Sand And Water Activity Centre £14.99 @ Toys R Us

Sand And Water Activity Centre £14.99 @ Toys R Us

sandAndWaterActivityCentreToys R Us are selling this Sand and Water Activity Centre for half price - £14.99 instead of £29.99

It's a universal truth that kids, wherever they live in the world, absolutely LOVE playing with sand and water; I'll even confess to the fact that at, not too many years off 40, I still do.

When my youngest was at nursery, every single day there'd be a mass bundle to their sand and water activity centre and there'd be tears and tantrums from those who just weren't quite fast enough.

This sand and water activity centre from Toys R Us has four sturdy legs and a firm fitting lid; with the lid on, this also enables it to be used as a desk as well as keeping the sand dry and free from visiting cats at night time (you get my drift with that, right? The neighbourhood moggies will LOVE digging around in your child's sandpit, it's just not imaginative play they're doing it for).

You'll have to buy the sand separately and if you choose not to reserve the sand and water activity centre online and collect in-store, then home delivery will set you back £4.95.

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