Boys Wear Skirts After Shorts Ban

22 July 2016
Boys Wear Skirts After Shorts Ban

When a bunch of boys in Year 9 at a school in Brighton were punished for wearing shorts on the hottest day of the year - it's against the uniform policy to do so - they didn't take it lying down.

Oh no. They rocked up to school the next day wearing SKIRTS. Which ARE part of the uniform policy - so the school could say not a thing about it.

I probably shouldn't admit this but I love this story. I am so *done* with these kind of ridiculous rules that schools seem to impose for no discernible reason, so I think these lads deserve some serious props for their powerful protest.

The Mail reports:

Despite not being allowed to wear the school's branded shorts, the boys were allowed to wear skirts which are part of the agreed school uniform. The students at Longhill High School in Brighton, East Sussex, donned the skirts in protest of the school's decision to punish boys who wore school-issued PE shorts rather than trousers on Tuesday.

One of the boys' mums told the paper that she felt the school was effectively discriminating against them by not allowing them to wear shorts on a hot day, and that she was fully in support of their skirt-wearing antics.

I don't know that I'd have the nerve to publicly support my child if he pulled a stunt like this - I'm generally a line-tower and so would probably end up insisting that he just do as the school demands because I think respecting rules matters - but I also think it's pretty magnificent that the boys' mums have stood by them as they made their point.

But we'd love to hear your views on this story. Do you think the boys were right to challenge the no shorts rule by wearing skirts? Would you have stood by your child if he'd chosen this course of action? Or do you think it's a silly stunt that the boys' parents should have vetoed?

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  • Mandy M.

    The should be allowed to wear shorts primarily, a skirt/kilt does the job as well tho. No issues with that

  • Nevenka P.

    That's genius, well done those lads for the protest

  • Alison S.

    I've never understand why there aren't uniform shorts for high school? My son wears them at primary school and they look so nice. Absolutely no need for children to be subjected to school trousers in the scorching heat.

  • Helen M.

    Good for them. It reeks of women's fight to wear trousers.

  • Emma W.

    Would totally support my boys if they had come up with this...not breaking any rules just highlighting an valid point. Good on them. (And Im a teacher)

  • Amy M.

    I cant understand what's wrong with shorts....!?!?!!

  • Beth C.

    I think shorts look really smart as part of a uniform love seeing my boy wearing them for school.

  • Leigh G.

    What's wrong with smart tailored shorts?!? If they did that to my son I would buy him a skirt just to make the point.

  • Fi C.

    Good one boys!

  • Cass C.

    Good for them!!

  • Dawn B.

    Well done to the boys!! No need for them to suffer in this heat :sunglasses:

  • Judy C.

    If all boys wore shorts when it's hot WHAT are they going to do about it..Nothing go boys rebel and wear your shots.Other nationality wear what they like.

  • Katy C.

    Brilliant, good on them! Boys should have the choice to wear school shorts, we might find the boys are less irritable and therefore can concentrate better, if girls have the choice why the hell shouldn't boys?!?!

    • Kelsall

      I think they did a brave thing and I would 100 per cent stand by my lad if he chose to do something that he believed was right,why not were shorts my lad wears them all the time for school.

  • Lisa M.

    Go boys!

  • Lindsay T.

    Like many have said the uniform should include them to be able to wear shorts agreed by the school in hot weather. Kids are allowed to wear them in primary schools so it shouldn't be any different for secondary school x

  • Ellie C.

    Yes I would 100% support my child to protest. Rules are there to be challenged. Our country is a better place for it.

  • Beverley H.

    Good on them.

  • Justyna L.

    Shorts allowed for boys in summer and trousers for girls in winter. It's just common sense

  • Ashleigh L.

    As a teacher. This is pathetic!! Shorts should definitely be allowed!! As for wearing a skirt... Hilarious and I love their ingenuity! X

  • Toby-Jade S.

    Why not just have shorts for both boys and girls ! Saves the up round the waist skirts and pants on show and everyone's dressed the same!

  • Lynsay H.

    I would support my son if he wanted to do this (he is too self conscious to actually do this though) the senior school he starts in September the uniform consists of shirt tie jumper and blazer and consequences such a as detention of take either blazer or jumper off!!! Plenty of kids will of been suffering in this heat :sunny:

  • Sammie I.

    haha good on them! that school obviously doesnt care about the health of kids. why the hell should they have to wear trousers when its boiling hot?! ridiculous and pathetic school!

  • Jeanette C.

    They are lucky girls have to wear trousers at our local schools and shirt with tie worn properly and blazer at all times. I'm all for uniforms but it's getting crazy.

  • Andy W.

    this was done near cambridge a few years ago made the news good on you boys worse in my day we had to wear blazers and ties no matter how hot it got

  • Rob H.

