suffered a serious skin reaction to the popular cut-price baby wipes.

The Birmingham Mail reports:

A Birmingham mum was horrified to see her daughter's face look "like she'd suffered sunburn" after using Aldi wet wipes designed for newborns. Hayley Neale had been using the Mamia Newborn Wipes on her daughter Martha for a few weeks, following a recommendation from a friend who said they were good for sensitive skin. But when little Martha, two, wiped her face with wipes from a fresh pack, she was left with sore, red and blotchy skin.

Other parents have been responding to this story on various social media sites, complaining of similar skin problems after using Aldi baby wipes.

According to the paper, an Aldi spokesperson said the brand was "very sorry" to hear about problem but stressed that the specification and supplier have not changed and said the feedback would be passed on.

Of course, it's possible that this is simply a case of an individual intolerance to a product and not an indicator of there being anything wrong with the wipes.

All of my kids have had bad reactions to various different brands of baby wipe at one time or another but I've put in down to an individual reaction and tried another brand.

That said, I've always felt a bit uneasy about using wipes but I'm just not the cotton wool and water kind of mum. (Though I wish I was.)

And yes, I get that wipes are meant for bottoms and not faces but who hasn't made short work of a sticky face with a quick baby wipe attack to the chops?

Still, ever since my mother-in-law pointed out how great baby wipes are for cleaning windows I've questioned the wisdom of using them on any part of my children's delicate bodies…

Had this happened to my child I don't think I'd have thought to suggest that the product be recalled though – but maybe I'd feel differently if I'd seen it for myself.

We'd like to hear your views on this story. Do you use Aldi wipes? Are you concerned about using baby wipes on your child's skin or do you have a brand of baby wipe you swear by? Leave us a comment below or join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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  • Chloe P.

    Always used them and never had a problem

  • Lindsay W.

    I swear by Aldis sensitive wipes

  • Julie M.

    I've been using mamia wipes for nearly 4 years now and love them. They are the best wipes I've used by far. Just bought another packet yesterday. Both my children have never had any problems using them

    • Linda C.

      Same here but recently they are different. They are so soapy

    • Louise B.

      It is talking about the new newborn ones!

    • Julie M.

      I never used the newborn ones just the ones in the white packet

    • Aine H.

      Same here and I'm now using the newborn ones on my newborn daughter...No issue with any of them...But my sons both had reactions when I used Johnson&Johnson pink packet

  • Tania H.

    Never had a problem, the best wipes for right amount of moisture and strength!! X

  • Gemma N.

    Wouldn't use anything else!

  • Jayne C.

    Seen a few people complain about this lately x

  • Melissa A.

    Never had a problem with the sensitive wipes. They're fabulous!

  • Joanna Q.

    Great wipes. No issues despite kids with allergies and sensitive skin.

  • Laura G.

    - wonder if this is why Noels got a rash....

    • Tamsin L.

      We don't hav a prob Hun? We use the sensitive one xx

    • Tamsin L.

      Oh bugger I might not buy any tomorro then! X

    • Laura G.

      Could just be a one off. Baby wipes aren't great anyway.... Who knows ay

  • Emma J.

    Haven't bought any since they have said they've changed supplier but, they were my favourite wipes to use. Bit put off buying again from the media attention they're getting at the moment.

  • Helen P.

    Always used them to and never had problems

  • Felicity K.

    My child got really sore from aldi wipes. Thought nothing of it and changed back to usual brand but it does seem to be quite common x

  • Claire B.

    Pampers don't agree with my wee ones So I don't use them. That's about it. :unamused:

  • Natalie J.

    Can't use any sensitive wipes with my little boy not just mamia brand... the fragranced mamia ones though are the best :heart::heart:

  • Jodie K.

    I have reactions to nearly all brands of wipes but thats my skin not the manufacturer i wouldnt suggest they were recalled

  • Fay J.

    Only used them in the last 6 months but love them and never had any issues

  • Rachel S.

    Yep use them and no problems at all

  • Beth F.

    All I use and never a problem! Children can have sensitivities to certain ingredients! My daughter had awful reaction to lidl nappies once but I know lots of people who use them fine, assumed she was sensitive to them and didn't buy again...simply?!

    • Natasha W.

      My daughter was allergic to pampers and johnsons! Just never used them and told her nursery not to either!

  • Amy S.

    Interesting!!... it's not happened since though! Xx

  • Joanne H.

    Aldis are fab wipes, although this did just happen to my 4 month old baby with a packet of pampers sensitive wipes!

  • Sallie M.

    I do! Have done since having madame. Never had a problem. Just bought 2 big boxes of them. X

  • Katie L.

    I've used them for two children over three years and my boy had a nasty reaction a couple of weeks ago. After messaging I found out it was due to a change in the ingredients. It should state somewhere they are new, changed ingredients as it took me a while to work out what the problem was as I didn't suspect the wipes at all.

    • Cadey R.

      Same here. Used them since my daughter was born, got a box on the recent baby event and they just make her red now.... Didn't know about the ingredients change

    • Amanda M.

      Same here and my wee one now has a really bad rash.

    • Katie L.

      There's been quite a bit of media attention and Facebook stories shared about it over the last few weeks x

    • Amanda M.

      This is the first iv heard, wasnt sure what was making her so red and sore :persevere: changing wipes asap x

  • Julia B.

    Never had problem with aldi or tesco wipes but asda little angels left my daughter at the time 4mth old with blisters and burns on bottom. Thankfully no lasting damage

  • Joanne M.

    Bit nervous to open and use the new boxes ive bought now...x

    • Liana G.

      I've bought some within the last 2 weeks & used them Hun & not had an issue with Cooper xx

  • Suzanne D.

    My daughter has very sensitive skin and I have used them for ages x

  • Catherine R.

    Only ever used them no problem

  • Sallie M.

    Have seen a few stories recently though. X

  • Stephanie S.

    These are the only wipes my daughter doesn't react to. They're fab!! X

  • Sofia A.

    Never had a problem. Better than pampers and definitely better than Johnson. We either get Aldi's or Huggies

  • Helen B.

    Yes!!! Ah that explains it... Thought it was just my daughter having sensitive skin, though. Was previously really happy with them too. Anyone had problems with the nappies? There was a phase where they just did not hold anything and I went through nearly 7 days of sleep suits and outfits being ruined!

    • Wendy P.

      I use the nappies for daytime but never at night as they don't last all night. Every time my son wakes up with a wet sleep suit and bag! Pampers at night

  • Charlotte M.

    Always used them but haven't bought any in the last baby event as had seen the reports of a changed supplier and bad reactions

  • Emma B.

    Shall nuts stop being sold because some have an allergy. It's a shame the child had a reaction but not all skins are the same, never had an issue with these for My son's yet huggies were awful.

    • Emma-Louise H.

      Same here but with pampers! My son had a massive whenever he wore their nappies- just changed brands as I knew it was him- not the nappies!

    • Jamie B.

      It isn't just 'a' child, it's happening to various children due to a change of supplier and an increase in amount of one of the ingredients which is causing children to break out. That's why they're being recalled. Not just some allergy!

    • Christina W.

      Jamie Boyes thousands of kids have reactions to pampers nappies but they don't get recalled

    • Ally O.

      Alot of people can have the same allergy, doesn't make it not an allergy, it means they need to avoid that Ingridient, or atleast alot of that Ingridient

      So many people have allergies to so many things! Just avoid it, if it hurts your child then they are allergic to it

    • Ally O.

      Doesn't stop it being a allergic reaction though, some kids it's fine that much but more of it isn't fine with it, so that's the case with people reacting to them now, if it's a mild allergy it would take more of the ingredient to set it off

      So don't use it if it causes a reaction, no need to recall it

    • Abby W.

      Should we recall all nuts and shellfish then? Or should we just take responsibility for the problem and change brands ourselves and accept that manufacturers change the ingredients and their ratios numerous times.

    • Stephanie C.

      I'm a mum to an allergy baby with terrible eczema If I took to online attempts to recall every product my sons reacted to there wouldn't be much left to sell from material of clothes.. baby wipes .. food etc :joy: he's fine only with mamia or water wipes I wouldn't go ranting every other brand be recalled though it's just stupidity

    • Tania W.

      It's because it's causing a wide spread reaction not just one child..some of the reactions are horrific one girl I know from my town may be facing plastic surgery! They have changed suppliers and are using cheap chemical substitutes these wipes have only been sent to certain areas

    • Stephanie C.

      Yes .

      My son has an allergy to all dairy as do thousands of other children so should all dairy be banned?

  • Stacey H.

    It's probably isolated innocents. We've never had any issues

  • Lacey C.

    I seen this a while back.

  • Emma M.

    All I've used n they are the best.

  • Sarah B.

    Used them for years for my 2 youngest. after only ever using Huggies pure and never had a problem with them.

