Binmen Won't Collect Nappies Once Tots Turn Three

Binmen Won't Collect 3yr Old's Nappies

We all know that local authorities are strapped for cash but one local authority is demanding that parents produce their children's birth certificates if they wish the council to collect dirty nappies.

You couldn't make it up.

According to the Telegraph, the council says Anglesey's waste management teams have "evidence that most children are potty-trained between ages two and three" and thus wants parents to prove their child's age in order to justify continued use of the nappy disposal service.

A fortnightly nappy collection will only be provided to families with children up to three years old. In other words, once your child turns three you could be denied the nappy disposal service and expected to hang on to your soiled nappies until the normal household bin collection every three weeks

The move is part of a bid to "meet recycling targets and avoid being fined by the Welsh Government", according to the paper.

Whoever thought this up obviously didn't consider the needs of disabled children or those who wear nappies past the age of three, either.

As the mother of a potty-trained three-year-old who still wears nappies at night, I'd utterly object to the idea of having to thrust my child's birth certificate in someone's face in order to justify my use of the waste management service when it comes to disposing of nappies. I don't much fancy the idea of storing up the seven nappies we use per week until there are 21 of them waiting for the three-weekly collection, either.

What's your view on this story? If you use disposable nappies, how do you dispose of them? And how would you feel about having to show your child's birth certificate or face being denied a nappy disposal service after your child's third birthday?

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  • Kelly S.

    how will they no there in the bin lmao. If bin men want to raid my bin then crack on haha xx

    • GemmaSoar J.

      :joy::joy: idiots! Lol xx

  • Becky P.

    What about children with disabilities?? Ridiculous!

    • Amy W.

      Children with disabilities are exempt from the age limit.

  • Mellissa M.

    This can't be right!

  • Rachel B.

    Seriously stupid bin men not gonna raid the bins.

  • Jo H.

    What a crock of shit! ;-)

  • Vonnie B.

    Wtf lol todays rules just keep getting worse xx

  • Kel H.

    They shouldnt be innsppies that age edp not pooing anyway

    • Stacey C.

      Some children have medical reasons or disabilities. Dont judge!

    • Sarah M.

      Some child have disabilities so need to be in nappies

    • Nicki A.

      Why qualifications do you have to make that assessment?

    • Karen N.

      Some adults should learn to spell before commenting too but hey ho...

    • Vicki T.

      Always one idiot isnt there. Lol

    • Sarah C.

      My little girl is nearly 6 she is still in nappies as she has night terrors and wets herself its better to wear a pull up then having stinky piss stained mattresses

    • Suzym

      as u seem to know a lot maybe u can advice me how to potty train a just turned 3 year old who has no interest.

      I have been told by every health profession that each child is different and he will do it when he is ready.

      You appear to know something I don't so please share Ur magic wisdom . 

  • Dawn M.

    A missed the "after 3" lol never mind now haha

  • Katie G.

    Even still who are they to decide wen ur wain should be out of nappies lol xx

  • Leanne C.

    most are potty trained between 2-3yrs. what a load of :poop:!

  • Samantha C.

    What they going to do? Dig out all the rubbish out the bin lol

    • Emily S.

      It's a nappy collection service apperently. If they are older than 3 then it needs to go in the normal bin x

    • Samantha C.

      Nappy collect? What bloody next lol

      Is this where are taxes are going? It's pathetic

    • Amy W.

      If you don't live on anglesey then no your taxes aren't paying for it the people of Anglesey and gwynedd council tax does.

  • Dawn M.

    True!! A Just read they won't take nappies lol. Ate the raking bins these days lol xx

  • Joanne R.

    Mine want take them. Have to go in our wheelie bin. Once every three weeks with three in nappies and six living in our house xxx

  • Helen B.

    What a ridiculous idea!!!

  • Stacey C.

