Kids Prefer Granny Over Me, Say Mums

Kids Prefer Granny Over Me, Say Mums

Did you know that this Sunday is Grandparent's Day?

Nope, me neither. But c'mon now, I'll be having none of that cynicism about how such things are marketing ploys designed to guilt trip us into parting with our hard-earned cash. We're talking about grandparents here. They're pretty worth celebrating, no?

Here's the thing, though. A new report released today revealed that most British children prefer their granny to their own mother. The research was carried out by Families Online and found that 52 percent of British children prefer their granny to their own mum.

Why? According to mums, the main reasons for kids preferring granny are that she spoils the kids (79 per cent), they tend to get their own way with her (50 per cent) and she's a better cook (20 per cent).


The organisation says researchers took an in-depth look at how busy lives and hectic schedules mean grandmothers are having a bigger influence than ever on family life.

That said, this isn't something the kids themselves said but their mums. It's mums who feel that their kids are more devoted to granny than they are to them. Aw, that's a bit sad, no?

As someone whose kids are utterly devoted to both their grandmothers, this data doesn't surprise me one little bit. Grannies rule, although I don't reckon mine prefer their grannies to me. At least I hope they don't.

But the facts about how mums feel about being second choice are a little gut-wrenching. Almost half of the mums surveyed (46 per cent) said their child's bias towards granny was largely to do with her being 'less stressed' with the kids, and a further 13 per cent admitted granny has more patience and is better at listening than they are. Over half of the mothers polled (55 per cent) said grandma has more time to dedicate to the children than they do.

Yup, definitely feeling that one. My children's grandmothers have had all three of my kids overnight not just once but twice within recent weeks, and I'd be truly lost without their love and input in my children's lives. But yes, I'd be worried if I felt my kids were more closely bonded to their grannies than they are to me.

We'd love to hear what you think about this new nugget of data, though. Are you one of those mums who reckons their kids prefer granny over mum?

In recognition of Grandparents' Day this weekend, why not tag a brilliant granny in this post. Just don't let her go thinking the kids love her more than they love you…

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  • Lisa M.

    this is so true in liams case :joy::joy::joy:

  • Emma S.

    this is Ollie! :joy:

  • Maureen H.

    It's mummy all the way x

  • Emma C.

    thus is definitely the case in our house x

  • Laura O.

    - this is definitely the case in our house! :smirk:

    • Diane O.

      He loves his mommy more:kissing_heart:

  • Laura M.

    I think that whether Gran is having a good day or a bad day, 3 hours with the kids or 3 days, she can give them nothing but patience, cuddles, understanding and fun. Unfortunately I think us Mum's couldn't possibly manage that much pure attention every hour we spend with the kiddies, it's sad (and maybe not true for some) but it's exhausting being mum as well as everything else whether it's also loving partner, sympathetic friend, house tidier or worker. We love our kiddies and they love us more than they could ever express but the one who gets cuddles and kisses and the attention from them is the one who means fun and treats, and for those of us that's true for we'll just have to savor the sick days and the bedtimes and the times when they truly know noone but mummy can make it all better.. xxx

    • Jen B.

      Couldn't have put that better myself! That's exactly what I think :frowning2:

    • Juliette T.

      It's not just about the fun and treats we have also been the mummy to their mummy maybe they sense the experience. We have the advantage of having done it before with the ability to give them back when it suits so we can afford to relax and enjoy without the pressure to perform... We have nothing to prove!!!

  • Scott I.

    ... ? Personally think its cos grandparents spoil the children.... which is their job. I used to love staying at my nannas house for the weekend and im glad my children enjoy spending time with their grandparents too.

  • Gill C.

    , neither of us get a look in when Grandpa Malcolm is about! :joy: xx

  • Sammi B.

    My parents don't raise my children, they hardly ever babysit either. But my eldest is a REAL nannys boy, and my younger two adore their grandad. It used to really upset me, but now I appreciate they have someone slightly detached from our situation that they can turn to. I had the same relationship with my own Nan, so I can appreciate what my boys have with my parents :heart::heart:

  • Debbie S.

    It's the jelly babies darling! X

  • Jacquie D.

    excellent decision lol

  • Tony L.

    Interesting facts there

  • Natalie O.

    Definitely true with Lillie xx

  • Sharon H.

    No it is a case of grans love is very different than a mothers role after all you forget that gran has been there before :)

  • Holley J.

    My kids prefer me over anyone else. My mum goes by my rules so my girls have consistency so they don't get confused and granny doesn't go over the top

  • Sharon B.

    It is a case of many grans parents spoiling kids itih over the top amounts of sweeties! I know for a fact my kids gran will smuggle bags of sweeties up to their rooms for them. Annoys me so much! Also they can give the kids 100% undivided attention m and rarely say no. Which makes the days after they visit so much fun as you have 2 sugar crashing narky spoilt as hell kids :(

    • Jo S.

      That would drive me nuts! Thankfully ours is not like that or I'd definitely be having words

  • Esther C.

    My daughter adores her grandma and asks to see her most days. Whilst we are with her she chooses to sit with her at the dinner table etc. But when she's upset or unwell she'll always want her mummy :heart:

    • Sharon H.

      And that's the way it should be

  • Debbie M.

    hahahaha :smiley: they dont really,nothing like ya mama :smiley::smiley::smiley:

  • Joan M.

    :kissing_heart::information_desk_person::blush: great boy 8 wonderful grandchildren :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Sue N.

    Yay! I've waited years to be popular!

  • Joanne M.

    Granny is a lifesaver and we couldn't manage without her! I love the relationship she has with my little girl. It's lovely to watch!

  • Sharon H.

    We always say you can't put an old head on young shoulders but what you forget is you can't put a young head on old shoulders xxx

  • Lynn B.

    No one can ever replace your mummy you are both like to peas in a pod :two_hearts:

  • Shona M.

    Same here! It's because they bribe them with sweets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Emily W.

    Not in my life haha considering my mum has only seen my 3yo 3 times and has passed my 1 1/2yo once on the street without saying anything. And my partner a mum is a twat too who has never seen my youngest and only saw my oldest when we went up to hers. I won't even start on my partners and my dad's. Parenting solo :muscle::thumbsup: less drama :heart:

  • Sam S.

    This is how it should be though, how amazing is a Nan.. Sweeties, love, cuddles, no discipline (that's our job), kisses, spoiling them rotten! I couldn't be happier that my daughter adores her Nan so much. It makes me happy and proud. When they both play and look at each other with pure love it's truly amazing. :heart: xx

  • James R.

    Grandparents take a big role when the mums are piss useless.

  • Carolyn E.

    You can't have too much love :heart:

  • Carolyn E.

    You can't have too much love

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