Minced Steak 50% Off @ Donald Russel

29 October 2013

Donald Russel has 50% off their six x440g packs of minced steak, selling for £21 instead of  £42.

We are meat eaters, but after years of eating supermarket meat we'd cut down to almost nothing because we just weren't enjoying it anymore. Whenever we went to a friend's house for a regular lunch date, we'd love their meat and when we discovered where they got it from, we placed our own order and since then, our meat portions are smaller, but so much more enjoyable.

Yes, this meat is double the price of Tesco's basics, but there's just no comparison to pure grass-fed, fully matured beef. We eat less meat now to accommodate the budget, but we enjoy it more.

Minced Steak is easy to stretch - bolognaise, lasagne, meatballs - loads of easy to make at home and from scratch meals. And why pay the extra? Because this meat has no additives, no flavour enhancers and no added fat. It's just all round yum!

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