    Doncaster council refused to even do a nappy disposal and I have 3 children in nappies, one who is 5 and has special needs that is why he is still in them but the other two are two years and 5 months but they said they don't do nappy disposal services for children only elderly people. So we have to put all these nappies in our normal bin causing a lot of rubbish as there are about 15 nappy changes a day times that by a fortnight when our bins get emptied and it stinks too x

    • Donna W.

      Someone further up was saying once they are over 3 and still need nappies for medical reasons you can apply for a medical waste bin, I think most councils do it, could be worth asking (they don't have to know you use it for all 3 ;-) )

  • Penny R.

    The article Is regarding a separate fortnightly collection JUST for nappies. Of course you can still put them in general waste ....and disabilities will also be taken into consideration.

    Nothing to do with general waste's a completely separate collection JUST for nappies. As their bins only get collected every three weeks there.

  • Sarah M.

    Will just end up with stinky nappies on the street.. What else are you meant to do with them lol!!

  • Melanie N.

    Well I say just sod it and put them in the normal bin. Most councils don't have a special nappy collection service anyway. I get that they take along time to breakdown in landfills and it's easier to dispose of them other ways but for goodness sake parents are under enough pressure to get kids trained without worrying about this.

    • Amy W.

      It's because the normal service is going to be collected every 3 weeks meaning most families need the nappy service to stop their general waste bin being too full.

    • Scott C.

      Every four Weeks in my area

  • Vicki W.

    That's a joke. My daughter is 4 1/2 and due to learning difficulties only just cracked daytime toileting around her 4th birthday. Discrimination towards children. What happens when OAP'S are using some kind of nappy or people that can't do anything for themselves, is it the same order or do they get allowances. Not thought out properly.

  • Aimee M.

    Am I reading this right? Some places get a nappy disposal service? I thought they just went in the normal household bin?

  • Rachel T.

    They aren't refusing to collect them in normal waste just stopping an extra service which is provided for just collecting nappies is how I read this.

  • Lucy H.

    Lol what about children who wear pull ups of a night what about children who still need nappies at 3 what about disabled children it's hard enough as it is what a load of crap get a grip it's a bloody nappy :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:

  • Claire M.

    Our council gave us a larger bin free of charge as we have 2 children over 3 who are in nappies due to disabilities.

  • Rosie-mae T.

    My son is nearly 6 and has bowel and bladder issues and still wears nappies what are we supposed to do? And he will wear nappies for the rest of his life.Absolute joke.

    • Amy W.

      If your son has a disability meaning he needs the service it is classed as medical waste you are provided special yellow incineration bags and they are picked up weekly you just call the council to arrange.

    • Rosie-mae T.

      Amy Withey Thankyou

    • Amy W.

      no problem. It's been rushed in a bit and nobody has really received enough information! x

  • Gillian B.

    My 7yo son has severe autism and is still in nappies, after getting a sticker on our second bin saying they uplift next time round I called council who said not to worry we could still keep bin to use otherwise it would be a real worry x

  • Fi C.

    A child over 3 shouldn't be in nappies unless special needs/medical

    • Joanne S.

      Yeah because it's that easy isn't it?? Some children won't be dry by the age of 3 especially at night!!

  • Vicki T.

    Those saying they shouldnt be in nappies at that age. A few facts for you. 1. Some children have disabilities 2. You cant make a child go dry in the night. Its to do with the chemical in the brain. So not all children will be dry at that age.

    • Julie L.

      My daughter has been dry for 4 years through the night and has suddenly started wetting the bed again. We are liaising with the school nurse and she'll possibly be referred to a paediatrician. So for now she has to wear pyjama pants which are essentially pull ups :pensive:

    • Amy W.

      Children with disabilities are exempt from the age limit.

    • Cathrine F.

      No they aren't Amy x that is an issue I saw raised earlier. They said no allowance for disabilities. I am sure that will get tweaked though and some allowance will be made x

    • Amy W.

      they are hun it's in the paperwork we've recieved they just have to send a diagnosis letter and fill in the form and they get the medical waste service rather than the nappy service.

