Egg Box Octopus Crafts

22 August 2012

It's my little girl's third birthday in just over a month, and we've decided on an ocean themed birthday party. While buying decorations and party bag fillers would be the easy thing to do, I've decided to make craft time productive, and make some table decor or whatever -we-end-up-using-them-for decorations. We started with Egg Box Jelly Fish, adapted from various Pinterest examples.

To start with you'll need an egg carton, scissors or a craft knife, paints, pens and other decorations, ribbon, glue or staples, fishing line or string.

Cut the egg 'cups' out - using a craft knife is easier, but you can just use scissors and hand them over to your little decorator. I find it hard, sometimes, when my daughter's two year old vision doesn't match mine for the end result, but I'm learning to just let her have free reign  on her crafts, and it's making a huge difference - she enjoys it more and she's getting 'better' at doing it 'properly'. It's quite nice to see the transformation.

Leave the egg cups to dry, then take lengths of matching ribbon and either punch holes in the bottom sides or glue ribbon on. I just threaded a length of ribbon in one side and out the other. I've also seen some that are hung from the top so they hang out under the octopus. That also looks quite nice.

You can draw on eyes or stick on googly eyes, whichever takes your fancy.


To hang the octopus as decorations, pierce a hole in the top and thread through some string. Alternatively, just let the kids play!

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