Binmen Won't Collect Nappies Once Tots Turn Three

Binmen Won't Collect Nappies Once Tots Turn Three

We all know that local authorities are strapped for cash but one local authority is demanding that parents produce their children's birth certificates if they wish the council to collect dirty nappies.

You couldn't make it up.

According to the Telegraph, the council says Anglesey's waste management teams have "evidence that most children are potty-trained between ages two and three" and thus wants parents to prove their child's age in order to justify continued use of the nappy disposal service.

A fortnightly nappy collection will only be provided to families with children up to three years old. In other words, once your child turns three you could be denied the nappy disposal service and expected to hang on to your soiled nappies until the normal household bin collection every three weeks

The move is part of a bid to "meet recycling targets and avoid being fined by the Welsh Government", according to the paper.

Whoever thought this up obviously didn't consider the needs of disabled children or those who wear nappies past the age of three, either.

As the mother of a potty-trained three-year-old who still wears nappies at night, I'd utterly object to the idea of having to thrust my child's birth certificate in someone's face in order to justify my use of the waste management service when it comes to disposing of nappies. I don't much fancy the idea of storing up the seven nappies we use per week until there are 21 of them waiting for the three-weekly collection, either.

What's your view on this story? If you use disposable nappies, how do you dispose of them? And how would you feel about having to show your child's birth certificate or face being denied a nappy disposal service after your child's third birthday?

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  • Lou1601

    my little boy has been potty trained since 2 & half but has struggled getting dry at night, he's now 5 and I've only just in the last 2 weeks managed to get him out of pull ups at night not all children are dry at night straight away just because they're 3 doesn't mean they are dry at night too. All children are different and progress at different ages. I think it's ridiculous to assume all children will be potty trained at the age of 3 morning and night and who are they to deny a service that we pay to receive anyway!! 

    • Loppylass3

      We have alternate weekly collection - Green bin - recyclables (not nappies) Black bin - Nappies and waste that cant be recycled, animal waste etc We also have Brown bin for garden waste.  have 3 children, only youngest 3.5 wears a nappy at night, always wet when she wakes, not ready by a long way to not wear one.  I work in a preschool for ages 2-5 and theres a lot of them still in nappies at 3 and older.  Children now dont find it that easy, too many distractions to concentrate on thinking they need a wee, and nappies can be so cheap its easier for dare I say "lazy" parents to use them. 

      • Charlie

        Eeeermmm.....check the stats on being clean at night time. There are children who have absolutely no additional needs what so ever but still have accidents at night, thus wear pull ups etc at is NORMAL especially for boys to still not be dry at night at 7.....glad I don't live in Wales