    • Amy W.

      it's better tbh medical waste is collected weekly! it's the service places I have worked recieved too. children over 3 with a diagnosed disability are 100% eligible and have always been eligible for the service x

    • Cathrine F.

      That is a separate service like for adults with these issues, my mum was one x the specific nappy services is restricted to 3 and limited but I think it is a fab idea overall and should be encouraged x

    • Cathrine F.

      Like you said a medical waste service and a nappy service x. Defo think they would do best to combine for all the children x

    • Amy W.

      it's not just for adults anyone with medical waste of any age can utilise the service. They are classing nappies for 3+ with a disability as medical waste.

    • Cathrine F.

      I know.. the up to 3s are the nappy service and the disability needs are the medical waste x

    • Amy W.

      does it matter what the title of the service is? it still being picked up and incinerated. it's still not going into the general waste and the landfill.

      it's just a different coloured bag with a different name.

    • Cathrine F.

      I'm not fussed about the title.. I'm just saying it is technically a different service on paper.

    • Cathrine F.

      The issue people have with this is that it is so restrictive to some.. I think in time that will get sorted when it has become established.

    • Amy W.

      Asking for birth certificates and removing the service at age 3 yes I disagree with it.

      BUT at some point any child with a disability that will extensively require incontinence products for the long term will cross over into the medical waste. Why not save time arrange it age 3 and be done with it AND benefit from a weekly rather than fortnightly service.

      I don't see the big deal. at the end of the day the council have done something proactive to protect the planet for our children's future. no its not perfect but it's a humongous step in the right direction miles ahead of many other areas.

      I don't see why it's such a big drama and made national news. People just need to recycle properly and get on with their lives lol.

    • Cathrine F.

      I am not disagreeing about the birth certificates etc nor do i I think it a big thing :) from that post though and another one your own wall.... are you assuming any child or most past 3 who are not potty trained have a disability? Genuine question as I might be reading it wrong

    • Amy W.

      no of course not hence me saying I don't feel there should be an age limit.

      I do think though if I were the parent if a child with a disability with the outlook of permanently using incontinence products I would rather a weekly service.

      it's quite simple really so yes you are reading it very wrong.

    • Cathrine F.

      Fair enough. I know there is a service for the waste products. I don't think all know about it :/ my mum was using incontinence pads and although we managed to get some provided by the council, they never told us we could get them collected as waste after so they were binned in the usual method

    • Amy W.

      on my own page it's a combination of terrible grammar and answering my mum while making tea so I've missed out a too.

      Communication has generally been very poor here too. letters were literally sent days before the new orange boxes appeared on our lawns!

    • Cathrine F.

      I think the big problem with it is that people think they can't put nappies in bins anymore and that they have to have under 3s but if they read it, that is not the case. I know bin collections are being reduced and that is a pita. They can still put nappies in if they need to... just another service is now being given to help people with alot of nappies. Alot of children without disabilities use nappies past 3 too but by then they use not many compared to newbies who could easily go through 10 or more a day. There are some issues with this service but overall it is a good thing and will hopefully be improved further. People just need to read it properly and for those who need the waste service.. it is there but they may have to seek it out.

    • Lisa K.

      It isnt to do with a chemical in the brain its to do with messages not getting to the brain, I am well up on it asI have a 10 year old still in nappies at night.

    • Kate T.

      Lisa King yeah the chemicals block the nerves carrying messages.

    • Lucy B.

      My son is almost 5 and still wears a nappy at night. It has been dry possibly twice in the last month so I'm hoping this is the start of getting him out of them

    • Lisa K.

      Kate Tilbrook I just wish there was medication to change it. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see her like this

  • Reb H.

    Boo hoo poor you; we've never had a nappy collection service here so just be grateful for what you have! We don't even have full size bins!!!

  • Jodie K.

    Nappies here just go in the normal waste bin... we dont have a nappy service

  • Mia S.

    Mine won't do them unless I have at least 2 children. Here's a thought maybe put me in touch with someone else with the need who's local and we could do a drop together..nope, hang on, ive spotted the problem with that thought .. Common Sense!!!

