Sizzlin' Cool Inflatable Shark Sprayer £19.99 @ Toys R Us

Sizzlin' Cool Inflatable Shark Sprayer £19.99 @ Toys R Us

There are some toys that just scream buy me. You just know the kids will go daft as soon as they clap eyes on it. That applies to this Sizzlin' Cool Inflatable Shark Sprayer from Toys R Us. It just looks like so much fun and there's nothing to say us adults can't play with it too.

The Sizzlin' Cool Inflatable Shark Sprayer is an inflatable archway, that when attached to your garden hose, sprays water in a hilarious fashion.

It's everything you want in a 'summer's day' toy... it is quick to set up, easy to take down, and most importantly involves fun with water.

The fact that the arch is the Shark's mouth will have the kids shrieking with sheer excitement.

You can Click and Collect the Sizzlin' Cool Inflatable Shark Sprayer for FREE from a Toys R Us store near you or pay £4.95 to have it delivered to your door. Spend just £29.99 at Toys R Us and get FREE Standard Delivery.


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  • Emma L.

    the kids would like this!xxxx

    • Sarah B.

      this is cool the dogs would love it too haha

      • Karen M.

        Yeah I saw this! It looks class!!!

        • Farhat S.

          . This would be cool for the kids

          • Noreen M.

            Yeah. They would love this

          • Louise H.

            Asda has this exactly the same for £10 xx

            • Sarah B.

              the kids would love this x

              • Kimme C.

                This looks mint

                • Stephanie M.

                  Saw this on Asda site with lots of complaints about how easy it blows down most people ended up binning them

                  • Romana L.

                    I agree! They keep falling over and I mean every few minutes. We used sand bags on each side to hold it up :neutral_face: total waste of money!

                    • Kim-Georgina G.

                      Fill the bottom bits touching the grass with water... That's how I keep mine standing

                      • Stephanie M.

                        Read people did that and it still blew over . I don't have one but all the reviews put me off

                        • Kim-Georgina G.

                          Mines stayed up thankfully

                        • Carly B.

                          That's fab!! X

                          • Jo V.

                            we should get one of these x

                            • Anna S.

                              They are £10 in asda. I got an yield when we first got it as it kept blowing over but I think asda missed off the instructions that you're supposed to put water in the bottom of both sides! Now it stays up!

                              • Sammie I.

                                oo thanks :D x

                                • Emily M.

                                  Thanks so much we were just about to chuck ours where do you put the water xxx

                                  • Anna S.

                                    There's a bigger valve in the bottom parts, just fill them until they are full. X

                                  • Victoria A.

                                    Could just go outside in the rain :joy:

                                    • Joy R.

                                      ,...I know some little people that would love this!!

                                      • Alexandra E.

                                        I know a little lady who would love this! X

                                        • Debbie P.

                                          We got it from asda, wouldn't stand up and punctured straight away :disappointed:

                                          • Claire J.

                                            Cheers Hun I'm on it lol! X

                                            • Joanne M.

                                              the kids would love this xx

                                              • Kate S.

                                                we have to get this!

                                                • Holly H.

                                                  That's awesome!!

                                                  • Lisa J.

                                                    ...the boys would love this xxx