  • Louise M.

    I've used them for a year with no problems but have had to change as my little man all of a sudden got really sore, the new wipes are really wet too gutted as loved there wipes and use to recommend them to everyone

  • Charlene M.

    Used the mamia wipes since my lil one was born & never had any issues..he has eczema aswell and has had issues with other wipes I've tried xx

  • Zoe O.

    Can happen with any though I suppose x

  • Allyson C.

    You know I bought one pack and only used them at the highchair and Christina has had a wee red rash on her cheek and I've only used them on her face on occasion when she's been really mucky. It may be a coincidence but I'm not buying another big box of them just incase. Annoying because I've used them on her for 16 months with no issues. Also they definitely had more of a fragrance than the old ones..

  • Vicky M.

    Love them never had an issue xxx

  • Lauren B.

    F***ck! Just bought loads! :weary:Hopefully they will be ok! X

  • Claire H.

    Our daughter had a bad reaction like burns on her face but put it down to her sensitive skin and don't use wipes on her face anymore, I still buy these wipes as I think they are good for the price and she never gets a reaction in her bum

  • Hugheslj83

    I use them for my little one and have no issues whatsoever. Can't fault the Mamia range for wipes or nappies!

  • Michelle L.

    No issues with the wipes but the nappies burnt my daughters bum, she screamed and cried and when I checked her bum she had 2 blisters each about the size of a 1p on either cheek. I have used them for months with no problem but then one bag I got was awful, didn't click at first and put another one on her with some cream on the sores but the minute she did a wee she screamed again. Xx

  • Janine B.

    Never had a problem with them!!

  • Sharon C.

    Personally never had any problems. But am keeping a close eye on my little boy for any signs they may be irritating him. All kids are different some may have extra extra sensitive skin. It may not be the wipes ingredients.

  • Paula M.

    They have changed the ingredients and supplier of the wipes. I haven't had a new batch yet but will watching when I do as my little one is prone to dry skin on her face. Mamia old wipes were by far the best. Maybe they should have the mother and baby award taken off them if they've changed the formula, after all that's not the product they won it for!!

    • Katie L.

      This is my issue. It's not okay to change suppliers and ingredients but still keep the awards etc.

    • Paula M.

      Absolutely, I don't think they should either!

    • Hannah H.

      Are the new packets marked in any way to say the ingredients are different? X

  • Charlene S.

    My sister has used these since my nephew was born 10 month ago .. Last month his face came out in a full rash after wiping his face. Water wipes are the only thing we can use now

  • Victoria W.

    Never had a problem with them

  • Natalie B.

    My eldest I have had no problems with but I use the white packets sensitive for my nearly 2 year old and I have to say the last few weeks we have had like red marks on her face and her private bits I am now thinking could this be the wipes??? Just don't know but we have used other sensitive wipes and the rashes haven't been there...after reading other comments about rashes in the last few weeks due to changes in the products in the wipes then this is a major concern!

  • Sophie W.

    Yes bad reaction. Looked like horrible nappy rash!

  • Lisa P.

    so annoying :rage::rage:, poor wee toot has got such sensitive skin anyway :rage:

  • Sarah C.

    If Aldi had made a sign on the front of the packet saying "new ingredients but same value" for example would shoppers still buy them or think "best not my child might have a reaction to them"? Xx

    • Samantha C.

      Most brands have had new and improved stuff at one point or another. I only stopped buying Pantene for example because Lidl shampoo (cien) was cheaper and did the same thing! I don't think people would have minded the change but it would have been useful for people with sensitive skin to know!

    • Jo S.

      I buy the large boxes at a time but not since they've changed ingredients as still using the old ones. If I brought a big box again and my lo reacted I'd be stuck with lots of unusable packs. If they said change of ingredients I'd just buy 1 pack to check if he reacted or not. We've had issues before with reactions to wipes though so I'm more careful

  • Shoana T.

    I've been using them with my son for past 18 months and had no problems at all even after the change of manufacturer! All children can have different sensitivities to different products it doesn't mean that the wipes effect every child the same way!

  • Julia G.

    These are the only wipes that dont make my babies skin sore and he has very sensitive skin and eczema

    • Caishnah B.

      I'm the same Julia but I buy in bulk so worry we've just not used 'new' formula ones on him yet

    • Julia G.

      Well I bought a couple packs about a month ago and got a box yesterday so will see how it goes! Every baby is different tho :)

  • Lindsay T.

    I have recently stopped using them for a similar reason! We're now using asda wipes. We have used aldi wipes since my 14 month old was born so something must have changed! I'm also unsure about their nappies atm too, never had a problem until this last box and we've been plagued by nappy rash! We're switching for now and will try aldi again in case it is just a coincidence! X

    • Clare G.

      We have the same issue with their nappies too!

    • Lindsay T.

      We've only just had the issue and we've been using them for months! I'm just wondering if they've swapped suppliers like they have with the wipes! X

    • Clare G.

      Lindsay Thompson same here!

    • Emma S.

      Same here, they have changed supplier (made cheaper) so think this is why

    • Lindsay T.

      Yeah they feel different don't they? I'm so annoyed as y would they change something that was working! Silly company! Looks like I'll be paying slightly more for asda nappies then! X

    • Michelle S.

      I found them to be different too. No issues Til changed them. They felt thinner, rougher and I thought had a chemical smell. We had to change to Asda little angels due to rash since they changed them.

    • Marie H.

      Just to let you know, I've been told today by my local Asda that they are discontinuing their wipes :(.

    • Lindsay T.

      They've changed the size of their packets! From 64 (which will be discontinued) to 80. Single packets will be 70p and the box of 12 will be £8.50 I think it said! My local little asda had them in yesterday and I was going to post! Still not online at last check though! X

  • Helen B.

    I bought them be they changed I couldn't fault them, they are now different and makes my LG come out in massive rash

  • Sarah-Jane E.

    Absolutely fine for my daughter and she has pretty sensitive skin. Reacted bad to some other wipes though so I think it's an individual thing. Use cotton wool and water at home.

  • Johanna H.

    not good seems to have got worse using the sensitive ones xx

  • Chris K.

    Time for a change me thinks x

  • Danielle M.

    My daughter hasn't had any problems with them. Everyone is different x

  • Allyson C.

    Exactly. I normally buy 2 big boxes every time there's a baby event in store. I've got 2 packs of the old ones in the cupboard and now need to find wipes that don't cause a rash on her :pensive:

  • Donna F.

    Maybe this is why he's sore lately I'm gonna go bk to little angels xx

  • Claire A.

    Yes..they are now awful. I have stopped using them.

  • Grace F.

    Been using the Aldi Mamia sensitive wipes for 18 months with no issues....til about 5weeks ago. The last quarter of the pack needing wringing out as they were super wet. Our little girl has had a horrid reaction with sore red spots. GP said it was prob heat rash, & to use sudocrem/metanium....but no better. Plan on seeing GP next wk. Started different wipes now & will throw what I have left....or use for wiping surfaces!

    • Chantelle B.

      I noticed how wet the wipes were too! Very strange!

    • Grace F.

      Chantelle, I am sure that is what has caused the spots/rash on our little one, & messaged Aldi giving them batch codes, as requested. Stopped usage for now, sadly, as had never had any problems til lately!

    • Lisa J.

      Mine have never come.out ringing wet x

    • Claire S.

      I used to get these spots with my little one... Put hydrocortisone on them then aveeno on top.. They will go .. We went to the docs about it a few times and they gave us all sorts of anti fungal creams etc and nothing worked until I tried mixing them up! Xx

    • Susan R.

      We found when starting a new pack of wipes the first dozen or so were a tad dry and the last few really moist so now we store them upside down and it seems to even out the pack. :blush:

  • Danielle C.

    That's a shame, but honestly anyone can have a reaction to any disposable baby wipes. We use cloth wipes (and nappies) never have to worry about a nasty reaction.

  • Emma S.

    YES! I used these a few months ago and ever since cannot get rid of my daughters rash around her mouth. It has now caused dermatitis on her poor face. Awful awful wipes

  • Terri-Marie C.

    I use these wipes on both my children. They're great on their bottoms. I do find using them on my youngest child's (16 months) face leaves her with a rash - which doesn't irritate her - so we try to use a face cloth at home which leaves her rash free. However I my 4 year old has no reaction, nor do I when I use them for yesterday's make up (:see_no_evil:). I believe my daughter's skin is just sensitive with her been so young. I don't think aldi are to blame. You can't blame a company for your allergies and sensitivity.

    • Jo S.

      I think it's more because kids who haven't reacted before have suddenly started to react since Aldi changed suppliers.

    • Terri-Marie C.