  • Rhiannon Y.

    In our county they go in the black bags

  • Samantha H.

    What if the child has special needs? :rage::rage::rage::thumbsdown::thinking::thinking::thinking:

  • Rebecca A.

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Absolute bellends :joy::joy:.

  • Sonya H.

    I didn't know any councils actually collected nappies separately..mine never has! Just put them in the normal household waste bin...

    • Helen M.

      Same here. Can you imagine all the bins - you would need a bigger garden: general, recycling, glass, food, garden waste and now nappies :fearful:

    • Sonya H.

      I know...our gardens are turning into recycling centres :recycle:

    • Amy W.

      It's better this way, nappies are incinerated instead of adding to the landfill.

    • Sonya H.

      Better still reusable nappies :blush:

    • Amy W.

      True but they aren't to everyone's taste, They are quite an expensive outlay which some people can't afford and they still put a lot of chemicals through the water services from the constant washing which means more energy sources are also used. Neither option is perfect x

    • Louise C.

      They kept the nappy bin hushhush as it would mean a separate collection date! But since we went to 3 weekly collecting they gave everyone with children one

    • Wee G.

      Simple. Sneak in to your normal waste bin. They aren't going to stifle through a weeks rubbish to look for offending nappy. Ridiculous.

    • Jenny T.

      My council trailed a similar service it was brilliant, they sadly didn't continue with it though. Reusable didn't suit us at all, complete nightmare, expensive and gave my daughter awful nappy rash despite being stripped etc

    • Amanda D.

      U have to ask ... they won't offer.... ask for hygiene bags and my council only offer this service if you have 2 little ones in nappies

  • Lou1601

    my little boy has been potty trained since 2 & half but has struggled getting dry at night, he's now 5 and I've only just in the last 2 weeks managed to get him out of pull ups at night not all children are dry at night straight away just because they're 3 doesn't mean they are dry at night too. All children are different and progress at different ages. I think it's ridiculous to assume all children will be potty trained at the age of 3 morning and night and who are they to deny a service that we pay to receive anyway!! 

  • Toni B.

    I didn't even no councils did this! I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old have always put nappies in a nappy bag and put them in my normal waste. Bins get emptied every 2 weeks, can't say I have ever had a problem with smell or over flowing waste.

    • Hazel T.

      I didn't know councils offered this either and I have 3 kids lol

  • Michelle S.

    My son turned 3 I so hard get out of pull up he getting there slowly tho once in pants he need pull.7p at bed time tho..aslo he under assessment. atm too.

  • Jillian G.

    I had nappy collections when I lived in Cheshire. It was fab with having 3 under 3.

  • Carol W.

    I put ours in normal bin too but if that's only collected every 3 weeks the smell would be bad!!! I get the principle of it but they have failed to consider the elderly or disabled that require nappies/incontinence pads? When they do this with other bins it's to encourage a particular behaviour (eg recycling). What I don't get is what behaviour they are trying to encourage with this???? It just sounds bizarre and not the full story!

    • Amy W.

      Elderly/incontinence pads already have a special collection available as it's classed as medical waste (i live on anglesey and work as a care assistant) these bags are yellow and collected weekly.

  • Sian J.

    Maybe the post should add that it's a 'special nappy disposal service' and not about bin men diving in general waste bins looking for nappies :rolling_eyes:. Read the actual article people!!

    • Penny R.

      My thoughts exactly! x

    • Cathrine F.

      Spot on. I have seen so many shares of this news where people have not bothered to actually read it properly.

  • Tammy T.

    Ridiculous ! What qualifications have bin men got in assessing continence ???

    • Kate T.

      It's more the rules set by the council. The bin men aren't making the decision lol

    • Tammy T.

      Oh well, council staff then :poop:

  • Tracy B.

    in glasgow its in the normal bin, i have a 2 and a 1 year old, my bin is mostly full with smelly nappies and we always have to use neighbours bins as overflow for rubbish. our bins are collected every 2 weeks and no matter what you do are totally stinking!!!!!

