Help Your Baby To Sleep With The Lulla Doll Sleep Companion Now Back In Stock @ Kiddicare

Help Your Baby To Sleep With The Lulla Doll Sleep Companion Now Back In Stock @ Kiddicare

The Lulla Doll Sleep Companion sounds like the answer to all sleep deprived parents problems! This doll is designed to help your baby sleep better by comforting them throughout the night.

It has sold out everywhere in the UK but Kiddicare now have them back in stock, they are expected to sell fast so don't hang around if you have been looking for one.

The Lulla Doll Sleep Companion is priced at £49.99 but as any new parent will tell you a good night's sleep is priceless!

So what is it that makes this doll so special? The Lulla Doll imitates the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest, ensuring babies are relaxed and content with the feeling that their carer is close to them. It plays a real-life recording of a mother sleeping so your baby can actually feel their heartbeat and breathing on them.

Lulla's aim is to help babies stabilize their own breathing and heartbeat, resulting in longer and better quality sleep. It was developed by mother and psychologist Eyrún Eggertsdóttir, who studied research on co-sleeping and then had the idea to create the doll for parents who can't always co-sleep with their children.

Everything has been taken into consideration when making this doll even down to the smell, it has been designed to absorb the parents scent to give babies an extra piece of security. Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it!

The Lulla Doll has been selling out worldwide and wherever you look there are reviews from parents who swear by this dream product!

Home delivery is FREE on your Lulla Doll.


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  • Sian C.

    Should've tried this for Chops gs

    • Robyn H.

      wonder if mia would like this xx

      • Sophie B.

        We use a white noise app on my iPad with Mia. She's slept with it every night since newborn. Scared to not use it in case she doesn't sleep haha The white noise is really good X

        • Sarah H.

          we have also been using the iPad and phone for white noise for Raffy but have recently been told that it's not good to have it on next to them because of the 'waves'!? We have just ordered a white noise toy just to be on the safe side! Xxx

          • Sophie B.

            Really? It's across the room. Will google it X

            • Sarah H.

              Oh if it's far away it will be fine hun, I had been putting it next to Raffy :grimacing:xxxx

            • Sharon C.

              I bought this and still haven't got a nites sleep, didn't work for us.

              • Emma W.

                Might be worth a try haha

                • Cody L.

                  Think it'll work since he isn't a baby baby anymore? I need something

                  • Naomi J.

                    3 nights and counting. .. But a little extra help wouldn't hurt! Xx

                    • Gemma A.

                      Oh my word. Worth a try! X

                      • Hayley H.

                        I have bloody ordered it. Will give it a go !!!!

                        • Amy H.

                          This has saved my life. My second baby now sleeps through thanks to Lulla doll. Worth every penny to finally get some sleep and to know that my little one is comforted.

                          • Lisa B.

                            Hi how old is your baby? I'm only asking as I have a one year old that is a nightmare sleeping x

                            • Amy H.

                              shes 13months old. She never slept through until the night of her 1st birthday when she had the doll as her present. I turned the doll on at 22.30 and she woke at 06.30 ( just when the doll turned off). She's always been fine going off to sleep (around 19.00) but would wake any time from 01.00 then would sleep on and off for the rest of the night. She now sleeps through most nights and I do believe it's because of this doll. We do go through a lot of batteries though!!

                              • Lisa B.

                                Thank you for replying to me, my son is the same age and has never slept through, looks like I'll be buying one of these!

                                • Amy H.

                                  it has definitely worked for us. Finally, we both have a good nights sleep :zzz::zzz:xx

                                  • Dianne M.

                                    We have a very similar situation to you Amy. She sleeps great till 1 then restless till morning. Think this cud be the way forward. Definitely a santa list contender x

                                    • Rhona S.

                                      it's worth a try xxx

                                    • Carly H.

                                      Wud it work for a 2 year old?

                                      • Leanne G.

                                        Think I need a Miricle not a doll lol xx

                                        • Lindsay C.

                                          Get a dream sheep ewan he is 30 odd and does similar with 4 diffrent settings x

                                          • Lizzy H.

                                            Ewan the sheep is £30 and he is just as good, makes heartbeat noise, noises from in the womb, as well as a Hoover noise, yep that's right a Hoover but my daughter wouldn't sleep without it!!$ja=tsid:59156%7Ccid:596683589%7Cagid:28645061965%7Ctid:aud-144400486596:pla-184424477125%7Ccrid:96088971205%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:18223122611901842938%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o1&gclid=CKj3gc6t_s8CFe0Q0wodpYoP3A

                                            • Hayley G.

                                              Yeah right :joy:. I've got heartbeat and breathing sounds and she still doesn't bloody sleep!!!

                                              • Carly G.

                                                Thanks I've seen it, we have a similar thing but might try this one aswell lol xx

                                                • Yvonne R.

                                                  Never heard of this , I would try anything . thanks for thinking of me xxx

                                                  • Becky M.

                                                    But sleep is sooooooo good lol

                                                    • Hollie C.

                                                      These sound good! I am contemplating getting on for my little tinker x

                                                      • Joanne B.

                                                        Anything is worth a try lol

                                                        • Samantha S.

                                                          Ohhhhh, would lily fall for it lol xxxx