      Jo Shepherd yeah I was just thinking when I sent it the rash around my daughters face didn't happen with aldi ones in the past - it did with pampers sensitive though so I just presumed her face doesn't react well with wipes...I still think best to use a face cloth at home though - I can tell straight away if daddy forgets. Luckily it doesn't seem to irritate her it just looks unsightly xc

    • Brónagh G.

      Wipes shouldn't really be used on the face. They're made for removing poop from bottoms so I would recommend a muslin face cloth and castille soap instead

    • Jo S.

      Terri-Marie we just use a face cloth/flannel on both mine. My lg can get away with water wipes but my lb can't so we take a wet flannel in a zip lock bag out with us. Just more junk for the change bag lol

    • Terri-Marie C.

      Jo Shepherd I will try that :) never thought lol. We don't eat out often but if we plan on it I'll do that! Xx

  • Grace C.

    Best baby wipes available.

  • Clare B.

    No issues and been using them for about 4 years, just opened a new pack I bought Wednesday and find. I think it's a bit harsh to recall them x

  • Kim F.

    I've been using them for years and this won't put me off using them. I agree to others comments that they should have mentioned on the pack about the ingredients been changed.

    Asking to recall them is a bit ott

  • Sallie M.

    Cause it can. People just looking for someone to blame x

  • Sarah H.

    Used a few packets and so far all ok :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Catherine B.

    Wow I thought our little one just had extra sensitive skin!! We'll just stick to what we know and carry on with the Water Wipes, not sure what I expected for a 5th of the price!

  • Laura S.

    Sometimes, never had a bother with them though:hushed:

  • Rachel S.

    Toby did come out in a mild rash I thought it was milk reaction maybe it was wipes x

  • Clarissa R.

    I use these with George no problems think there better than pampers

  • Sara P.

    Bought for 1st last week & love them!!!!

  • Pete H.

    Shes out on the town. Been using them ages with no issues. I highlighted this to her months ago.

  • Joanne J.

    Used them for the last 2 years on my baby and never had a problem once. And there 100% better than the other brands

  • DawnT

    my wee girl is the same, skin turns red and blotchy where ever I use them! 

  • Megan D.

    I think children with sensitive skin will react to most. We can only use Huggies, we recently used a packet of johnsons wipes and my daughters face went bright red within minutes, saying that I've never had a problem with the mamia ones when I have used them.

  • Stephanie P.

    I buy these wipes all the time and no issues. I don't think they should recall them but maybe make it clear if there is new ingredients and what they are so parents can identify what is causing the reaction

  • Becky A.

    My daughter had extreme nappy rash with huggies wipes but that doesn't mean they should be recalled. It's not nice to see your child in pain but simply change the wipes you use :/ x

  • Charlotte D.

    I've been buying water wipes now and thankfully it's working! They've always suited Charlie thou so maybe it's just hit and miss x

  • Jennie-Ellen M.

    They've recently changed manufacturer who have added an oil that some babies are reacting to, something seed oil I can't remember the name but I check every pack I buy as the old packs don't have it in xx

  • Nikki P.

    I've stopped using these after my daughters skin flared up.Others who are not having issues it may well be old stock still x

  • Anne-Marie R.

    I've been using these wipes about three years and never had a bother until recently, they have changed their supplier and added more ingredients yet kept the same packaging and award symbols on the front which I think shouldn't be allowed when they technically aren't the same product that won the awards

  • Heather23

    I have never had a problem with them, as for cleaning window etc water and kitchen roll does the same job I still wipe my lo faces with it so just like water really. I have extremely sensitive skin myself and use them to sometimes remove make up before washing and have never had any reacting. Everyone is different? 

  • Kasie M.

    Bloodyhell all kids are different always used mamia or pampers sensetive with my girl but the only ones that don't give my boy a sore bum are huggies. Which I actually hate because they rip to shreds when you try and take them out the packet x

  • Katie B.

    Yes...l was a massive fan..used them with my first two (both with sensitive skin) and they were fab. Now my latest baby and the first two now react terribly...:weary:

  • Stacey G.

    I've never had a problem with them x

  • Ellie Q.

    I've had to stop using them too unfortunately my daughter started to get a rash which kept getting worse and worse. I was told by a friend that aldi had changed the ingredients in the wipes. I stopped using there nappies and wipes and the rash soon cleared up. We've been using the nappies and wipes from Aldi for the past 21 months with no problems previous. I'm gutted as there such good value for money normally :speak_no_evil::joy:

    • Kirsty C.

      I was exactly the same. I took my daughter to the dr and they diagnosed chickenpox.... twice in 5 weeks. By elimination I stopped the nappies and wipes and it cleared up. I contacted Aldi and asked what had changed and after a lot of back and forth messages they said a supplier had changed but couldn't tell me what ingredients had been changed.

    • Ellie Q.

      My daughter ended up getting a fungal infection as the rash just wouldn't clear and she kept itching it. I didn't even think about the wipes as we'd been using them since she was born. I agree with others that they should have perhaps put something on the packaging as it was something I hadn't even thought of as I hadn't changed anything but obviously Aldi had! Glad your little ones rash has cleared up now :) x

    • Katarzyna S.

      Kirsty Cairney good doctors if they mistake allergy for chockenpox haha ;)

    • Kelly G.

      Yup same! Had to change everything to Asda, my little ones bum was so so sore

    • Samantha C.

      Same here.. been using them no problems on my son for 2 years and since the packaging his changed they have caused a rash and redness on his skin. Ingredients have definitely changed as they smell different too :disappointed_relieved:

    • Catharine A.

      Ive had no problem but I alternate between aldi and asda little angels which I think are great x

    • Claire B.

      It's scary how damaging they have been to so many little ones! Aldi should really state the changes on the packaging. Glad she's sorted now bless her :kissing_heart: x

    • Michelle S.

      I had the same thing with mamia nappies. Was fine but when they changed them to "new improved" my boy got bad nappy rash. We changed nappies and wipes to Asda little angels. Touch wood no issues yet.

    • Chloe L.

      Try boots nappies...I don't like their wipes but the nappies are good and usually are 3 packs for £7/£8!

    • Caroline B.

      Chloe Lawrence our son reacted to this so I think sadly some children just react to some products so I haven't brought them again. My son couldn't have tesco wipes for some reason but I just buy another brand hope all the little ones are ok

  • Helen M.

    We've used them before with no problems. my lo has no allergies.. however last week we wiped her face with one and about 10 mins later her face where we had wiped was covered in a bright red rash. .

  • Carla S.

    Since there formula has changed my babe has had a reaction to them and we have had to change brands xx

  • Lauren R.

    Nope funny enough I chose johnsons sensitive and pampers extra sensitive x

  • Cat S.

    My son has reacted to several well known brands and for him aldi's wipes by far are miles better, he never reacts to both sensitive and normal wipes, face or bottom. I do think it's individual tollerances!

  • Helen R.

    Oh eh I love the Aldi wipes hope they haven't changed. Boo.

  • Lindsay D.

    Just check there's a gold star on the packaging with 2015 rather than a silver star with 2013 (apparently)

  • Kasie M.

    I think Lots of aldi stuff has changed actually. Lots of things taste different recently x

  • Jade M.

    The new ones that they brought out to look like pampers left my daughters face burnt and no other baby wipes has ever done that

  • Leanne C.

    i think a lot companies are changing things, but it isnt going to suit all. I would much rather they be open and honest about changes to their products.

  • Erin P.

    Oh god :/ I've just bought 2 of the big boxes too!

  • Katy S.

    :heart: them - 73p per pack, used them for 3 years - so much better than any other brand available - each child is different, some have to use water wipes as their skin is so sensitive - if mine had had a reaction I'd simply stop buying them

  • Teresa D.

    Never had an issue in nearly 3 years depends on the child

  • Jennie T.

    The new ones brought my little boy out in a bad rash. So now i've just been buying the individual packs as they are still the old ones. Costs more but the old ones are great!

  • Becky G.

    Recently I've noticed little spot clusters on my baby's cheeks n wondering if it is the wipes. Only started recently n just on her face, her bum is fine. Never had a problem before. Might stop for a while n see.

  • Roxanne H.

    Each child reacts different don't they. She's usually ok isn't she?

  • Amy L.

    I've used these on my son for 2 years and loved them, recommended them to others too. The last week though my son has had really sore nappy rash and he's def not teething. I'm now wondering if this is why and will be gutted if it is them causing it as I assumed it was something in his diet. Agree if the ingredients have changed it shouldn't have the awards on it surely Aldi shouldn't be allowed to do that as it's simply not the product that won the award.

    • Clare W.

      They changed the ingredients about 2 months ago if it was only last week and you've bought the wipes in the last months it might be something else

  • Helen H.

    I've just seen this. Not used their wipes for a while now thankfully!!

  • Laura M.