  • Ellie W.

    Omg the thick igits, what about kids with disabilities? Wow, ignorance at its best.

  • Melanie E.

    Absolute bolloxs!!

  • Becky G.

    Our council just gave us a bigger rubbish bin. Interesting to see wen they will take it off us. They say u can have it till your eldest is 5!!

  • Janice F.

    Silly question but could pads and tampons be put in the nappy collection? But yes what about incontinence pads? Ect? We have recycled collected one week and normal the next.

  • Kerry W.

    how ridiculous can u imagine lads doing this

    • Corinna H.

      They wouldn't it's disgusting x

    • Kerry W.

      What a waste of time x

    • Corinna H.

      Definitely x

  • Ashleigh W.

    get toilet training haha xx

  • Amy W.

    As someone who lives on anglesey with 2 children one of which is in nappies i think the nappy collection service is fantastic. The average child that potty trains by age 2 and a half uses around 4500 nappies. This service stops those nappies reaching the landfill instead they are incinerated.

    This story shockingly does not include important details

    1. If a child has a disability then they are exempt from the age limit but the council require proof.

    2. Adults who require incontinence products already have a seperate service as this is classed as medical waste.

    3. this service has been created because the general waste service is going to be picked up on a 3 weekly basis. Nappies can take up a lot of room are non biodegradable and so instead by them being placed in a seperate bag and being collected every two weeks they are incinerated.

    It's a massively positive move for the future of the planet. The only thing I disagree with is requiring a child's birth certificate and stopping the service at age 3. My eldest was potty trained by 2 but all children are different I think our council are being very short sighted there.

    • Rachel J.

      Fellow Anglesey resident myself with a 22 month old- think it's great that we're not being penalised as mums with young children knowing how many Nappies I can go through in a day let alone 3 weeks! Means that I should get all my rubbish in my black bin with recycling everything I can :)

    • Amy W.

      I've found myself paying a lot more attention to what is going in to my bin today and I have surprised myself at how much more I have recycled!

    • Siobhan F.

      Also a fellow Anglesey resident, hi!! :wave: The one thing that bothers me about this whole thing is that they're not encouraging families with babies to use reusable cloth nappies and I wonder why not? I have a 13mo, have used cloth nappies with her almost from the start and I love them! I think it's great that I'm saving so much money and not filling my bin up with heavy nappies (in the early days when I was using disposables I really struggled to move my bin the night before collection because the nappies in it were so heavy!) and I love all the pretty colours and prints you can get them in. I was convinced that Anglesey council would start doing an incentive scheme like so many other councils do, where you get a grant (usually £30 I think) towards buying some cloth nappies and I was really looking forward to it, but sadly that doesn't seem to be the case. :-( I've suggested cloth nappies to fellow mums at the school gate who were not happy about this nappy collection service and having to provide a birth cert for it, but most of the time the reply I get is "Oh I couldn't be bothered with that". People seem to think it's a lot of washing to do but I only need to do one load of nappies every other day. I wish more people would try it. I've not even bothered to request a nappy collection form from the council because I won't need it and am glad that's one less thing I have to try to remember to put out for the bin men! Sorry, that turned into a bit of an essay, oops!

    • Laura T.

      I'm with you there, Siobhan! Cloth nappy fan here too. Cloth nappies are actually just as easy as disposables!

      Even with a couple of extra washing loads each week you're still massively saving in terms of environmental impact, not to mention the huuuge cost savings! It costs over £2,000 in nappies and wipes for the average child from birth to potty-trained. My stash of cloth nappies and cloth wipes didn't even cost me £300. And using the same stash for successive children you save even more!!

      We've also found we have hardly any nappy leaks, and she's never had nappy rash!

      Cloth nappies for the win!! :ok_hand_tone1:

    • Laura T.

      Sadly no incentive from the council here either (London). It really varies depending on your location!