    Clearly a school run by an SLT each with their heads firmly up their arses. :sunglasses::soccer::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Rachel I.

    I think this is awsome

  • Patricia F.

    They were wearing pe uniform shorts so what's the problem!! Fair play to the boys for having the guts to wear skirts

  • Nikki H.

    This happens almost every year. Why is this still allowed to carry on. Why are kids not allowed shorts as part of the uniform? It's not fair on the kids. I've seen some adults in jobs where they have to wear suits and the like in summer. Different if it's for safety, unfortunately but we should dress to be comfortable and surely this makes for a better learning environment. Who do we need to moan at to stop this from happening!?

  • Sarah G.

    Shorts, skirts and trousers should be allowed for both boys and girls. Why should different genders be discriminated against???

  • Robert W.

    Get a health and safety check done on the school for appropriate clothing to task. If any child suffers from heat stroke due to long trousers, blazer and jumper!!!!! In the summer, sue the fucking shit out of the school, the headmaster, the governors, for child abuse. Lack of clothing in winter would be dangerous, too much in summer is as well.

    Bunch of bloody Nazis these so called educators, my child will never wear a uniform.

  • Angela D.

    Well done boys My child's secondary school have made them wear their tie and blazer - some teachers let them take the blazer off - whilst the teachers wear shorts and summer dresses - outrageous :rage:

  • Gareth C.

    The uniform policy is in place to get kids used to having to adhere to dress standards in the real world. If you worked in an office, or in the police, or the army etc..... you can't just wear what you want.

    • Kirsty P.

      In an office you can adapt your attire to suit the weather or office conditions I.e taking of a suit jacket or taking off a tie. Emergency and armed forces have regulations in place which give the option of different attire to suit the activity and weather conditions. If we as adults are able to adapt our dress for comfort and to maximise efficiency and concentration (within reason) then why shouldn't we allow the same for children.

    • Gareth C.

      Kirsty Price they have been allowed to wear a polo shirt instead of shirt, tie and blazer. You can't wear shorts in an office. Emergency services don't wear shorts. I don't see your point. The school uniform has been adapted to allow them to be more comfortable.

  • Stacey O.

    Well done boys :blush:

  • Michelle D.

    Well done to the boys. It's the same on offices men.have to wear suits All day whilst women.are allowed to come to work in summer dresses. Why shoukd the boys have to suffer

  • Karen P.

    Good for them. I'd happily support my boys if they chose to do this.

  • Rhonda H.

    I would support my son if he was to do this. Its disgraceful that they werent allowed to wear shorts. Good idea about the skirts and good for them for wearing them

  • Alisha G.

    Lol love this at my child's school they are allowed to wear tailored shorts just not sports shorts which seems fair

  • Jayne S.

    Ridiculous!!! Good on the boys for showing the head teacher what a ridiculous rule to have!!!

  • Nicola N.

    I completely understand the need for uniform conformity and guidelines however the enforcement of these guidelines/policies over the years has gone too far and is ridiculous. Making amendments in the classroom is all well and good but you are talking about an age when most kids are going through puberty which can be exacerbated by heat. They were wearing school emblazoned shorts so what's the issue? It's red tape gone ludicrously mad. So skirts for boys are acceptable but school issued shorts are not? Please. This school should be ashamed of themselves putting policies ahead of pupil welfare

  • Sarah C.

    I defo would stand by my son... I think some high school rules over uniform are disgusting.... As I work in a school I know how hot classrooms get its awful sometimes. Good on you lads!! Xx

  • Melissa R.

    Well done guys. These regulation are getting over the top now.

  • Vanessa O.

    Brilliant! Go boys!

  • Karen G.

    Love people protesting in this kind of way! Good job boys! X

  • Ina R.

    60 years ago boys didnt get long trousers till they went to work.

  • Clair B.

    You go boys and hope it gets sorted disgusting. Also these high schools whom think it's ok that they wear blazers. But bet got some nice summer dress or top on

  • Fiona M.

    I'm a teacher and the boys at my school are allowed to wear shorts. It's just plain ridiculous that some schools say they can't.

  • Nicola E.

    Well done lads. Shorts should be part of the uniform. Xx

  • Debbie C.

    Well done boys! It's ludicrous that schools can't understand that if the pupil is comfortable they are easier to teach, if children are over heating they fidget meaning they aren't concentrating. Its the same with schools that wont allow pupils to remove blazers in hot weather. If they would look at schools in Australia, they would see how pupils can look smart in summer uniforms. Teachers are allowed to wear cooler clothes in summer so its 1 rule for them and another for the pupils.

  • Jane S.

    Well done lads

  • Emily W.

    Well done on you boys

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