Sizzlin' Cool Meadow Cottage £49.99 Plus FREE £10 Voucher @ Toys R Us


Now's the time to snatch up any outdoor toy bargains because you wait and see, the prices will jump up very shortly. Who doesn't love a Playhouse? I was never out of mine when I was little. Just now Toys R Us have halved the price of the Sizzlin' Cool Meadow Cottage to just £49.99, with FREE delivery included. Plus, they are running a Spend £40 or more and get a FREE £10 Voucher. More details on that can be found here*.

Would I have paid £99 for the Sizzlin' Cool Meadow Cottage? In a word, no. Absolutely not but I do think £49.99 is a great price and the fact you get that £10 voucher to spend in May, seals the deal.

With four star reviews on the Toys R Us site, these Plastic Playhouses are highly rated by the hundreds that have reviewed them. It does require self assembly but judging from the reviews, it's easy enough to build.

There's a working half door to the front of the house, and a window for your little one to heckle out of.

Thanks to Michelle M on our Facebook Page.

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