    • Amy W.

      gwynedd council used to offer a grant but it stopped before I had my eldest daughter so over 5 years ago. It is a shame because for a basic newborn to potty pack it's around £200 but I'm well aware how addictive pretty cloth is :joy: x

  • Nichola W.

    Sorry, but if you pay your council tax, the bin men are employed to take away the contents of your bin!!! So will they be refusing to take away the waste of adults who rely on pads for a range of medical needs because they are over 3 years old? Or children with additional support needs who rely on pads? Bin men do a great job - but they are paid to empty bins, not judge the contents. I get that this isnt the bin mens responsibility, it comes down to the stupidity of individual councils. But the point remains... We pay your wages, you work for us!

    • Kim M.

      Maybe you should read the article before getting on your high horse!!

  • Claire H.

    It's crazy :(

  • Rachel J.


  • Hayley W.

    Am I missing something here nappy disposal service? I have never heard of this lol xxx

  • Nicola H.

    I've never heard of a special service just to collect soiled nappies!? Where I live household waste only gets collected once every 3 weeks!! So yes our bins really smell!! :poop:

    • Louise C.

      phone your council they all do it but keep it quiet

    • Kimberley H.

      Same here.

  • Jennifer L.

    We don't have a nappy waste disposal system, they sit in the household bin until each fortnightly collection.

  • Jennifer L.

    If they're that bothered help people out more with been able to use reuseable nappies. Long term it does save money but short term, £16 for one washable nappy when can get 62 reuseable nappies...

    • Siobhan F.

      I live on Anglesey and use cloth nappies, and have been trying to point people in that direction too. Most of my nappies are from tj's cloth nappies, which are only around £4-£6 a nappy, so much cheaper than some of the more expensive ones and work just as well in my opinion! I love our cloth nappies and am really disappointed that Anglesey council haven't started an incentive scheme to help people get started with cloth nappies like so many other councils offer. Hopefully they'll reconsider soon and try to get more people using them. They're really not as much hard work as people seem to think! :-)

    • Jennifer L.

      That's cheap. And agree the council could promote them too, that would help with their waste problem.

  • Cathrine F.

    You need to re word the OP. They are not refusing to take them in your usual rubbish... they are offering an extra service to take nappies for under 3s. Totally misleading and untrue headline.

  • Emily M.

    Joke :rolling_eyes: I can't even hear anymore crap from bin men pull your shit together and get on

  • Anne R.

    What about childminders. Where do they put nappies?

    • Vicky M.

      Don't know about the area mentioned but in our area childminders are classed as a business they have to pay for additional waste uplift same as any other business

  • Gillian B.

    Was gonna say... kelseys never had nappies for over a year

  • Loppylass3

    We have alternate weekly collection - Green bin - recyclables (not nappies) Black bin - Nappies and waste that cant be recycled, animal waste etc We also have Brown bin for garden waste.  have 3 children, only youngest 3.5 wears a nappy at night, always wet when she wakes, not ready by a long way to not wear one.  I work in a preschool for ages 2-5 and theres a lot of them still in nappies at 3 and older.  Children now dont find it that easy, too many distractions to concentrate on thinking they need a wee, and nappies can be so cheap its easier for dare I say "lazy" parents to use them. 

  • Tanya H.

    Well ano that silly

  • Kelly L.

    What why? X

  • Claire Q.

    Don't think they will go through the bin looking for nappies what a load of shit

  • Kelly L.

    Doesnt make any sense. It's ridiculous. X

  • Kelly L.

    And they don't empty bin the machine do it so how would they possibly know x

  • Amy W.

    in a dog poo bin.

  • Lisa B.

    Lisa does know :joy:

  • Amy W.

    the nappies are to be put in a separate bag and collected by a separate service. the council aren't expecting the bin men to sift through rubbish that's pretty obvious in the story :joy:

  • Charlotte T.

    Amy Withey what from your own back garden?

