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We come across some really cool things when searching for the best deals. One of them is this Tesco Circus Tent, who doesn't want to clown around in the garden with their very own "Big Top"? Tesco Direct have reduced the price of this super smart tent from £15 (which was reasonable) to just £10. The kids will have a ball and it'll be worth handing over a tenner for.

The Tesco Circus Tent has a very respectable four star rating on the site and I think for £10, that's gotta be a good thing. Toys like this provide a little bit of shade for our little ones, on those hot days.

This tent/playhouse is multicoloured and will attract the kids as soon as it's out of the box. On the top is a mega bright rainbow flag which I think just adds to the detail.

It has a tie-back entrance and windows so it's not completely dark inside. All-in-all I think this is a good buy and would make a great party present for a little one.

If you fancy going for something a bit fancier, then Tesco Direct are also selling this Circus Tent* for £34.21.

You can Click and Collect the Circus Tent for FREE from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have it delivered to your home.

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