    I've used these before and after the change, and had no reaction, and still love them. Best wipes available. I'd be gutted if they were recalled as they're fine for us. Yes some babies have had reactions, but that can happen with anything, doesn't mean they should be recalled

  • Jennifer W.

    Not had any reaction but noticed the pack ive bought this week seems different. Dryer and rougher. Actually used cotton wool instead for my toddlers nappy change as the roughness made me cringe wiping his bum

  • Ally O.

    If your baby is allergic to it don't use it! They don't recall chocolate cause my son is allergic to milk! They don't recall certain shampoos cause I'm allergic to them!

    Just don't buy them

  • Tammy D.

    I use to use name branded wipes on my baby and he had bad reactions to them. I've used mamia wipes since he was 4 months old and all his skin problems have cleared up. I love them and buy them in bulk :)

  • Gemma R.

    Has anyone used the batches in the jumbo packs from the baby event? Any problems? :confused:

  • Mellissa C.

    Oh no. One person view, we had a rash from lidl wipes but Aldis are the best

  • Claire C.

    My daughter has eczema and we dont have a problem. Always used these wipes, think they are brill. I have heard of a lot of people having reactions so there must be something in the new version that needs dealing with. I hope Aldi's go back to the old ones before they loose a lot of customers. May i add though, my daughter gets a horrible rash from Pampers wipes. So makes you wonder what causes it?

    • Keri H.

      Have a look at preservatives. In adulthood I'm suddenly allergic to benzoate preservatives. Another common one is methylisothiozolinone or its variant chlormethylisothiozolinone, which is in a lot of the cheaper bath products or the character ones. My son has bad eczema but we switched to child's farm and he's been fine since so we suspect the preservatives are a problem in him too. X

  • Suzi M.

    Thanks! I only use them on his butt so seems ok so far but i hate the new wipes ... managed to get a box of the original ones which have now been rebranded the newborn wipes xx

  • Laura C.

    Hmmm so should shops stop selling Nuts, kiwis, and oils because some people are allergic? It's not going to kill your child. It will come up in a rash, obviously your child's skin is not suited to those wipes. Move on and use different ones. My son has horrifically sensitive skin but I didn't go mental at Huggies wipes and some bubble baths because his skin didn't agree with them. I just didn't use them again. Mamia wipes are amazing for my son and his awful skin. Doesn't mean they'll be perfect for everyone. Sheesh people these days.

    • Colette R.

      I think it's more that people have used these wipes for many months and had no issues then all of a sudden children are having a reaction to them

  • Danni N.

    I always use aldi wipes and been fine but iv not bought any in a while or since they've changed ingredients so just a heads up

  • Gemma L.

    I bought the one that is meant to be the kindest to skin. It smelled of soil!

  • Charlotte P.

    Thank you, thank you!!! This is us.....! 18 month old has horrid red raised nappy rash, it is better in the am as we use Pampers all night, gets worse all day! I suffer on my hands with contact dermatitis and for the last 5 weeks I have been in so much pain, damaged skin, endless medication.... it all makes sense now! I feel massively let down by Aldi as I :heart: them or did....!!!

    • Charlotte P.

      We have used them since the day she was born without a problem, untill now!

  • Sam6691

    I have literally just got back from taking my son to walk in centre as he is sore and blistered coz of these wipes. Will be returning them all to Aldi tomorrow 

  • Carly R.

    Thanks chick I've seen this always been fine on jack xxxx

  • Zoe S.

    Nope no problems here... blummin hope not cos I've just stocked up! Although I could never use huggies ones on Isabelle because it made her rash up badly. Guess ever baby/child is different

  • Debbie C.

    First time I've been using these and made my 17month old baby's bum bleed. I have 5 children and this is the first time I've s en anything like this x

  • Kirsty G.

    We don't use them very often but I like the older ones better. They're great for getting paint off of skirting so it makes me wonder wtf is in them though :flushed: xx

  • Clare W.

    Been using the wipes for about a year and my daughter hasn't had any reaction when they changed the ingredients. I do think they should have told us that they'd changed them though because you'd never think of it otherwise if your child did have a reaction

  • Melissa B.

    Told you! Wouldn't use them again!!!

  • Mellissa C.

    i hadn't even realized they'd changed them. Oops. We do have them stock piled abit though so we might not have used any of the new ones yet? I'll keep an eye out, thanks for the heads up honey xx

  • Lorna B.

    Nothing wrong with Mamia wipes. The only ones I have a problem with are Huggies, they affected my kids really badly and personally I can't stand the feel of them!

    • caelmonica27

      We use huggies, they are great for us! My son takes a bad reaction to anything Johnson's! Mamia, not used for ages, was thinking of buying the big fragrance free multipak tomorrow as only £5.99 for 12 packs, great deal! Should i???

  • Claire M.

    Brought a packet recently (Aug) of the sensitive & they smelt like cheese Doritos had to throw them away maybe a bad bath as not had problem before or since

  • Laura S.

    I used some on my boys and they came out in a rash, I've used packets before and packets since and no issues. Maybe certain packets had issues?

  • Rachael M.

    Really baffled here. Plenty of people use aldi wipes and have no problems they have even won awards. Jesus! If u r child has a reaction just don't use them! My daughter used to get burn like reactions off pampers and huggies but I didn't demand a recall...I just didn't use them!

    • Emma R.

      The point is they have changed ingredients and not put it on packaging that there is new ingredients! So children are reacting. If it was a food, and an allergen been put in as a new ingredient they would have to state it. It seems alot of children are getting bad reactions, so the parents wanted others to be aware!

  • Roberta M.

    Love the range used the wipes and nappies for 2 yr now

  • Lynsey F.

    My son gets a skin reaction to these wipes - all other shop brands hes ok with

  • Joanne C.

    Think i used cheap brand wipes once and never again left my wee girls bum very sore, pampers all the way

  • Tracy C.

    My son would get a rash on his face if I used these wipes to clean him up! Just changed back to a brand I knew his skin was fine with. All skin is different, doesn't mean there's a problem with the wipes! Different things suit different people, like nappies!

  • Natalie S.

    I've been using them for ages and not had a problem but the last few months have been causing my sons skin to break and bleed so stopped using them. I'm not sure it's worth putting in a complaint as I've got no evidence - no pictures or packets

  • Sarah W.

    The so called "fragrance free" wipes now have a very strong smell so clearly something has changed! Still use them on my 2 yr old but not risking them on my newborn

  • Laura H.

    I am very allergic to these but I am also allergic to a lot of stuff

  • Faye S.

    I have used them for nearly 3 years! My daughter has skin conditions and very sensitive skin and we have never had a problem, so far!!

  • Michelle H.

    The nappies have also changed - I messaged them when I saw about the wipes as could not figure out why my daughter had started being wet through and sure enough also changed the nappies. Shame as always been big fan!

  • Emily W.

    Not had an issue with the normal wipes, but the sensitive wipes caused a reaction

  • Leigh-anne R.

    I absolutely love them. My eldest reacted to almost every brand except simple or mamia so I was dubious with my LO. I've always used Mamia with him and wouldn't risk anything else. Unfortunately all babies are different and react differently to different product. There is no fits all xx

  • Karla M.

    I have used the sensitive wipes since my lg was born with no problems. she is now 8.5 months and this week she has got a terrible bum rash which has been bleeding it's so sore. I have stopped using them now.

  • Lydia C.

    My daughter had extremely sensitive skin when she was little. Nappy rash was the norm and she couldn't have her face cleaned with any wipes at all. Several people recommended pampers sensitive wipes for her, but after just one use her bum looked like I'd sanded it down and thrown acid on it, it even bled! But contacting pampers didn't cross my mind because I know it was her sensitivity. We could only use Huggies pure wipes which were great, but I know others had an issue with them. My son on the other hand has never had nappy rash and I can use any wipes on him, even his face of there is no sponge or flannel to hand!

  • Claire S.

    I've been using mamia wipes for 3 years had no probs at all

  • Gemma A.

    Surely children who have a reaction to them their parents should try different ranges? No need for them to be recalled......some children have sensitive skin to certain wipes. My little girl has a reaction to pampers wipes and now I use Mamia wipes and have no problems at all x

  • Sarah T.

    ive used aldis range since my baby was born 9 months ago but last month after buying a new pack he had a huge rash on his legs bottom and face . which i thought possibly exczema but it was an alergic reaction so had to stap using which im gutted but suppose its all babys have different skin x

  • Emma R.

    Maybe it's not the ingredients causing the rash but because they are much wetter and bums aren't being dried off before having a fresh nappy on x

  • Lyndsey B.

    I had this with my daughter a month ago so stopped using them. My daughter came out in bleeding blisters/burns. I had been using them for 17months ish no problems until a month ago. I had complained to Aldi about it and they sent an apology letter with a £20 voucher for inconvenience... still not overly happy about the whole situation because my daughter was in so much pain and was so sore she would scream in pain, I dreaded every nappy change because she was so upset. :rage::sob::sob:

  • Zoe H.

