McDonald's Employee Takes Her Baby To Work

McDonald's worker brings baby to work

Most working parents have moments when their childcare arrangements fall through - that's all part of the juggling act of being a working parent. But if your childcare provider let you down at the last minute, would you consider simply turning up to work with your baby in tow?

That's what a McDonald's employee did, according to the Independent. The newspaper reports:

A baby was left sitting behind the counter of a McDonald’s while his mother served customers because his childminder had cancelled.

Jesse Wright, 22, from the university town, took a photo of the child when buying breakfast at the counter, the Sun reports.

Mr Wright added that staff were quick to remove the child, who appeared to be eating a McDonald's meal, once he was spotted taking the photograph.

The newspaper also reports that the mother was sent home, and that the staff team have been advised that bringing a baby into the kitchen was a "wholly unacceptable" scenario.

Sigh. I feel kind of sorry for the mum in question. Granted, her superior should probably have explained that bringing her baby into work wasn't a sensible option in the face of a childcare crisis, but at least she made the effort to fulfill her work commitments.

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What's your view on this? And what's the most drastic action you've resorted to as a working parent when your childcare plans fell through? Come and tell us on our Facebook page.

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  • LordyLord
    McDonald's really need to clarify where they stand on Flexible Working for mothers then! I have recently 'jumped ship' from McDonald's following my maternity leave as my Flexible Working request was denied and I was told I had to continue working on a basis fully flexible to their needs or take a demotion! After 14 years service too! So knowing how they a can be with their policies and disciplinary procedures, and the fact that you could be on your death-bed and they still expect you in work, I'm not at all surprised this mother felt she perhaps had no choice but to take her child in to work with her!

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