Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton Gives Birth At Home In A Birthing Pool

21 October 2014

Natasha Hamilton

It seems that Natasha Hamilton - formerly a singer with girl band Atomic Kitten - is the latest celebrity mum to discover the joys of a water birth.

The singer recently gave birth to a baby girl, a sister to big brothers Harry and Josh. Little Ella Rose was born at home in a birthing pool, according to OK! magazine who ran an exclusive interview with Natasha and her boyfriend, Ritchie Neville, of boy band 5ive.

Ritchie told the magazine that his daughter's birth was the best night of his life and a moment that he will treasure forever. All together now: Ahhh.

Baby Ella was born in an inflatable birthing pool in the couple's living room, and Natasha says both parents shed a few tears when their little girl arrived.

I planned for a water birth with my first baby but he clearly had other ideas and was well on his way into the world before we had time to fill the pool. But I've only ever heard fabulous things about water births and I'll admit to being a teeny bit sad that I never did get to experience one. Still, not sad enough to warrant doing it all over again, I hasten to add.

Did you have a water birth and / or a home birth? We'd love to hear all about your experience if so - you can join the conversation on Twitter or on our Facebook page. Did the water play a part in pain relief, and did your partner take the plunge too, or stick to dry land?


  • Kdl1
    I had a water birth with both of my children so have nothing to compare it with but would definitely recommend it.
  • ceryswill
    I had a home birth! The best thing I ever did. It was a relaxed atmosphere and me and my partner got to enjoy the birth. My baby daughter was born in the morning time, she was meant to be in a birthing pool however the midwife had had the pool stolen by another midwife so therefore she was born in the bath. Mid labour I got out of the bath as gravity needed to do some work. I got back in the bath for the last few pushes and everything was fine and she was born safely!

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