Solowave Cedar Summit Clarington Resort Playcentre £849.99 @ Costco

30 May 2015

Solowave Cedar Costco

There are climbing frames, and then there's this. Meet the Solowave Cedar Summit Clarington Resort Playcentre. At £849.99 from Costco you might not be rushing out to buy one this weekend, but how much do you wish you could stretch to one?!

The Solowave Cedar Summit Clarington Resort Playcentre is a multilevel playcentre with an upper clubhouse and a lower pavillion, complete with not one but two crows nests, a telescope and steering wheel plus a canopy-covered picnic area. Oh, and don't overlook the side-by-side access ladder and rock-wall or the built-in swings and slide.

Basically if you had this you'd never need to schlep out to the playpark again. In fact I reckon it might be worth clubbing together with a bunch of other parents to invest in this en masse.

Delivery is included but, alas, assembly is not. Apparently it'll take two people between 10 and 12 hours to build. It's suitable for children aged three years and older and can hold up to 11 children at once.

While we're on the subject of super-expensive but spectacular playhouses, did you hear that the Beckhams are reportedly spending £100,000 on a garden playhouse for Harper?

If, like the Beckhams, money is no object when it comes to your garden playhouses, then check out the options at Blue Forest. I *really* want one of those in my garden but there'd be one rule - no kids allowed!

With thanks to AnnaMak @HUKD.

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