Ambulance & Chickens Workshop

30 March 2011


Maggy is visiting from over at Red Ted Art were she regularly gets crafty with her 3 year old son (Red Ted) and 1 year old daughter (Pip Squeak). Maggy has collated some of her recent work into an ebook, which you might enjoy if you like our series of workshop posts.

Today’s craft was all dictated by Red Ted. He has gotten the hang of the fact that mummy and daddy can make anything. Recently we made  castle and loo roll men over at Red Ted Art and the project just mushroomed and mushroomed.

Remember the book “Harry & The Robots” that was reviewed here on Playpennies Robot Card post a while back? Well, it was the sole source that inspired the craft today.

Quick synopsis: Harry has a robot that needs to go to robot hospital. His Granny (who is feeding the chickens in the garden) promises to make a new one with him. That night she is taken to hospital in the ambulance. Harry makes some robots on his own and brings them to Granny in hospital. The kind doctor encourages this. Eventually Granny comes home again as does the original robot and they sit in the garden feeding the chickens.


Red Ted decided that three of the loo roll people we had made for the castle craft were to be Harry, Granny and the Doctor (from the book) and started role playing. He quickly decided that we need an ambulance for Granny, as well as some of her chickens. So today, I talk you through how to make:

  • A loo roll person
  • Some chickens
  • An ambulance

Random, I know, but that is how children’s minds work and hopefully they will provide you with inspiration to meet your child’s crafting demands!

pic4Loo roll people:

Materials: One loo roll per person, pink paint, googly eyes, fabric scraps, pen, glue and optional pipecleaner for arms.

  1. Paint 1/3 of loo roll pink and let dry
  2. Cut some fabric strips long enough to fit round the loo roll and glue on
  3. Glue on googly eyes
  4. Add features (e.g. glasses, moustache, ears, etc)


Materials: Cardboard, loo roll, paint, googly eyes and glue.

  1. Cut out a chicken shape – including a bar across the bottom for the stand
  2. Paint brown, yellow and red and green across bottom
  3. Cut out a stand from the loo roll, paint green and make some notches
  4. Glue on googly eyes

This method can of course be applied to any animal your child demands from you – it would also make a good cow, cat, dog, sheep…


Materials: a box, some coloured card or relevant paint, glue and pen.

  1. Our ambulance is relatively small – but opens on the side to fit a loo roll person perfectly! You can make it out of any box – try and turn the box so one flap becomes an opening on the side. Paint if necessary!
  2. Ours was white already, so all we did was cut out some yellow paper, drew on green squares and stuck them on for the stripes.
  3. Cut out a red cross and glue on
  4. Cut out some lights and glue on
  5. Finish detail in pen: window, wheels and number plate!

Finished - now go play!


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