    Aldi are the only wipes that dont bring my children out in a rash.

  • Lindsey D.

    I've just bought some new ones so I'll see how we get on...

  • Nicola F.

    Weird never had any issue with these still buy them x

  • Carly R.

    They've changed an ingredient or something it says

  • Laura W.

    Scarlett had a reaction on Thursday. Face looked sunburnt. Bum is ok but it happened with the new pack I bought. X

  • Gillian K.

    My lb who is 2.5 has never been able to use them on his skin and has only been able to use the water type wipes from asda and water wipes. I just put it down to his skin type rather than the wipes as I have flare ups to different products even when marked sensitive.

  • Sophia S.

    God really!! I've been using them on Gabriella and so far she's ok! Worrying though last thing I need xx

  • Andrea G.

    I've been buying these wipes for years there fab never had any problems

  • Chloe Y.

    We tried the Aldi wipes about 5 weeks back, and brought Henry out in a rash! :slight_frown:

  • Chantelle B.

    They should be recalled! After reading a few comments it's clear that they need to ditch the new ingredients and stick to the old ones! Hopefully they'll sort the issue once they notice a huge drop in sales! :pensive:

  • Chloe Y.

    Not saying it is Aldi, as he is like it with another brand. Just sticking to what we know is ok x

  • Natasha W.

    Yeah I read it! Maybe just unfortunate that he has taken a reaction , just won't use them again :flushed:

  • Danielle W.

    Absolutely ridiculous...what happens if they have a reaction to washing gel/powder they would just use another! People are constantly trying to generate bad publicity about Aldi on social media.

  • Kerry S.

    I have been using Mama wipes.for a few years with no problems .... until recently.We had about a month when my daughters bottom was awful,started with rash and skin broke quickly.I heard about the ingredients apparently changing so I borrowed mamia wipes from grans house which were the older style packaging and her bottom soon recovered.I'm still using I'm just putting it down to a bad batch as we haven't had any problems since.Best wipes about.x.

  • Lisa H.

    I've never had a problem with them and my son has really sensitive skin.

  • Stephanie C.

    Water wipes r still the best :ok_hand:

  • Alana J.

    Kids can have varied reactions to wipes and nappies, the only wipes my lg can use on her bottom are pampers sensitive anything else she gets really sore, also nappies tesco, asda and sainsbury brands are fine but any other brand makes her skin red raw, kids react differently to a wide variety of things im not about to demand that all she was allergic too that they stop making them as her mum i just dont use them!. The woman is ridiculous!!

  • Heather G.

    My daughter used them with no issues then suddenly a huge issue and had to switch .....why change something that was fine ??

  • Emilie V.

    They're then only wipes that don't have an effect on her x

  • Samantha W.

    My two don't get on with them either :cry:

  • Evonne V.

    my daughter can only use aldi as she has a reaction to any other wipe on the market !!

  • Nora F.

    We have always used Aldi wipes for our 3 year old since she was born-she has reactions to most other wipes!!!!

  • Lisa W.

    I've always used them on my kids. The sensitive ones. No problems with my eldest but my youngest 17months has a rash if we use them on his face but doesn't stop us buying them to use on their bottoms & face cloth for faces :grinning:

  • Laura W.

    I know. Never happened before but this week a few times. I thought Andy was cleaning her face too hard but I wiped her after breakfast and her face was red where I touched her with the wipe. I have been using a wet cloth since. :disappointed: x

  • Amy C.

    :scream: funny how I was just saying this today..zac went really blotchy from them xxx

  • Mel C.

    Been using aldi sensitive wipes and their nappies for nearly 2 years with no problems

  • Charlotte D.

    Still on waterwipes but will bare in mind when we go onto normal:)

  • Coral G.

    I see this before they've changed products but Oscar been fine

  • Karen M.

    Always used them on my little one's bum - never any issues - great wipes BUT NEVER used them on his face - never use ANY wipes on his face - why would I use something that is designed to repel urine on his face? Or use the same product on his bum & his face?

  • Alison F.

    Yeah I knew they'd changed their supplier recently and therefore the ingredients had changed but Alfie has been fine.

  • Stace183

    have used these wipes in the past no problems but only last week both my son and daughter were very red and sore on there privates to the point my daughter was screaming the house down !! Currently stopped using the wipes and all is fine !! Definatley will never be buying again will stick to what I know there fine with  Huggies !!

  • Amy C.

    Yeah I got some on my way home...nappies yeah but steering clear of the wipes even for emergencies now...cleaned the kitchen floor with them tonight :joy::joy: xxx

  • Jade E.

    Might not be helping with his eczema xxx

  • Celica L.

    just because one child has a reaction to them doesn't mean whole lot should be taken off shelf my sons uses them and my niece and no problems so far, clearly her skin can't take to it just like some nappies don't agree with some children go back to pampers or Huggies

  • Becky G.

    My lo reacted to Johnsons

  • Cecilia F.

    I've heard ppl say their kids have bad reactions to the huggies brand etc. All depends on your child. My 9 month old can only have newborn or water wipes as she's very sensitive. But with my older two they had mama nappy wipes.

  • Karen G.

    I recently bought asda wipes which I had used before and my sons bottom was fine before however have recently been causing bad nappy rash however I have never had any issues with aldi wipes before or after the recent ingredient change xx

  • Emma W.

    Those are the ones I bought!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: need to go to Asda xx

  • Amy S.

    I use these, they are amazing. I only use fragrance free

  • Helen L.

    Havent been to aldi recently but thank you and will share x

  • Emma W.

    I'm going back to my purple ones just gonna get a stock of them! Xx

  • Claire P.

    Never had problem with these best wipes on shelf for us. They are strong and don't break up when pulling out of packet like some expensive brands.we go through too many of these things andaregreat price. I even take my eye make up off with them and they don't sting! Everyone is different and its trial and error on everything to see what works best for you and your little ones

  • Shirley H.

    I'd used aldi sensitive since my lo was a newborn, but when i bought more a few weeks ago, i noticed the pack was a bit different, but never thought anything of it. After a few days of using them, every time i used them when changing her nappy she started winging and crying. It wasn't until i pinched one to take my make up off, i realised the change in them. They were rougher on my skin than the old ones and they made my skin itch. I've started using pampers sensitive and shes fine with them. Sorry aldi, won't be buying mamia wipes again.

  • Ems

    used them for years BUT THEY HAVE CHANGED recently and aren't so good. They are much more moist - if you squeeze one in your hand, you see all the liquid come out. I've always used them to take my eye make up off but they now make my eyes sore. Daughter is now potty trained so use toilet wipes instead. Those that are saying they have no problem might not have had a new changed pack - when you do you will see the difference :( 

  • Sam F.

    My LG keeps gtn rashes since using these but then the nappies caused a reaction that looked like had Burnt her bottom

  • Kirstie H.

    Yes this happened to us..always used them on my daughter but recently had to stop due to a reaction on her skin especially on her face ..being a regular aldi shopper I now have to go elsewhere for wipes :-(

  • Alcee

    I always used mamia wipes and one of my friends did too but her baby was coming out in rashes cos of the changes to them I haven't noticed any problems with my baby although she does have a rash on her cheek (might be off the wipes, might not be) but I've changed to asda little angels wipes just in case. 

  • Katie H.

    I always use Aldi wipes on Max and he been fine.. this happens to him with Sainsbury's wipes though! Think it's just certain wipes react differently x

  • Julie D.

    Love them. Still no problems

  • Laura W.

    Never has a problem before. Just this week. Must be the batch. X

  • Leanne P.

    Never had a problem with Aldi baby wipes they are fab. Always stock up during their baby event :thumbsup_tone1: clearly an individual intolerance reaction

  • Steph T.

    Used them for 5 years with one child no problem recently had new baby and reactions galore they even smell different, also used new ones on older child who previously never had reaction and now leaves her skin irritated!! Not happy!

  • Jennifer S.

    I always used these but since they have changed they made both my kiddies bottoms bleed and blister awfully! It was horrible to think that I had done that to them just by using these wipes....I was livid!

  • Kylie E.

    He seems fine he's never sore in that area. I'll keep an eye tho xxx

  • Donna L.

    Both my children were fine with them and they have had reactions to other things.

  • Deborah W.

    I've been using them since my son was born (he's just turned 1) and never had a problem.

  • Claire S.

    Aye he's fine. But then he reacts to Tesco ones, they're all different if you ask me

  • Chrissie F.

    Dyls used these on and off since day one and never had an issue :blush:

  • Gemma S.

    Ava puts them in her mouth seems ok, does have some spots around at times but don't think it's due to the wipes??

  • Gillian H.

