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2 June 2010

Years ago my mum went through phases of shopping monthly - they were a killer, especially if we were required to stop playing and help bring everything from the car.

I was talking to her about shopping monthly v weekly the other day (I just can't face the thought of shopping for an entire month!) and she said it was only possible with planning a menu for the whole month - I remember it being stuck up on the kitchen door!

pastaWell, I'm not anything as remotely organised as that and even if we do have a menu for the week, I must confess to deviating from it now and again.  This of course leaves me with random ingredients come the end of the week and sometimes my brain struggles to conjure up things to make from this rather ecclectic culinary collection of foods.

RecipeChimp to the RESCUE!  I've been playing around with this little application (I suppose you'd call it) for far too much of the morning and I swear my waistline is already expanding just from having read some of the scrummy recipes the 'Chimp' has come up with.

Basically you enter the key ingredients you'd like to cook with - or the random ones you found lurking in the back of the freezer - and it will point you in the direction of foody sites that have recipes which include those things!

cakeYou can also ask it to exclude items too if your kids, or guests if you're planning a dinner party, don't like various ingredients or are allergic to certain things.

It's a really cute little 'thing' and could help take the hassle out of trying to decide what to have for dinner when your mind's gone blank!

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  • Emma K.
    Great idea! Sometimes I have a load of random veggies in my fridge and can never think of anything more original than throwing them in a stiry fry :)

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