67% Off Fred Dinner Winner Children's Plate Trays Now £9.98 @ Groupon

67% Off Fred Dinner Winner Children's Plate Trays Now £9.98 @ Groupon

My daughter tends to be a real fusspot when it comes to her dinner, she can't have anything touching and she rarely eats a full meal. I am snapping up one of these Fred Dinner Winner Children's Trays, it looks like such a great idea!

You can currently get your hands on one for the bargain price of just £9.98 from over at Groupon.

These Fred Dinner Winner Kids' Plates are brilliant fun for kids and a great way to encourage the kids to eat their meals! They will have great fun racing to the end of their plate!

It's set up almost like a board game - with each square designed in a path to get your child to eat until they reach the end. There are three more fun designs to choose from alongside the original dinner winner plate:

  • Winner Forest
  • Winner Pirate
  • Winner Hero

They normally retail at £29.99 each so this is a great price and I expect them to sell fast! You can purchase one plate at £19.98 or two at £21.98.

Home delivery is an extra £1.99.


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  • Kirsty C.

    we need one for Isabelle x

    • Vicky H.

      Not sure our boys would be fooled by this tho :joy:

      • Michelle J.

        I've seen this, but I think my terror would go straight for the treat at the end and not eat any of the food along the way. To be fair I'll try anything so it might be worth a go!

        • Kirstin M.

          That's a good idea thankyou

          • Kassie D.

            I've seen these but I don't like the idea of splitting all food up. Good tastes good together

            • Jackie H.

              Yes love these, but pricey !!

              • Stephanie A.

                Ooo I'm might get one of these! Xx

                • Hayley S.

                  Look good don't they xx

                • Eleanor F.

                  Anyone who lives in Leicester. House of Fraser are selling these even cheaper. I saw them today, I can't remember the exact place but I'm pretty sure it was around £7

                  • Emma J.

                    Thanks Hun tried all this and it's a no go :see_no_evil:

                    • Lindsay C.

                      If it was only one I'd have to buy for I'd get one but don't wanna have to pay for two :joy:

                      • Bex P.

                        Already seen them before and thought they were brill. Ria has a similar one from Disney Store

                        • Rachel M.

                          Nearly bought these on groupon the other day but couldn't convince myself on the price!

                          • Donna L.

                            They also sell these in Dunelm mill for about £6, saw them last weekend.

                            • Amanda M.

                              £10.82 on Amazon delivered.

                              • Carrie P.

                                Ooh might be worth a try!!

                                • Hannah K.

                                  If only that would work :joy: you know how stubborn he is :joy:

                                  • Amy H.

                                    Oh, il have a look now xx

                                    • Adelle G.

                                      They are cheaper elsewhere xx

                                      • Bethan R.

                                        Not fussy, but this will encourage her to eat everything rather than asking for a 'line' all the time.

                                        • Ross C.

                                          He would only play with that