  • Andy W.

    put the birth cert in a bag of nappies tell the bin men its at the bottem

  • Andy W.

    alot okid by 3 are dry day time but the get ill go out easy answer bag them up tight put in a bin out side a shop or bus stop

  • Kelly B.

    Well that's someone screwed! X

  • Lorna N.

    Can I just say, you are meant to dump poo in the toilet, whether you use reusable nappies or disposable nappies, obviously if it's newborn runny, before weaning poo or diarrhea then it's impossible, but if it's solid, dump and flush.

    • Kate T.

      Seriously where do you get that from? Lol.

    • Lorna N.

      If you read the packaging, it is actually what they say.

    • Kate T.

      Not on my nappies lol.

    • Kate T.

      Yeah many thanks. Much appreciated :expressionless:

  • Maria K.

    How is the bin man going to know you've got nappies in ur bin ??

  • Sarah B.

    What about children and adults with disabilities. Yep seems no thought has gone into this one! There's a surprise!! Muppets

  • Nancy W.

    Why do we pay council tax? What if it's an older person with incontinence issues. Do we still need to show a birth certificate for an 80 year old. What happened to human rights and dignity ?

  • Amy W.

    if you've got one close enough why not lol

  • Sam L.

    Lmfao..... is this for real?!?! :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Louise C.

    I live on Anglesey and this is news to me!!!!!!!

  • Kimberley H.

    So it's a specific nappy disposal service? I think the fact that they offer that in the first place makes them a pretty conscientious council... Our nappies just have to fill up the household bin that only gets collected once every three weeks!

  • Clare W.

    Bolton council have just reduced us from a normal bin to a slim bin and collect every 2 weeks. I have a 1 year old so it's full to the top every time. They should be thankful the council will do it at all

  • Kerry W.

    Thanks Amy. We know, it was a hypothetical question and conversation. Plus they don't work for the council, they already work for a 'separate service' .. thanks again though :joy::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Kelly L.

    Which is exactly why I said the bin men wouldn't know either way. I'm perfectly capable of understanding the article without the help of an insufferable know-it-all. :wink::wink:

  • Danielle A.

    Gwynedd have the same policy, we have a nappy collection every week, arranged through the council providing birth certificates. Our bins go every 3 weeks. Without the nappy collection I would struggle to fit them in the green bin. They also have a collection for elderly/disabled every week

  • Vicky M.

    We r about to move to a 3 weekly collection also no nappy collection here they've to go in the normal bin and sit there for 3 weeks !!! so while birth certificates etc is a bit ridiculous - it's a better service than we have !

  • Amie C.

    In England we don't get nappies collected seperately!

  • Charlotte T.

    Amy Withey lol not by my house there isn't it's a good 15 minute walk to our nearest one and I ain't doing that daily lol x

  • Sammie I.

    I've never even heard of them taking your nappies for you lol

  • Laura S.

    There are plenty of adults who must wear nappies for health reasons; are they going to discriminate against them too?! Utterly shocking!

  • Jade L.

    Well in every other area we HAVE TO put nappies in our general waste bin.. we don't get a special nappy delivery service. Stop moaning :neutral_face:

  • Vikki T.

    You know what would be better. If all councils offered the free or discount reusable nappies. Sadly our council doesn't but I know some do. I know 3 weekly bin collections make our bin stink!!!

  • Charlotte T.

    Amy Withey I sadly don't have my dog anymore but when I did I walked her on the school run which was an hour walk there and back and then another hour at pick up which is in the opposite direction to the poop bin which is at our local park 15 minutes.

  • Hannah B.


  • Sarah D.

    I no right ! Xx

  • Hannah B.

    Ridiculous! Xx

  • Sue G.

    Mine will continue to go in the bin in nappy sacks along with the dogs poo!

  • Nikki A.

    Marriott what you think? xx

  • Charlie

    Eeeermmm.....check the stats on being clean at night time. There are children who have absolutely no additional needs what so ever but still have accidents at night, thus wear pull ups etc at is NORMAL especially for boys to still not be dry at night at 7.....glad I don't live in Wales 

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