    When this popped up on my news feed I was concerned for dangerous chemicals or something but a child had an allergic reaction (which is awful ) but that surely doesn't allow the wipes to be recalled!!? X

  • Katrina M.

    I don't think they should be pulled off shelves, but i think if there's been a change of ingredients and alot of children are having reactions they should investigate other options. And i certainly don't agree with them keeping the awards etc to advertise if its not the same product x

  • Emily E.

    My boy had a reaction but I just changed to a different brand of wipes, no biggie :rolling_eyes:

  • Kaylaa B.

    Yep, Iv used them since my son was born he's now 2 and a half and gone to pampers as they've changed the ingredients which made my sons private hits red raw and so sore which bled. I also used them on my feet and they've messed my feet up got itchy lumps and dry skin all over my feet now, they was fine before I used these horrible wipes!

  • Keri H.

    I only ever bought one pack of Johnsons wipes as they made my daughter's bum really sore when she was newborn.

  • Nikita W.

    My little boy suffered a severe reaction last week to these wipes..i agree with the people who have said aldi should have notified parents of the ingredient change..I have also been told these batches have only been sent to certain parts of the country :thinking:

  • Laura T.

    Luna's bum has been really bad. Blisters and a big sore thought it was because she's teething. Then her face has been red around her mouth and chin where I wipe after eating. Stopped using the wipes and her bum is totally clear. I've been using them since she was born :thinking:

  • Zoey W.

    I used a newborn aldi wipe on my little girls face the other week and it's instantly went bright red and blotchy. Will not be buying them again

  • Deborah B.

    Only use the nappies not the wipes xx

  • Beth A.

    My children are fine with them but we stopped using them because i wiped my face with them and had a reaction. Use tesco sensitive now or cheeky wipes which are reusable x

  • Gemma S.

    Hmmm maybe I'll swap back to little angels asda I liked them X

  • Pippa H.

    No problem with ours. But I think they have changed a bit recently. We haven't brought any for a whike

  • Kimberley D.

    My son had a reaction to these last time I bought them too, used them for a couple of years and had no problems until now :/

  • Sarah B.

    It's all about how well is your kid/baby's sensitivity is , the wipes and nappies are great. Not everyone suits everything, if u don't don't suit plz move on n try other brands! But don't degrade a company unless there is a valid reason to do so!!!

  • Laura T.

    Yep I'm gonna get some tomorrow x

  • Haylee C.

    Yeh lola had bum rash lately could be these xx

  • Carly M.

    Same in our house, have always used mamia from aldi (for about 2 years) but last time I bought them my little boy developed a rash on his bottom and face, I've now switched to tesco for nappies and pampers, huggies, or asda for wipes I realise any child can have a reaction to anything but it seems like a wide spread problem right now with parents suspecting the aldi wipes and their change of ingredients

  • Neil W.

    We used these for years and never a problem. Still use the toilet wipes now

  • Claire H.

    Love em. I use them as make up wipes too x

  • Mary D.

    I bought them for the first time a couple of months ago. I used them on my daughters face and she came out in a nasty rash. I didn't complain or make a fuss as people have different skin types. What works for one may not work for another. We are sticking to Pampers for both nappies and wipes.

  • Judi W.

    We still use baby wipes to clean our 6year old's hand and face if he's eaten something messy. With the Aldi ones he's complained a few times that they sting his face.

  • Sarah C.

    I always buy the fragranced ones in the green pack... they're more sensitive than the white pack "sensitive" ones. I use them for taking off my make up and the white pack ones sting my eyes!! So can only imagine how sore they'd make a little Ines bottom feel!! X

  • Laura M.

    Our little boy broke out in a horrible rash on his bottom...and he was unnecessarily treated for a fungal infection but the cream wasn't taking it away...saw a post about Aldi's wipe changing the ingredients and stopped using them straight away...and miraculously his bottom is perfect again x

  • Julie W.

    My eldest got chemical burns from sainsbury wipes. He's 5 1/2 and still has the scars. They took them back rested them said they were fine. That was the end of it

  • Lisa S.

    I have very sensitive skin and I use the sensitive mamia wipes to take my make up off and they are fine

  • Catherine P.

    Plenty of other wipes out there. If they cause a reaction try a different brand. Not rocket science really!

  • Lucy R.

    Avoid the fragrance. I use Huggies pure they have hardly any chemicals in them free of perfumes and other ones that are in most wipes.. And believe me it does make a difference to your babies skin when ur using the multiple times a day for days weeks months.. That's absorbing in their skin. I don't use johnsons products either!

  • Gemma W.

    Yeah Jo, even with the sensitive ones xx

  • Cheryl L.

    I use them with my twins and for me never had a problem with them

  • Kimberley F.

    i use them on both my boys 11 months and 23 months who have bad eczema i use the sensitive ones and have been brilliant for me. however all johnsons products cause a reaction and there eczema to get worse x x

  • Gemma J.

    Ino I've seen it.. I won't be stopping buying them!!!

  • cajam

    I use these wipes, my daughter does get rash on face if use them on face but same happens with almost all baby wipes on her face, never had any skin problems using these wipes on her bottom, no need to recal they are an excellent baby wipe and good value for mobey

  • Anna S.

    My daughter is sensitive to most things but mamia sensitive wipes give her no reactions whatsoever.. the same with huggies pure and pampers sensitive.. if I use any of the standard fragrances wipes my daughter comes out in a red rash.. the sensitive toilet wipes are a godsend too

  • Laura H.

    We get aldi newborn wipes now.

  • Katie B.

    I ve used them for 3 years and had to change as the latest ones have bought my son out in a rash. He has never had issues before and still using some of the older knes at my mums x

  • Jen C.

    I use these wipes on my 2 yr old n newborn baby no problems just bought a box of 12 again best wipes so far as all other wipes cause problems for me depends on children's skin x

  • Heidi M.

    Stopped using them after they gave my baby boy a sore bum and a red rash on his face which required steroid cream. X

  • Suzy K.

    Best wipes and nappies ever. Never had any problems with them!

  • Heidi M.

    Also used a couple to wipe over the top of my daughters draws, and was horrified to find it actually started to remove the sheen on the draws surface.

  • Jodine V.

    My son had a reaction to pampers nappies, I didn't expect them to be recalled, I just changed brand...

  • Fiona F.

    Glad I never used them xxx

  • Leona D.

    I actually had this hope. To my youngest after using Johnson's wipes. Literally as I was wiping her bum it was snaking her bleed and I couldnt work out why. Until it happened every time I used Johnson's on her and the same thing happened each time. I felt awful for using them on her. But as we'd run out of the Aldi wipes (which we haven't and still don't have a problem with) I used any wipes I could get at the time and we happened to have a pack of Johnson's Latin g about for some reason. I won't even us them on my face now though as it burns like anything. :rage::rage::rage::rage:

  • Lisa J.

    I've used them for 2 years they are the best wipes I've tried and have had no problems with them at all x

  • Lisa J.

    I don't notice any difference lately x

  • Louise B.

    We have always used aldis sensitive and normal wipes, but these ones are new ones for newborns. We have recently tried them and my neice has come out in a red blotchy rash all over her face too! Sticking with the original ones.

  • Katie M.

    They are terrible. I went in and stocked up on the old ones.. Also the mini ones that they bring out at the baby event have made her wee butt blister today xx

  • Charlotte C.

    I've had to stop buying the sensitive wipes since they changed the ingredients as my little girl started getting terrible rash, just stick to water wipes now to be on the safe side but they are so expensive!

  • Katie M.

    Not great.. Hope they put them back to how they were.. Used for 9months with no hassle x

  • Samantha M.

    Yeh they were totally fine with Jack but Sophie comes out really bad. So strange xxx

  • Liam C.

    Anyone whose child has an issue needs to contact Aldi. The EU Cosmetics Directive requires the responsible person (the company placing a cosmetic product on the market) to keep a log of any adverse reaction to that product. Of course every child is different and you could pick any substance and find someone, somewhere in the world who is allergic to it but, judging by the comments here, this appears to be a fairly prevalent issue. Aldi needs to investigate as it could be that the formulation of the wipes leaving the factory isn't what they think it is. But unless people get in touch with them, they won't be aware and can't do anything about it.

  • Gemma �.

    Love them (the price is good too:ok_hand:) just dislike the new packaging as the plastic openers keep coming off the packets :persevere:

  • Mel B.

    Can't beat plain water and cotton wool or water wipes. I'm a childminder and nearly all the children ive cared for have had some sort of reaction to one brand of wipe or another. They've either caused a rash or fuelled it. Babies and children's skin is extremely delicate and the chemicals they throw into baby wipes/washes/shampoos is shocking - it's no wonder children have reactions but aldi are no worse than johnsons, pampers or any other brand/supermarket version. Do some research into the ingredients of what you put on your kids skin and you'll be horrified.

