Boys Wear Skirts After Shorts Ban

Boys Wear Skirts After Shorts Ban

When a bunch of boys in Year 9 at a school in Brighton were punished for wearing shorts on the hottest day of the year - it's against the uniform policy to do so - they didn't take it lying down.

Oh no. They rocked up to school the next day wearing SKIRTS. Which ARE part of the uniform policy - so the school could say not a thing about it.

I probably shouldn't admit this but I love this story. I am so *done* with these kind of ridiculous rules that schools seem to impose for no discernible reason, so I think these lads deserve some serious props for their powerful protest.

The Mail reports:

Despite not being allowed to wear the school's branded shorts, the boys were allowed to wear skirts which are part of the agreed school uniform. The students at Longhill High School in Brighton, East Sussex, donned the skirts in protest of the school's decision to punish boys who wore school-issued PE shorts rather than trousers on Tuesday.

One of the boys' mums told the paper that she felt the school was effectively discriminating against them by not allowing them to wear shorts on a hot day, and that she was fully in support of their skirt-wearing antics.

I don't know that I'd have the nerve to publicly support my child if he pulled a stunt like this - I'm generally a line-tower and so would probably end up insisting that he just do as the school demands because I think respecting rules matters - but I also think it's pretty magnificent that the boys' mums have stood by them as they made their point.

But we'd love to hear your views on this story. Do you think the boys were right to challenge the no shorts rule by wearing skirts? Would you have stood by your child if he'd chosen this course of action? Or do you think it's a silly stunt that the boys' parents should have vetoed?

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