Distracted Parents Raise Inattentive Kids, Study Finds

Distracted Parents Raise Inattentive Kids, Study Finds

Checking your phone whilst hanging out with your child - it's something most parents are guilty of at least some of the time.

Whether you're a full-time parent having a sneaky social media fix in between playing with your kid, or a working mum or dad keeping an eye on your emails whilst pushing your little one on the swings at the park, I think most parents (or at least the honest ones) find that using a phone whilst on parenting duty is fairly unavoidable.

But brace yourself for yet another attack of parental guilt because now experts are suggesting that being distracted by technology when you're hanging with your kids has a high chance of affecting their capacity to concentrate. Oh man.

The Telegraph reports:

Psychologists said they have found the first direct connection between how long a parent pays attention to a toy and the impact this has on their child's concentration.

The study, published in the journal Current Biology, has implications for how a child goes on to perform at school, they added.

Interestingly, though, it seems we can also try too hard when it comes to joining in with playtime because the kids whose parents tried to set the lead for playtime also had lower attention spans.

So apparently we should avoid distractions - especially technological ones - whilst playing with our kids, but also let them take the lead when it comes to what and how we play with them. No pressure, then.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this story. If you're winning at life when it comes to not getting distracted whilst spending time with your kids, we want to hear how you do it.

And equally if giving your kids your full attention without distractions - digital or otherwise - is something you struggle with, feel free to hold your hands up to that. Maybe we can reassure one another that we're doing the best we can and that's probably good enough…


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  • Mummypiper

    I can guarantee you that if I devoted my entire time to the attention of my children then pretty soon after I wouldn't get to give them any as social services would take them away as I would have a filthy house, empty fridge, dirty clothes and no money(can't give them attention if I'm at work).

    This "research" is a joke...