  • Shannon S.

    I've used them since for 2.5 years with no probs x

  • Michelle W.

    Never had issues with aldi wipes but during July/August my son had a bad reaction. Put it down to teething but no new teeth. Didn't think anymore about it until the rash for worse and It blistered. Yeah that's

    • Michelle W.

      Thought that it maybe the wipes so switched to Asda brand. Since doing this have not had a problem apart from the scar that has been left. X

  • Catharine H.

    They give my children a rash - we just don't use them though, I wouldn't say they're unsafe. I used to get rashes from Johnsons products so I avoid them too.

  • Sylwia H.

    Used them for over 3 yrs, never had issue.

  • Chloe L.

    I've never had a problem with their nappies or wipes. Think it's all down to what suits each child best. I either use mamia or Tesco wipes. Johnsons brought my daughter out in a rash but my son can use them fine.

  • Laura L.

    I've used them for my 21 month old since day one no probs! Used them on my 19 week old no probs...........until I opened pack from baby event box and my lb is red !!! So not impressed Aldi you should be ashamed why change things prob down to money!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura C.

    I'd been using these wipes for 16 months for my twins but my daughter got a rash and I was told they had changed the ingredients in the wipes. I've now changed to Little Angels and have no problems at all, my daughters rash has cleared!!

  • Lisa B.

    I was using the nappies and wipes for my baby from when she was born. She had the most awful nappy rash that I was backwards and forwards to the doctors about. No lotions or potions were working. It was raw and bleeding. :persevere: I changed to asda little angels nappies and only used cotton wool and water. Still no change. I then changed to pampers and it cleared up within a few days. At 10 weeks old I have only just started using pampers wipes instead of water and, fingers crossed, so far no reaction. I am too scared to go back to aldi nappies or wipes incase she ends up with a raw bottom again.

  • Caroline B.

    Our little one is sensitive to wipes on his face not just Aldi but most of them so Im trying not to use baby wipes on his face anymore and now use face wipes . We have used Aldi sensitive wipes on and off since our son was born far more than any other brand and I think some children just seem to react more than others which I feel for them but may wipes or that brand and not right for there skin we can't use tesco for some reason so I now avoid them but this is most likely just his skin not suiting them

  • Nikki J.

    That explains Chloe's rash then. I said it's the wipes :flushed: xx

  • Sam S.

    Aldis wipes are the best ones for piper. Asdas gave piper burns. Its all down to the child. Xx

  • Emma S.

    Children's skin is so delicate and sensitive. And they are all unique so they are all sensitive to different things. I've used mamia since my little girl was about a week old, and she's now 3 and a half! They were the only brand at the time that didn't give her a rash! They now do give her a rash when I use them to clean her up when she's sticky. It's such a shame as they are the ones we've always used!! I've got an 8 week old baby too, and since he was born we've always used the mamia newborn wipes, they make him a little bit red sometimes but they're ok in general. If I try to use the newborn wipes on my 3 year old they leave her with a terrible rash! And vice Versa, if I try to use the sensitive wipes on my baby they give him a terrible rash! So I've been having to buy 2 different sorts of wet wipes! What I've also found is that if my daughter has been eating certain things and then I wipe her mouth with the sensitive ones, it brings her out in a terrible rash! For example, yoghurt!

  • Carrie G.

    I have always used johnsons extra sensitive wipes for my baby and had no problems, but other wipes have made him sore. But saying that, I used cotton wool and water till he was about 4/5 months unless we were out somewhere so maybe that makes a difference?

  • Sara M.

    I used aldi wipes foe over a year got some few months ago and he had a rash on bum face and hands switched brand no more rash think aldi must have changed something

  • Nikita P.

    Ffs you're gonna get a few people allergic to any product no matter what is in it. There's people allergic to daylight should we remove that as well?!

  • Lorna D.

    I wouldn't put a baby wipe from aldi near my baby . Or nappies . Least until they are 1 year. And there skin gets tough

  • Helen E.

    Ooh luckily Harry's not reacted badly to these. But I'll keep an eye. Thank you xx

  • Kerry C.

    It also says the baby is a newborn. New mums are usually told not to use wipes on newborns - just water and cotton wool..

  • Becky H.

    The wipes are fab, nappies are rubbish, poor absorbancy.

  • Louise W.

    Everyone reacts differently to different products. My son's never had a problem with these. But what suits your child.

  • Kian P.

    Yes! Nursery had used Aldi wipes on my son. He had never had nappy rash before. He ended up at the Doctors and needed an antibiotic cream! I thought he was just a bit sensitive. X

  • Kate C.

    We chop and change. I'm using pampers at the minute but he is fine with any x

  • Lauren M.

    sensitive are okay. Newborn once have made her so so sore :cry:

  • Nicola W.

    Had a similar reaction 5 years ago with my daughter - aldi weren't interested in the slightest

  • Helen H.

    Okie doke we use little angels xx

  • Emily B.

    I had to stop using these as my daughter got a red blotchy face after wiping her also! Even had to stop using the mamia nappies which coincidently made her sore down below also... she's never had happy rash touch wood with any other nappies!.xxx

  • Nicola J.

    The only supermarket brand my daughter can use. (Aldi) Everybody is different. Tesco and asda wipes are way too strong they look like they burn her skin!

    • Sarah R.

      I use them...bought a selection of wipes and nappies No problem at all:thumbsup_tone2:

    • Nicola J.

      The nappies i wasnt so impressed with but its whatever suits your baby.xx

  • Tanya J.

    This can happen with any wipes.. it's the child that's got the issue .. my eldest couldn't have I bought something else !!

  • Kirsty W.

    Ridiculous! Just get a different brand! We can't use the Johnson's wipes as they seem to bring little one out in a rash-doesn't mean I'd make them recall them!

  • Amanda C.

    I use them. No problems.x

  • Sally V.

    I had the same problem with huggies wipes. Was on watchdog and everything but still sell them. So they are not going to stop.

  • Jess G.

    Totally the same. Usually fine, however brought these recently and my son had a awful reaction. I emailed Aldi and they just said that even though they do extensive testing they couldn't guarantee it wouldn't react with some skin types. They gave no apology or money back. Just awful !!!!!!!! Won't be buying them again!!!!

  • Zoe R.

    My lb had a nappy rash after using tesco nappies, it cleared up, used aldi wipes yesterday it came back up and so sore- 1st time tho and have used them before

  • Kirsty M.

    Never had a problem with Aldi wipes but the nappies left a severe nappy rash on every occasion I tried them on my daughter, but other people have had no problems. I think it's a case of trying a few and finding what suits each baby best and it might not be the same for your next baby.

  • Grant H.

    No chemicals are good against delicate skin!

  • Emily W.

    Iv used them for 2yrs never had any problem

  • Leanne S.

    My 3 year old has just this week started reacting to these wipes (the newborn ones) after previously being fine with them. We only use them on his hands and face after food and he has this week come up in a big red rash where they have touched his skin. He has always reacted to anything other than pampers sensitive since small, but we decided to try these when we had a new baby and they were fine up until now. I wondered if they'd changed the ingredients. Back to pampers we go....

  • Sarah T.

    My daughter reacted to johnsons wipes - everyone reacts to different things

  • Lisa K.

    What a stupid thing to do. If your child has a reaction to them then find a different brand to use. My son has severe exzema I dont moan everytime he reacts to something I just do my best to change it.

  • Rosie K.

    We were just discussing that with both children, everytime we change wipes/nappies, there's an almighty rash. Toby is currently suffering.

    I didn't like the wipes anyway, Richard did.

  • Emily W.

    I love them, but just had a look and all the packs I currently have are the old ingredients.

  • Richard L.

    Why would they change them anyway

  • Emily W.

    It says they've changed supplier. Bit silly if they've messed about with them and caused a problem, considering how popular they are!

  • Nikki H.

    Each child is different and has different skin you can't really blame the wipes just use a different brand. I used Johnsons on my youngest & after a few weeks had to stop because they dried out the skin! Eek then used asda own there fine. I have got mamia ones to try this time round.

  • Stacy R.

    It's an allergic reaction, it's an individual thing. Unless there is a widespread issue as a result of toxic chemicals or something then just switch brands.

    My daughter had reactions to disposable nappies and wipes so we used cloth nappies and wipes until she was 2.5 when we switched to aldi pull ups for bedtime and we can now use mamia wipes if needed too.

    It's no big deal, there are other options.

  • Rosie K.

    Will most likely depend how sensitive your skin is anyway. My boys have got my very sensitive skin. I hated the solvent kind of smell I got from these wipes.

  • Vicky P.

    I've used Aldi wipes for years for myself and then the past 4 years on both my boys and have had no issues at all. If my child had a reaction to aldi nappies I wouldn't ask them to be removed I'd just get a different brand to see in my baby reacted differently. Every person is different and react differently to things. If we all asked for that thing to be removed from shelves we wouldn't have anything left on the shelves.

