86 Year Old Has 86 Great Grand-Kids

86 Year Old Has 86 Great Grand-Kids

Have you heard about the grandmother whose 86th birthday coincided with the arrival of her 86th great-grandchild?!

I just can't wrap my head around one woman being a great-grandmother to that many children, but it seems the facts are not in question.

Today reports:

The proud great-grandma is by no means a stranger to big families. She was one of seven siblings, had 15 children of her own, and currently has 68 grandkids.

My mind is boggling and I'll admit to feeling grateful that my kids only have to share their grandparents with a couple of cousins. In fact on one side of the family they're currently the only grandchildren in the family!

Of course things could well be different by the time they start having kids of their own, and it's not that I'm not a fan of big families but I've always felt glad that my kids have such close and involved relationships with their grandparents. I just can't see that being likely if they were one of tens or even scores of cousins!

Can you imagine what Christmas and birthdays must be like if you're the grandparent of that many kids?!

We'd love to hear your reaction to this story. Is your child one of a large number of grandchildren or the doted only one? And if they share their grandparents (or indeed great-grandparents) with loads of cousins do you feel they benefit from being part of such a big family? Or are you one of a large number of great-grandchildren in your family? Share your experiences and thoughts by leaving us a comment below or joining the debate over on our Facebook page.

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