Sportspower 10ft Galvanised Trampoline And Enclosure With Flash Zone £99 @ Asda George

20 April 2015

asda trampoline

Trampolines are SO MUCH FUN! We bought this Sportspower 10ft Galvanised Trampoline and Enclosure with Flash Zone last week. They are only £99 from Asda George or instore at Asda. Seriously, this trampoline is my new obsession. We supposedly bought it for the kids, but they can't get near it for me. The best bit is the FLASH ZONE.

The Sportspower 10ft Galvanised Trampoline and Enclosure with Flash Zone is so cool. For the £99, you get your trampoline and then you get the flash zone with it. This came in a separate little box. Its a pack that fits on the trampoline, and every time you jump into the target (the centre) it flashes.

It's such a great feature and really stands out from just your bog standard, non flashy trampolines. Made from Galvanised Premium Steel Frame offers Rust Free Protection and durability. The safety net is provided to prevent any serious injuries.

It does feel very sturdy to me, and we had all four of our children on it at the weekend without a hitch.  It takes two people to build it and it took us an hour and a half.

You can have it delivered for just £2.95. Collect in store is unavailable but your local Asda might sell them anyway.

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