Spraying Octopus NOW £4 (With Code) @ The Works

Spraying Octopus NOW £4 (With Code) @ The Works

EDIT: NOW ONLY £4 when you use promo code VKING20!!! Quick grab one before they sell out again!

Take my money! Take my money! I have never wanted something so much in my life. The Spraying Octopus is one of the coolest toys I have ever clapped eyes on. Never mind the kids - it'll be me that is shrieking with delight once we set up this awesome garden toy.

The Works are charging just £5 for the Spraying Octopus which is flaming cheap considering the fun that will be had with this.

The Spraying Octopus works by attaching to your garden hose. With the water pressure the tentacles flap about and spray everywhere. This is a load of silly nonsense that the kids will absolutely adore.

It's a simple enough idea, and for a fiver it's a snip, but the kids will be asking for this to come out every day of the summer holiday.

You can Click and Collect the Spraying Octopus for FREE from a The Works store near you or pay £2.99 for delivery.


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  • Leanne H.

    how fab does this look??xx

    • Lynsey S.

      I know it looks class doesn't it xx I'll have to look for it xx

    • Helen T.

      - might be more fun than being sat at the tap filling up water balloons! :sweat_drops:

    • Jemma S.

      this is an option instead of a paddling pool! X

      • Vicky N.

        I just tried to get one but it says there out of stock :pensive: I might pop in After dancing xx

      • Jacqui S.

        this looks fun :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

        • Camilla B.

          I fucking shit myself then :joy::joy::joy::joy:

          • Jacqui S.


          • Chelsea C.

            kids would love this

            • Kate S.

              the kids need this!!

              • Loraine C.

                Good idea Kate you get it put it in our garden xxx

              • Samii S.

                Worth a try for £5 for the bairns wi this weather xx

                • Sarah T.

                  I've seen this a few times, got mixed reviews xx

                  • Georgia G.

                    Out of stock!!!

                    • Leah M.

                      Sold out quick!

                      • Janet M.

                        Love it .

                        • Rachel H.

                          we're getting one of these!

                          • Sarah N.

                            Out of stock

                            • Sara R.

                              , we need one of these

                              • Hayley J.

                                I know someone that would enjoy this! X

                                • Katie B.

                                  Auntie or Alex?!!x

                                  • Hayley J.

                                    ha ha!! X

                                  • Victoria H.


                                    • Joanne R.

                                      Ha my boys would love that X

                                      • Tasha M.

                                        I need one of these

                                        • Sinead M.

                                          :joy::joy::joy::joy:this was like u with the fountain :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

                                          • Tasha M.

                                            Imagen the fun I would have in my garden :joy::joy:

                                            • Sinead M.

                                              Especially on a Saturday night after a few drinks :dancer_tone2::joy:

                                            • Nickie H.

                                              Just ordered 2!

                                              • Margaret M.

                                                Oh they would so love this