Coupons For Iceland Worth £10 In The Sun

2 June 2014

Iceland Starting on Saturday The Sun paper will print a coupon a day, we believe, for seven coupons that will take £10 off your shopping bill. You will need to purchase the Sun for 60p on Saturday, 70p on Sunday and 40p on weekdays, but if you claim all the coupons, you still have a saving of £6.70.

The order that these are going to come out in may be different, but from what we know, you will be able to claim:

  • American style southern fried wedges worth £1
  • 4 Belgian chocolate ice creams worth £1
  • Rising dough cheese feast pizza worth £1.50
  • 1.75l Coca Cola  worth £1.50
  • 3 Garlic bread baguettes worth £1
  • 12 Fish, chip & mushy pea stacks worth £2
  • 12 Sticky Chicken Skewers worth £2

Whether your regularly buy the Sun or not, or shop at Iceland or not, free food - minus the paper price - isn't to be scoffed at. If this is one for you, enjoy it.

Thanks to davidian84 at HUKD

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