Baby Spas - Are They A Thing Now?

19 May 2016
Baby Spas - Are They A Thing Now?

Remember the adorable pics of babies enjoying a spa day which did the rounds on social media a couple of years ago? The people behind Your Baby Spa (including former professional swimmer Laura Sevenus) have opened a new one in Australia and the pics are as cute as you'd imagine.

Babyology reports:

Using a specially designed flotation device called the Bubby, babies aged from two days to six months can enjoy floating in their own neonatal pod or in larger hydrotherapy spas. The whole experience is meant to resemble a baby's experience in the womb and, with repeat visits, aims to develop a love for water. And it's all finished off with a bit of baby massage.

Aw. But it's apparently not just about cute pics. According to the owners, hydrotherapy for babies is "a groundbreaking developmental technique, which offers numerous physical and emotional benefits for neonates and young babies".

I reckon this could do wonders for babies with colic, not to mention tiring out the little darlings and helping them to sleep. What's your view? Are you a fan of baby massage and have you ever tried hydrotherapy with your little one? We'd love to hear your experiences.

Now, how long till they open a joint where you and your baby can do a spa day together?!

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  • Ellen E.

    Just take your baby swimming in a neoprene suit from an early age. And do Water Babies with them!

  • Sarah A.

    Cant imagine itl b good for theirs necks....?

  • Tina H.

    My little one went to a baby spa in Hong Kong, he really enjoyed it!

  • Kerry B.

    They look brilliant don't they x x

  • Laura R.

    Yeh it will learn them to swim as well xxx

  • Amy T.

    I don't like the idea of that being around a baby's neck

  • Louisa D.

    I've seen these before I think they look awful!

  • Kathryn L.

    It made me laugh!! So funny

  • Amanda J.

    omg look!!! Poor baby lmao

  • Gemma L.

    Stupid and lasy

  • Stephanie O.

    This looks like baby being strangledxx

  • Emma S.

    Lmao so cute :joy:

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