Soulet Garrigue Wooden Gym Set £187.49 @ Toys R Us

Soulet Garrigue Wooden Gym Set £187.49 @ Toys R Us

The sun is out and we are all looking for ways for our kids to play outdoors, and this is a brilliant set with a big saving. Toys R Us have taken more than £60 off the price of the Soulet Garrigue Wooden Gym Set, making it £187.49, and that includes delivery. For such a large set that really is great value, and it's by far the best price I can find.

In this big wooden play set you get an adjustable swing, a glider, and the really unusual bit is the swing boat - there's not many play sets that have one of those! It will be like having the fun fair in your back garden!

The play set is made from treated wood from sustainable forests with a 10 year guarantee, so you should get a long life from this swing set.

It's suitable for ages from around 3 years to 10 years, so if you have younger kids this is going to do them for several years yet.

Similar sets go for much nearer £250 on other sites, so I think Toys R Us are giving a great offer here, especially with that free delivery as well, as you would normally expect to pay extra to have large toys like this delivered to your home.

I think it's the swing boat that really sells this set, and as five kids can play on this at once be prepared to become very popular with the neighbours kids!


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  • Heather R.

    not sure if you are interested without a slide and house etc but it's wooden! Xx

    • Joanne S.

      I so think this should be the kids birthday and Christmas present this year lol x

      • Gina R.

        we had this x