  • Harriet G.

    Oh I used too but been going to tescos again, I always thought they were good tho

  • Emily W.

    I hated Huggies. Hugo had sensitive skin, but is fine with these (so far). Definitely down to the individual!

  • Rachel D.

    I use Mamia wipes when out and about, but Cheeky Wipes at home. When we spend more time at home I definitely notice my son's skin looking less sore from using the Cheeky Wipes (cloth and water). I think that could happen with any chemical-based product though.

  • Sarah D.

    I have used aldi wipes for six months now and never had a problem. All babies are different at the end of the day. My daughter is allergic to pampers nappies dont mean am wanting them recalled.

  • Helen C.

    Thanks Jemma. I've not had an issue with Logan but he originally had a reaction to sainsburys own wipes. I'm using pampers baby sensitive for Hazel. I think all babies are different and it Is a shame that one reaction affects others opinions. Good to know that the ingredients have changed though. They don't mention the on the label xx

  • Kelly G.

    I have used these for the past 6 years . No issues . X

  • Vicky C.

    I've only just started using them on my two and they are fine. You can't expect a shop to stop selling something that is affecting only some people - it's clearly not bad for ALL kids!

  • Renay K.

    It's Lidls ones I use. Xxxx

  • Jemma S.

    It looks like quite a few have had issues since the ingredients changed. We've only ever used water wipes with rocco, I don't like all the chemical ingredients on other brands xx

  • Lorraine M.

    Omg yes! These exact ones and since I've stopped using them his nappy rash has managed to clear up xx

  • Helen C.

    So far no problems with Logan but I will wait before I use them on Hazel. Plus I bought two boxes when the baby event started. Don't like to waste them :blush:

  • Emma B.

    My 20 month old daughter has eczema and I've always used Aldi wipes and they have never affected her skin.

  • Nicola M.

    I've used them for over 5yrs now and never had a problem with Aldi wipes, pampers and huggies gave our girls a reaction. X

  • Rebecca H.

    I've always used mamia wipes on my 10 month old son and never had an issue with them x

  • Michelle R.

    It's a load off crap there's nothin wrong wit there wetwipes xx

  • Helen T.

    No issues with us and mamia products :grinning:

  • Stephanie D.

    I have been using them for nearly a yeah and it's only in the last month my daughter came out in a reaction to the she had small blisters on her bum will neva use them again x

  • LauraG

    I've used Aldi's Sensitive wipes on my 8 month old since she was 1 week old and have never had any problems until the most recent packet (out of a multipack). My daughter woke up fine and I changed her nappy but within 10 minutes she was covered in hives which took days to clear with the help of Piriton. The doctor agreed that it was a reactive rash and the only thing I had done was changed her nappy. Having used these wipes without incident for such a long time I believe either something has changed or there is a faulty/contaminated batch. I am yet to hear back from Aldi.

  • Tiza

    I have used them on a baby with a sensitive bottom athough we mostly use reusable I do keep a couple of packs in the house, but maybe not but Aldi for a little while incase of a bad batch. 

  • Corinna W.

    Each child reacts differently to certain wipes. My little girl is fine with johnsons and whenever Iv tried to swap to pampers, huggies or tesco wipes she has always had a very sore bottom.... Until I tried aldi wipes and she's been perfect on them. In fact Iv just bought the huge box of 12. They shouldn't be recalled for a few children, if they don't suit your child you simply stop using them and use what suits them x

  • Tracey W.

    Not used them for a while but never had any problems with them, in fact, they were better than most! x

  • Catherine J.

    We use the sensitive ones & they are ace

  • Deborah L.

    I stopped using them they changed them

  • Elaine C.

    Personally I would never use any kind of wipe on any face. Baby wipes were originally made for bottoms and I think that's where they should be used.

  • Melanie A.

    The nappies and wipes cause a reaction with my grandson

  • Bethan R.

    My son has reactions to Huggies pull up pants, that doesn't mean they should be removed from shelves! He was born with eczema, and Dr reminded me to never use wet wipes on his face, as that's not what they were designed for. Now he's 3, and I use Aldi wet wipes, I often wipe his face with them. If he had a reaction, I would revert to a Face cloth and water...

  • Vicki B.

    My little one has had a rash on his face never thought it could be the wipes though will be having a go of another brand such a shame as used Aldi wipes for ages

  • Mez M.

    Yeah I use the newborn ones.

  • Jemma W.

    I've been using them for 7 months and never had an issue with them at all... I tried others and she got rashes from boots and Johnsons.. il just stick to Aldi wipes

  • ka2424

    my oldest son had severe reaction with johnson products but would never demand they get recalled, there's plenty other brands out there just use a different one.  

  • Emmaclark

    we have used them for months and months but a few weeks ago my daughter came out in a huge rash. We can't use them anymore which is a shame because I loved them. Not sure what they've changed but there is something different about them.

  • Gemma-Maria H.

    I'm going to get in touch with them and I've kept the wipe xx

  • Tracy S.

    Yeah we used them no problem then all of a sudden really bad reaction. Started using lidl ones now

  • Kelly M.

    Never had an issue and just bought new packs with no problems. Hopefully it was an isolated issue

  • Stephanie G.

    Yeah I used on her face and she got a rash. Just for bums now, fine on bums and hands. I have a pack of pampers for her face if we out and about. Or tip some water on a muslin cloth.

  • Clair P.

    My son gets a rash of these too and we've always bought any wipes before these

  • Samantha C.

    Heard about this ages ago. We seem to be fine :-)

  • Mandy W.

    I've stopped using them since Friday to see if it is the wipes as heard of this a few weeks ago:grimacing: xxx

  • Ginga80

    Recalled? Really. I've known various kids in A&e react to all number of things- sounds like an isolated case. I've used this from day 1 and feel they're best value and actually are wet unlike rival brands. If something doesn't agree then stop using it. THere is always good old fashioned water. Don't see johnsons recalling all their products when they are full of harmful carcinogens so doubt aldi will. 

  • Nicola G.

    No.. I think they are the best wipes!!

  • Corrine H.

    I have never had a problem, best wipes i have found. Have been using them since april when my new aldi opened.

  • Rosalind J.

    Babies can react to any wipe, cream or product.

  • Becki C.

    That's what I'm using at minute bought them Friday!:astonished: xxx

  • Nicola O.

    Same happened to my daughter with these. Tescos only now :thumbsup:

  • Rosie H.

    Yup !! Got them for baby I ran out of makeup wipes thankfully & used them on myself. Gave me the worse burning rash!xx

  • Kathryn K.

    Love them! Every child's skin is different

  • Kelly C.

    Never had a problem with them! Prefer them to pampers

  • Lynsey A.

    Used them for 2 years no issue at all x

  • Nikki A.

    It will have been an allergic reaction with her baby not the wipes. I've been using them for ages and they're fine. I think their nappies and wipes for the price are excellent!

  • Beckie M.

    Found Aldi wipes brilliant. We used johnstons and pampers at first but my wee one was red and blotchy from them so used Huggies until a friend gave me one of aldi's and I've converted over. Just over them :heart:

  • Caroline S.

    We've use the sensitive ones for years and never had an issue

  • Jessica W.

    My sons burns were horrible. Ill never use mamia again. Mums shouldnt be scared to wipe their child!

  • Jacqueline H.

    My son had bad reactions to Pampers wipes and nappies. Funnily enough I didn't expect them to be recalled!!

  • Nicola F.

    It's because they have change suppliers, chemicals different etc but they haven't dismayed this. X

  • Victoria W.

    Oh that's interesting! Lots of other people on here have had a reaction when they've been using the wipes for a long time. Just shows you there must've been a change

  • Sam L.

    George had reaction other day x

  • Claire H.

    I use them all day every day and have neva had a problem with them, it depends on your babys skin, could be that the baby is sensitive to that particular product so i dont think they should be recalled or taken off the shelves

  • Sherae L.

    The mamia wipes are the only ones that didn't make my daughters skin blister etc

  • Bethan J.

    Never had a problem with aldi wipes or nappies! Every child's skin is different... just because one persons child has a reaction, doesn't mean everyone's child will. I love them.. and won't stop using them!

  • Kay N.

    Find these much better than the bargain varieties on offer in sainsbury , Asia etc

  • Rhonda H.

    Never had a problem and i use them to take my make up off. But also she said since being told they were good for cleaning windows she questions if they should be used on her childs skin. You can clean windows with vinegar and lemon juice, thats food grade stuff. And essential oils are good for cleaning and absolutely good on the skin. Just because it cleans windows doesnt make it nasty chemical x

  • Denise N.

    I hate all the mamia range, I know some people rave about them but ive only ever found them cheap and nasty

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