Mums Asks Aldi To Recall Baby Wipes

Mums Asks Aldi To Recall Baby Wipes

A mum in Birmingham has taken to social media to ask Aldi to recall its Mamia Newborn Sensitive Wipes bafter her daughter suffered a serious skin reaction to the popular cut-price baby wipes.

The Birmingham Mail reports:

A Birmingham mum was horrified to see her daughter's face look "like she'd suffered sunburn" after using Aldi wet wipes designed for newborns. Hayley Neale had been using the Mamia Newborn Wipes on her daughter Martha for a few weeks, following a recommendation from a friend who said they were good for sensitive skin. But when little Martha, two, wiped her face with wipes from a fresh pack, she was left with sore, red and blotchy skin.

Other parents have been responding to this story on various social media sites, complaining of similar skin problems after using Aldi baby wipes.

According to the paper, an Aldi spokesperson said the brand was "very sorry" to hear about problem but stressed that the specification and supplier have not changed and said the feedback would be passed on.

Of course, it's possible that this is simply a case of an individual intolerance to a product and not an indicator of there being anything wrong with the wipes.

All of my kids have had bad reactions to various different brands of baby wipe at one time or another but I've put in down to an individual reaction and tried another brand.

That said, I've always felt a bit uneasy about using wipes but I'm just not the cotton wool and water kind of mum. (Though I wish I was.)

And yes, I get that wipes are meant for bottoms and not faces but who hasn't made short work of a sticky face with a quick baby wipe attack to the chops?

Still, ever since my mother-in-law pointed out how great baby wipes are for cleaning windows I've questioned the wisdom of using them on any part of my children's delicate bodies…

Had this happened to my child I don't think I'd have thought to suggest that the product be recalled though – but maybe I'd feel differently if I'd seen it for myself.

We'd like to hear your views on this story. Do you use Aldi wipes? Are you concerned about using baby wipes on your child's skin or do you have a brand of baby wipe you swear by? Leave us a comment below or join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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Reply to
  • Hugheslj83

    I use them for my little one and have no issues whatsoever. Can't fault the Mamia range for wipes or nappies!

    • DawnT

      my wee girl is the same, skin turns red and blotchy where ever I use them! 

      • Heather23

        I have never had a problem with them, as for cleaning window etc water and kitchen roll does the same job I still wipe my lo faces with it so just like water really. I have extremely sensitive skin myself and use them to sometimes remove make up before washing and have never had any reacting. Everyone is different? 

        • Sam6691

          I have literally just got back from taking my son to walk in centre as he is sore and blistered coz of these wipes. Will be returning them all to Aldi tomorrow 

          • Stace183

            have used these wipes in the past no problems but only last week both my son and daughter were very red and sore on there privates to the point my daughter was screaming the house down !! Currently stopped using the wipes and all is fine !! Definatley will never be buying again will stick to what I know there fine with  Huggies !!

            • Ems

              used them for years BUT THEY HAVE CHANGED recently and aren't so good. They are much more moist - if you squeeze one in your hand, you see all the liquid come out. I've always used them to take my eye make up off but they now make my eyes sore. Daughter is now potty trained so use toilet wipes instead. Those that are saying they have no problem might not have had a new changed pack - when you do you will see the difference :( 

              • Alcee

                I always used mamia wipes and one of my friends did too but her baby was coming out in rashes cos of the changes to them I haven't noticed any problems with my baby although she does have a rash on her cheek (might be off the wipes, might not be) but I've changed to asda little angels wipes just in case. 

                • cajam

                  I use these wipes, my daughter does get rash on face if use them on face but same happens with almost all baby wipes on her face, never had any skin problems using these wipes on her bottom, no need to recal they are an excellent baby wipe and good value for mobey

                  • LauraG

                    I've used Aldi's Sensitive wipes on my 8 month old since she was 1 week old and have never had any problems until the most recent packet (out of a multipack). My daughter woke up fine and I changed her nappy but within 10 minutes she was covered in hives which took days to clear with the help of Piriton. The doctor agreed that it was a reactive rash and the only thing I had done was changed her nappy. Having used these wipes without incident for such a long time I believe either something has changed or there is a faulty/contaminated batch. I am yet to hear back from Aldi.

                    • Tiza

                      I have used them on a baby with a sensitive bottom athough we mostly use reusable I do keep a couple of packs in the house, but maybe not but Aldi for a little while incase of a bad batch. 

                      • ka2424

                        my oldest son had severe reaction with johnson products but would never demand they get recalled, there's plenty other brands out there just use a different one.  

                        • Emmaclark

                          we have used them for months and months but a few weeks ago my daughter came out in a huge rash. We can't use them anymore which is a shame because I loved them. Not sure what they've changed but there is something different about them.

                          • Ginga80

                            Recalled? Really. I've known various kids in A&e react to all number of things- sounds like an isolated case. I've used this from day 1 and feel they're best value and actually are wet unlike rival brands. If something doesn't agree then stop using it. THere is always good old fashioned water. Don't see johnsons recalling all their products when they are full of harmful carcinogens so doubt aldi will.