Self Tying Fast Filling Water Balloons 99p Delivered @ eBay Store: seacoming2016

20 April 2017
Self Tying Fast Filling Water Balloons 99p

Everyone loves a water fight when the sun is shining. However, no one enjoys filling and tying those fiddly little Water Balloons. It does not need to be that way - these Self Tying Fast Filling Water Balloons from eBay Store: seacoming2016 are the business and only 99p delivered.

What do you get for 99p? You get one bunch of Self Tying Fast Filling Water Balloons. There are 37 Balloons to each bunch.

These work by attaching to a tap and then you will them up, and in seconds you have 37 Water Balloons, ready to be burst.

To release the Balloons from the bunch, you give them a firm shake into a bucket and off you go. No need to tie them or do anything else.

We used these last year and we freakin' loved them. I am stocking up as we speak.

Note: these are coming from China so delivery can take anything from 1-4 weeks. However, that's not an issue if you are stocking up for the Summer.

Delivery is FREE!

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  • Katie B.

    might get 1 of these for on the beach xxx

  • Grace P.

    Comes from China so be a few weeks till arrives

  • Jayne D.

    They love these and they are sooo cheap! Thanks chick!

  • Maddison H.

    I remember these last year :joy::joy:

  • Michelle K.

    We'll get it for this summer instead :joy:

  • Adam S.

    Bring it on :sweat_drops::muscle_tone3::joy:xxxx

  • Louise K.

    That's cheap I paid a £5 In Morrisons last year... ther good but if u don't use them straight away the water comes out of them xx

  • Penny M.

    Cooool! WATER FIGHT!!!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

  • Andrea D.

    All I need now is a garden for a water fight lol x

  • Leanne B.

    Oh gosh, I'd better stock up hadn't I! :see_no_evil: xx

  • Gemma T.

    Hahaha yes she has :joy::joy: the girls will love a water fight!!! :heart_eyes:

  • eileenpayne444

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  • Gemma W.

    I have just got some more delivered. Can never have too many :joy::joy:

  • Claire D.

    I'm going to get these... cost us a fortune last year x

  • Gillian K.

    Ordered !!!! Xxxx. This year it'll be in my garden though x x x

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