Various Sledges & Toboggans £5.99 @ Smyths

If you’re in the mood for getting your winter fun sorted out now, then this should make you very happy indeed. Smyths is selling a bunch of toboggans and sleds in all sorts of weird shapes and sizes from as low as £5.99 per sled.

I am loving some of the totally bonkers sleds and toboggans here. There is a flat circular sledge in bright red or blue for £5.99, more traditional toboggans with handlebars, brakes and comfy seating for £16.99, and bobsledges from £7.99 in a variety of colours.

You can also get snowbaords and snow racers but these are far more expensive. I am not sure why the tiny looking snow board costs nearly £40 when there is more plastic on the toboggan but anyway, the others are much better deals.

Seeing as the weather predictors are all claiming that this winter is going to be one big mass of snow, perhaps nabbing one of these now is a brilliant idea.

Thanks to fella104 at HUKD!

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